Obama’s Latest Cover-Up: Censoring “ISIS” & “Islamic State” In Orlando 911 Calls

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Jun 20 2016
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The FBI is about to release the transcript of Omar Mateen’s 911 calls made during his brutal attack last Sunday at Orlando, Florida. The 29-year-old American-born son of Afghan immigrants died in a shootout with police after he terrorised the Pulse nightclub, which bills itself as “the hottest gay bar in Orlando.”

Orlando Florida Terrorism - Omar Mateen

According to FBI Director James Comey’s briefing, Mateen opened fire within the club at around 2 a.m. Sunday morning before calling 911 for the first time at 2:30 a.m. but quickly hung up without saying anything. Mateen then called back, spoke briefly with the 911 dispatcher and hung up again.


The 911 operator, using reverse-call technology, called back the gunman and it was then that Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He also expressed solidarity with the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombing and with Moner Mohammad Abusalha, a Florida man who in 2014 became a suicide bomber in Syria.

America 911 Despatcher Monitoring Calls

Omar Mateen (full name: Omar Mir Seddique Mateen) who worked as a security officer at G4S Secure Solutions, one of the world’s largest private security companies, had also called a local TV station – News 13 – and told producer Matthew Gentili at about 2:45 a.m. – “I’m the shooter. It’s me, I’m the shooter … I did it for ISIS, I did it for the Islamic State.”


However, when the transcript is revealed later today by the FBI, words from Omar Mateen mentioning Islamic State or ISIS will be censored. Coming from U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, she told Chuck Todd on NBC News’ Meet the Press that the “FBI is releasing a partial (printed) transcript of the killer’s calls with law enforcement, from inside the club.”

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch with President Barack Obama

“What we’re not going to do is further proclaim this man’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups, and further his propaganda.” – added A.G. Loretta Lynch. President Barack Obama was hammered by presidential candidate Donald Trump for refusing to use the 3-magic words – radical Islamic terrorist.


Obama, who is known to have a soft spot for anything related to Islam, argued that connecting terrorists to Islam only furthered the interests of groups like the Islamic State, which wish to foment a war between the Islamic world and the West. The president used the Orlando shooting to push for gun control laws instead.

President Obama – Refuses To Use “Radical” Islamic Terrorism

And A.G. Lynch appears to be carrying Obama’s instruction, sending a clearest signal that the lame duck is indeed infected by denial syndrome. Lynch said she will fly to Orlando Tuesday to be briefed on the investigation that is now focused on Mateen’s wife, Noor Salman, who could be hit with a host of criminal charges, including aiding and abetting.


Exactly how radical Islamic terrorists would be pacified and persuaded not to attack America anymore with the censoring of words “ISIS” and “Islamic State” is not known. On the contrary, Obama administration’s attempt to hide the true story might send the wrong signal to the terror group ISIS – that Mateen was a lone wolf with no relation to the Daesh.

Orlando Florida Terrorism - People Mourning

Omar Mateen had gunned down 49 people and wounded 53 more, the worst mass shooting in United States history. And ISIS has taken credit for the glory moment. By cherry-picking what to be revealed in the transcript, are Attorney General Loretta Lynch and President Barack Obama trying to provoke ISIS into launching more domestic attacks?


Already, the FBI’s reputation is being questioned after it was revealed that despite a Florida gun-shop owner, Robbie Abell, alerting FBI about a suspicious man (later identified as Omar Mateen) tried to purchase 1,000 rounds of ammunition and body armour from his store weeks before the massacre, the FBI never showed up to investigate.

Orlando Gun Shop - Lotus Gunworks of South Florida

Why is Barack Obama trying to cover-up the facts? Surely it wasn’t to paint a rosy picture on the ISIS. The terror group wanted to be mentioned and heard. If Obama and Lynch think by censoring those words, Democrat Hillary Clinton would have a smoother journey for the White House, they should think again.


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