From Sex To Statues: Ultra-Kiasu Muftis Who Have Nothing Better To Do

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Sep 08 2016
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While an eagle is the emblem of superpower United States, the same creature is considered “haram (forbidden)” by Malaysia Muftis. According to the interpretation of these so-called Islamic experts, a replica of an eagle as a landmark was forbidden as it resembled a living being. Have these experts gone too far, so much so that it shows their stupidity?


The eagle was chosen as the representative of the United States of America since June 20, 1782 due to its long life, great strength, freedom and majestic looks. Besides being the Seal of the United State of America, the eagle has been officially recognized as America’s national bird too. And since 1782 until today, the country has emerged as the most powerful nation on planet Earth.

United States Eagle As Emblem Crest

However, due to some strange reasons, Malaysia Muftis have certain kinky mentality on the subject of Islam. They tend to exhibit a desire to Islamize everything they could get their hands and eyes on. Last year, out of the blue, Perak Mufti Harussani Zakaria claimed men can always have sexual intercourse with their spouses even if the latter do not agree.


According to Islamic holy man Harussani, a Muslim woman has “no right” to reject her husband’s demand, unless she is menstruating, sick, or has just given birth. But then, even if a Muslim man insists on beating the traffic light, there’s nothing his wife can do about it. She can’t sue her husband for rape because it’s not applicable in a husband-wife relationship.

Islam - Sex On Back of Camel

Rape in Islam is defined as forced sexual intercourse outside of marriage. What the West calls rape is merely considered “impolite” but definitely not “haram (forbidden or sinful)” as far as Malaysia Islam is concerned. In short, women must follow their husband’s request for sexual intercourse even when they were riding “on the back of a camel”.


Harussani Zakaria’s deputy – Mufti Zamri Hashim – was entrusted with giving some brilliant Islamic advice and guidance. After his boss won the headlines as the mufti who approved sex on the back on the camel, Mufti Zamri is targeting statues, structures, sculptures and monuments of eagle (or any animals) because they resemble a living being.

Harussani Zakaria – Mufti of Perak, Malaysia

Zamri’s boss has thrown his support behind his deputy – insisting that even statues of humans, like the National Monument, is illegal in the eyes of Islam. Were Perak Muftis Harussani Zakaria and Zamri Hashim trying to be more Islam than Saudi Arabia’s Islam? Do they know that there’re statues of camels and horses in Jeddah?


Does that mean Saudi Arabia is practicing fake Islam for worshipping animals? The “ultra-kiasu” Muftis from the state of Perak must decide if they’re still promoting and practicing Wahhabism exported by Saudi to Malaysia, or just part and parcel of the Wahhabism as long as they can freely issue “fatwa” to their liking, or trying to outdo Saudi with their own version of extreme Islam.

Zamri Hashim – Deputy Mufti of Perak, Malaysia

In reality, the Langkawi eagle statue, also known as Eagle Square, is nothing more than a landmark to attract tourists for photographs. But in the land where Malaysian authorities couldn’t differentiate between “corruption” and “commission”, or “corruption” and “donation”, perhaps it’s forgivable for the Muftis to be confused with “tourist monument” as “worship monument”.


Well, if such tourist monuments could generate tens of millions of foreign currency revenue, maybe such structures are worth worshipping after all. What separates Saudi Muftis from Malaysia Muftis is that the Middle East kingdom knows their camel and horse structures were part of art and tourist landmarks while Malaysia’s version of Muftis are not only dumb but arrogant too.

Malaysia Coat of Arms - Emblem, Crest

But why stop here when there’re more un-Islamic structures or even emblems or insignias to be demolished? As a start, the Muftis should issue a fatwa declaring the country’s Coat of Arms as “haram” because to worship two tigers is definitely un-Islamic. The same goes to the Royal Malaysian Police’s emblem – the tiger should be replaced with something else.


The crest of Malaysian Armed Forces and Royal Malaysian Air Force also contain flying birds suggesting they were being worshipped. While we’re at it, why don’t get Malaysian biggest lender – Maybank – to erase its trademark “tiger” logo as it’s an insult putting the animal next to “Islamic Banking branding.

Maybank Tiger Logo - Islamic Banking

Malaysian universities using animals in their logo, emblem or crest should be declared illegal institutions too. The country’s national football team cannot be called as “Harimau Malaysia (Malaysian Tiger)”, let alone allowing the creature in its crest and logo. Here’re 10 statues or monuments which should be bulldozed the very next morning because the Muftis think Malaysian Muslims’ faith is too weak.



{ 1 } Statue of Eagle (in Langkawi, Kedah)

Statue of Eagle - Eagle Square - Langkawi



{ 2 } National Monument (in Kuala Lumpur)

National Monument - Tugu Negara - Kuala Lumpur



{ 3 } Statue of Cats (in Kuching, Sarawak)

Statue of Cats - Kuching - Sarawak



{ 4 } Statue of Marlin (in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah)

Statue of Marlin - Kota Kinabalu, Sabah



{ 5 } Statue of Swan (in Sibu, Sarawak)

Statue of Swan – Sibu, Sarawak



{ 6 } Statue of St. Francis Xavier (at St. Paul’s Church, Malacca)

Statue of St. Francis Xavier - St. Paul's Church, Malacca



{ 7 } Statue of Zheng He (Laksamana Cheng Ho in Kuching)

Statue of Zheng He – Friendship Park, Kuching



{ 8 } Statue of Malaysian First Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman (at entrance of Parliament building)

Statue of Tunku Abdul Rahman – Parliament Building



{ 9 } Statue of Whale (at KLCC, Kuala Lumpur)

Statue of Whale – KLCC Park, Kuala Lumpur



{ 10 } Statue of Bear and Bull (at Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, Kuala Lumpur)

Statue of Bull & Bear – Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange


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