After Britons & Americans, The French Are Revolting Against EU Elites

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Nov 22 2016
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The real problem why globalism is losing to nationalism is because the elite few globalists have become too powerful and arrogant that they have forgotten about the people’s interests, not to mention the problems created by the ideology. Globalists don’t care about borders so they happily invite everyone into their home – information, money, goods and terrorists.


Globalists put humanitarian above everything else, even to the extent of harming their own citizens in favour of refugees or migrants. Their trophy was about whom can import the most number of refugees / migrants, even if in doing so would mean inviting radical Islam terrorists into their own backyard. They love to be praised for their generous leadership.


Globalists subscribe to free trade, never mind such trade agreements aren’t fair to their own people. They don’t really care if their own citizens lose jobs when companies move factories elsewhere where there’re plenty of cheap labours. Globalists also are motivated by greed and a lust for power and dominance over other people. And the list goes on.


As demonstrated by the so-called liberal EU and US, the globalists possess all the trademarks of totalitarians when they couldn’t accept Brexit and Trump’s stunning victories. These elite globalists do not actually believe in democracy. They couldn’t accept the fact that the working class have revolted against their flaw belief, which was shoved down peoples’ throat.


The EU Referendum was nothing but a war between the EU elites and ordinary Britons. And Donald Trump’s victorious presidency was nothing but a war between the Democrats and Republican elites and ordinary working class. After Britons’ Brexit 1.0 and Americans’ version of Brexit 2.0, France could be the next nation delivering Brexit 3.0.


The leader of France’s right-wing National Front party – Marine Le Pen – is one very excited and happy woman who’s highly inspired by what the Britons and Americans had done. Le Pen said there are similarities between Trump’s platform and that of her own party as the National Front hopes for France’s independence and its return to power.


After all, both Trump’s and her own party’s platform commonly share a refusal to stomach mass immigration, which subsequently drive the growth of Islamic State and terrorism, not to mention free trade and excessive regulations which would “destroy” France. If Marine Le Pen can indeed capture the French presidency, it’s game over for the European Union.


A Le Pen presidency could well lead to the collapse of the EU because she wants to pull France out of the European single currency and to hold a referendum to give French citizens the choice of leaving the 28-country bloc entirely. And that panics the EU elites because they could lose the power that they had given themselves.

European Union Disintegrate - Brexit - Grexit - Spexit - Exit

The billion dollar question is: can Le Pen pull another setback? She said – “It depends on the people. If the French people too wish to regain their independence, wish to regain control of their country, and wish to reinforce the elements of security, the borders, the rule of law, economic patriotism, then I will be elected president,”


As expected, the globalists are spreading the fear that the world would be in total chaos (again) because if Marine Le Pen wins, four of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council would be occupied either by undemocratic governments (Russia and China), or by democracies led by nationalist right-wing leaders (US and France).


The same liberal mainstream media which hadn’t given Trump any chance at all are now burning midnight oil trying to stop the rise of Le Pen, who has taken an incredible lead (29% of votes) over Nicolas Sarkozy for the first round of France’s 2017 presidential elections on 23 April. Like Trump’s initial campaign, the media say its unlikely Le Pen can win.


Ms. Le Pen has led the far-right Front National since 2011, when she succeeded her father Jean-Marie Le Pen, the party’s founder. In 2012, Le Pen came third in the first round of the French presidential race with 17.9% of the vote, behind Mr. Sarkozy with 27.18% and eventual winner Mr. Hollande with 28.63%. Hollande’s popularity rating is now at a laughable 4%.


Critics have branded Ms Le Pen a “fascist” and accused her of exploiting growing anti-immigration sentiment. Ms Le Pen has moved to distance herself from her father, Jean-Marie, whose racist views are haunting his own daughter today. Still, her rhetoric is indeed less inflammatory and racist than that of President-elect Donald Trump.


Media also justify that unlike Mr. Trump; the National Front has been around for decades and is more of a known quantity to voters. So, if the French people wanted to, they would have had voted for Le Pen long time ago, not next year. But the polite French people might take badass Trump’s victory as “endorsement” for them to vote for President Marine Le Pen.


There’re bigger domestic issues which could help Le Pen’s journey to her presidency though. France has been subjected to multiple rounds of terrorist attacks by Islamist extremists. There are also huge, poorly integrated Muslim populations in most big cities, not to mention high unemployment of over 10%. What Le Pen needs is new terrorist attacks between now and 23 April, 2017.


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