After “Double Humiliations”, Now Cocky Merkel Wishes She Could Turn Back Time

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Sep 20 2016
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The result was out and the Germans have spoken. After losing to Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD) party in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania state election on September 4, Angela Merkel’s own CDU (Christian Democratic) party won 17.6% of the vote in Berlin state elections, down 6% from the previous 2011 election – its “worst-ever result” – since the end of World War II.


For the second time in a month, Angela Merkel’s conservatives have suffered a humiliating defeat at the regional ballot box. Unlike the earlier state elections where her CDU was yanked to third place, this round Merkel’s party was reduced to second place. Far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) won 14.2% of the vote, not too far away from CDU’s 17.6%.


Still, the results were good enough to send the 3-year-old nationalist AfD party to the Berlin state parliament for the first time. The AfD is now represented in 10 of Germany’s 16 regional parliaments. Although Merkel’s partner – Social Democrats – won 21.6% of the vote in Berlin, it was down almost 7% from the previous election in 2011.


How an anti-immigrant and anti-Islam AfD party, who gains from zero to double digits support, could suddenly become the preferred choice of the Germans? Eva-Maria Schmidt, 81, said – “The AfD is marvellous! The most important thing for me is preserving the German way of life and the German culture that we’ve spent generations building. I don’t want these people coming in and destroying that.”


Of course, Eva-Maria was referring to the influx of more than 1.1-million migrants masked as refugees to Germany – invited by Chancellor of German Angela Merkel. In Berlin alone, there are at least 70,000 refugees, causing problems such as housing shortage, rising rental prices and unemployment issues.


After the initial humiliating loss in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania state election – Merkel’s own home turf – the defiant and arrogant chancellor spoke about “wir schaffen das” (we can manage it). Two weeks later before the Berlin state election, she had remained consistently cocky and defended her open-door policy to refugees, despite protesters yelling Merkel Get Lost”.


Today, after 2.5-million people in the German capital voted AfD at the expense of CDU and SPD who had governed Berlin as a “grand coalition”, Angela Merkel, with tail between legs, voiced regret over her mistakes – “If I could, I would turn back time for many, many years, to prepare better.” Her CDU party can no longer run Berlin with the Social Democrats (SPD).


As the strongest party with about 22% votes, the SPD said it would hold talks on forming a coalition with all parties except AfD and Merkel’s CDU, of course. SPD is expected to work with Leftwing Die Linke Party (15.6% votes) and the Green Party (won 15.2% votes). Meanwhile, AfD co-chairman Joerg Meuthen said the party was strongly positioned for next year’s national elections


The Social Democrats SPD may have won the Berlin election but they lost voters and they have every reason to be worry. Germany’s political landscape is changing, as do other right-wing political parties across Europe as nationalism is gaining popularity – Austria’s People’s Party, the United Kingdom Independence Party and France’s National Front are some of them.


Once named by Time Magazine as the most powerful woman in the world, Angela Merkel has been the Invincible German Chancellor for 11 years. However, the same popularity also makes her arrogant and cocky. It was her decision, in spite of protests, to openly import Syrian War refugees without a proper study and verification process that had led to the success of Brexit.

Germany Refugee Crisis - Rapefugees Demonstrators

As she happily taking selfies with refugees, her own people were victimised when 1,000+ Arab and North African migrants launched a mass robbery, molest, rape and sexual assault in Cologne. She had kept quiet for days while close to 650 cases of sexual assault and theft were filed. She had also instructed her officials to cover-up the “Cologne Rapefugees” crisis.


When it was exposed that out of 4-million workers employed by Germany top-30 companies, only “54 migrants were employable“, Angela Merkel was embarrassed she had been importing junks instead of talented migrants. She told executives from Germany’s biggest listed companies to attend a summit where she “urged” them to hire more.

Irresistible - Angela Merkel Taking Selfie With Refugees

For the month of July alone, the country was hit with 5 violent attacks. Altogether, 10 people have been killed and dozens more injured in separate gun, bomb, axe and machete attacks. In the wake of the repetitive killings, Merkel claimed Germany needed a better “early warning system” to spot radicalised Muslims among the newly-arrived migrants, but refused to admit her mistake – until now.


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