Prince Turki Screws President Obama – “Brother, We’re Not Parasite”

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Mar 20 2016
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Due to obsession over Donald Trump’s meteoric rise in his run for President of the United States 2016, suddenly very little attention was paid to President Barack Hussein Obama. There was one particular interview in this month’s edition of the Atlantic magazine between Obama and Jeffrey Goldberg which is of utmost interest.

President Barack Hussein Obama and Columnist Jeffrey Goldberg

Columnist Goldberg wrote the Saudis, to whom Obama considered “brothers” and vice versa, were furious because the American president failed to do what he promised to do a year earlier. Obama, apparently, had publicly announced that any use of chemical weapons by Syrian Bashar al-Assad would provoke a tough U.S. response.


Of course, Obama didn’t lift a finger even after the Assad regime killed about 1,400 civilians with sarin gas. Besides Saudi, UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed was allegedly bitched in front of American visitors that the U.S. was led by an “untrustworthy” president. When asked about such accusations, Obama’s retaliation was quite amusing.

Atlantic Magazine - The Obama Doctrine - Cover

Equating America’s friends in the Middle East and Europe as parasites, Obama told Goldberg – “Free riders aggravate me … We don’t always have to be the ones who are up front.” In the case of Saudi Arabia, Obama said the kingdom needs to learn how to “share” the region with its enemy – Iran – and that both countries are guilty of fuelling proxy wars in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.


According to Obama, Middle East was like Batman’s Gotham City, a corrupt metropolis controlled by a cartel of thugs, clearly referring to Saudi and Iran. Mr. Obama said – “Then the Joker comes in and lights the whole city on fire … ISIS is the Joker”. Not amused with “The Obama Doctrine” article, Saudi Prince Turki Al-Faisal was fuming mad with Obama.

Saudi Prince Turki Al-Faisal

Prince Turki (not to be mistaken with another Prince Turki allegedly conspired with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak in the infamous 1MDB corruption) rubbished Obama’s accusations and claimed Saudi plays major role in combating terrorism and extremism in Syria, Yemen and elsewhere. The prince denied Saudis are “free riders” or parasites.


Clearly irritated, Prince Turki claimed Saudi Arabia helps America’s economy by buying U.S. treasury bonds, not to mention sending thousands of Saudis to study at American universities, and employ 30,000 Americans in its businesses and industries. He also said the kingdom shared intelligence with the U.S. that prevented deadly terrorist attacks on America.

September 11 - 911 Attacks USA - Saudi Arabia Sponsors Funding

Interestingly, Prince Turki might have shot himself in the foot because as the director general of  Al Mukhabarat Al A’amah, Saudi Arabia’s intelligence agency from 1977 to 2001, clearly he didn’t do enough to stop the September 11 attacks which was masterminded by Osama bin Laden – born to the family of Saudi billionaire Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden.


While Prince Turki, a former ambassador to U.S., also claims Saudi is the biggest contributors to the humanitarian relief efforts to help refugees from Syria, Yemen and Iraq, the fact remains that Saudi had taken “Zero” Syrian refugee despite having 100,000 virtually unused air-conditioned tents in the kingdom.

President Barack Hussein Obama and King Salman

Nonetheless, the brotherhood between U.S. and Saudi is now being tested when the prince spilled the beans between both countries. President Obama was accused of being two-headed snake – scammed King Salman that the nuclear deal with Iran was necessary to prevent them from acquiring nuclear weapons but has now told the kingdom to accept its enemy as equal partner.


To embarrass Barack Hussein Obama, the prince also revealed how the late King Abdullah “bang” on table when he last met the American president and told him – “No more red lines, Mr. President.” The “red line” was referring to Obama’s warning against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons, a threat that was not acted upon.

President Barack Hussein Obama and King Abdullah

Obama was accused of sucking up to Iran, a country that continues to describe America as the biggest enemy, but abandoned Saudi whose friendship with the U.S. spans over 80 years. Turki suggested Obama was being sulky like a small boy because his supported Muslim Brothers’ government in Egypt was brought down by the people supported by the Saudi Arabia.


But why did Obama suddenly make a U-turn by condemning his Middle East Big Brother Saudi? BBC Security Correspondent Frank Gardner thinks he may have the answer. Before leaving, Barack Obama wants a Middle East legacy to which he will be remembered as the American president who made peace with Iran. And Obama is pretty pissed that Saudi refuses to play ball.

Arrogant President Barack Obama

Still, the interview shows while Obama regards himself as the smartest person on planet Earth, the rest of the world, including the supposedly obedient Middle East ally Saudi Arabia think otherwise. After 7 years in office, he’s still ignorant and clueless but arrogant. If there’s any problem, it’s Bush’s fault. He blames the Jews, Russians, British, French, ISIS and now Saudis, but never himself.


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According to Obama, Middle East was like Batman’s Gotham City, a corrupt metropolis controlled by a cartel of thugs, clearly referring to Saudi and Iran.

If Obama were to refer to the REPORT TO THE NATION prepared by ASSOCIATION OF CERTIFIED FRAUD EXAMINERS OF US, he will observe that the

Reference to the GAO reports also indicate that the level of honesty-integrity-ethics may not be any different in case of public servants and politicians.


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