Move Over FBI, CIA, NSA … Let MAFIA Handles The ISIS

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Nov 23 2015
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ISIS-affiliated hackers, calling themselves the “Islamic State Cyber Army”, has published what they claimed are names and addresses of people who have worked for the U.S. Defence Intelligence Agency, the FBI, the CIA, the National Counterterrorism Centre, the National Guard and other American organizations and agencies.

ISIS Islamic State Holding Flags Swords and Gun

The “wanted to be killed” lists released on Saturday also include names, addresses and photos of U.S. military personnel who have served in Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq and Afghanistan. Clearly, this is an extension to the terror group’s previous calls (in August) to its supporters to carry out lone wolf attacks against American soldiers.


While the Islamic State has been waging a successful and robust propaganda campaign against the Western countries, which ultimately caused the Paris attacks with 130 deaths, President Obama is still beating around the bush, clueless yet arrogant, about how to deal with the growing threats of ISIS.

Barack Obama - We Don't Negotiate with Terrorists - We Finance Them

Perhaps sensing that the worst American president the United States has ever produced is not about to do anything till his last day as president on January 20, 2017 – roughly 14 months away – Giovanni Gambino probably thinks “Screw Obama, enough is enough, let my organization takes care of the fucking ISIS terrorists” (*grin*).


Giovanni Gambino, son of a key figure in the Gambino crime syndicate, is warning ISIS terrorists that if they are planning any attacks in New York, they will have to deal with the Sicilian Mafia. He claims that ISIS fears the Sicilian Mafia, therefore “no” underground cells have taken root in Sicily, Italy, and the island has not suffered any terrorist incidents.

Giovanni Gambino - Son of Mafia - Photo

The American mobster says the mafia is in a much better position than security bodies, such as the FBI or Homeland Security, to give New Yorkers the protection they need. In an interview with NBC News, he says – “They often act too late, or fail to see a complete picture of what’s happening due to a lack of ‘human intelligence’.”


Mr. Giovanni Gambino further adds – “The world is dangerous today, but people living in New York neighbourhoods with Sicilian connections should feel safe. We make sure our friends and families are protected from extremists and terrorists, especially the brutal, psychopathic organization that calls itself the Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL).”

Italian Mafia Pose 

Obviously, the Paris attacks have presented a golden opportunity for the bad guys to become heroes, thanks to inaction from Obama regime, when Gambino admitted – “The Mafia has a bad reputation, but much of that’s undeserved. As with everything in life, there are good, bad and ugly parts – the rise of global terrorism gives the Mafia a chance to show its good side.”


Born in the province of Palermo in Sicily, Giovanni Gambino or popularly known as John Gambino, grew up in Torretta, located in a mountainous area overlooking Palermo. He is the youngest in a family that included four sisters and a brother. His family moved to the neighbourhood known as Bensonhurst in southwest Brooklyn in 1988.

Mafia vs ISIS - Former President Bill Clinton with Giovanni Gambino

For over a year, Italy has received persistent threats from the ISIS militant group, but nothing as serious as Charlie Hebdo attacks or the recent Paris attacks has ever materialised, at least not yet. However, Italy has deployed 700 additional soldiers to patrol the streets after the notorious ISIS declared “London, Washington D.C. and Rome” as their next targets.


An Italy ex-spy, using code name Edera, surprisingly, has admitted that mafia control of parts of the country could prevent terror attacks. Andrea Di Nicola, an assistant professor in criminology at the University of Trento, also concluded that the mafia could well deter terrorists, simply because terrorists will always check out any territory before attacks.

Mafia vs ISIS - New York Mafia in Coat

Mafia bosses are known for their ruthlessness hence this is likely to scare ISIS fighters. The power, influence and insiders working secretly for the Mafia organization would be difficult for ISIS militants, including their so-called “lone wolf” attackers to establish a presence without triggering suspicions and questions among locals.


Perhaps it’s true about Gambino’s argument that Sicilian influence and meaningful connections among neighbourhoods in New York will prevent ISIS militants from setting up shop in the city, simply because strangers entering the Mafia protected territory would instantly be identified and dealt with. The Mafia has their business interests to protect.

Giovanni Gambino - Son of Mafia - TV Interview

After all, the U.S. government had collaborated with the criminal underworld before when they allegedly used mafia boss Charlie “Lucky” Luciano to assist with the Allied invasion of Sicily in 1943. A terrorist attack will certainly disrupt the common interest of both government and Mafia organization. Perhaps a secret collaboration is one of the keys to prevent ISIS attacks.


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