From Russia With Love – Putin Sent “Bear”, “Backfire” & “Blackjack”

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Nov 19 2015
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Babysitter Angela Merkel was taken aback when German authorities told her of an unconfirmed bomb plot. It was enough for her to cancel a football match between Germany and Netherlands, a match that the German Chancellor had planned to attend but chicken out. It seems her kindness towards the Muslims was insufficient to win the hearts of ISIS.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Sad - Shown Wearing Hijab on German TV

Screw Obama, not only he doesn’t have a clue on terror threats to the Americans, he also doesn’t care about 29 Governors rejecting resettlement of Syrian refugees to be imported by him. If an idiot such as Trump could think of creating a “safe zone” in the Middle East for the refugees, it’s mind-boggling why a genius Obama couldn’t figure it out.


With friends like Barack Hussein Obama, who needs enemies? Even Anonymous hackers have done more than Obama in combating ISIS. By now, the French should realize how foolish it was to rely only on U.S. and certain European Union countries for help during critical moments like now. The time is ripe to promote a new leader or hero to rival U.S.

President Vladimir Putin and President François Hollande

The French do not need to look elsewhere because they can rely on Russia, and perhaps China to a certain extent. ISIS’ attacks in Paris have indirectly boosted Russia and Iran position in the Middle East. Russian military power and Iran’s foot soldiers are in greater demand than ever to stop the evil ISIS terrorists.


For now, only French President François Hollande and Russian President Vladimir Putin are interested in terminating ISIS terrorists. Putin administration has finally admitted that its Metrojet Flight 9268 was brought down by ISIS terrorists using 1kg home-made bomb, and is offering US$50 million reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators.

Russian Bear, Backfire, Blackjack - Toys Comparison

With a common enemy, the tag team France-Russia has started bombing ISIS capital Raqqa as if there’s no tomorrow. Their latest joint air strikes have killed at least 33 ISIS terrorists in 72-hour. But what could be ISIS’ greatest nightmare is the Russian deployment of at least 25 “Backfire”, “Bear”, and “Blackjack” – Russia’s biggest and most sophisticated nuclear bombers.


France has every reason to smile if revenge is what they want after Paris attacks. Calling it a new air campaign plan, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, chief of Russia’s general staff revealed that a massive air-strike using their newly deployed bombers have unleashed 34 cruise missiles and hit a whopping 14 vital ISIS targets in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo.

Putin Admiring Russian Tu-160 Bomber - Blackjack

All three models of bomber deployed can fly thousands of miles while hauling no less than 20 tons of weaponry. Only China and the United States possess similar heavy warplanes. Russia possesses just 70 Backfires, 58 Bears, and 13 Blackjacks. So for Putin to deploy 14 Backfires, 6 Bears, and 5 Blackjacks, it means Russia is dead serious about kicking ISIS arse.


In comparison, U.S. Air Force can only deploy 57 from its arsenal of 77 B-52s, 35 of its 60 B-1s, and 9 of its 20 B-2 stealth bombers at any one time. Even during Operation Desert Storm in 1991, only seven B-52s flew together to launch cruise missiles at Iraq. In other words, Russia’s bomber raid is like twice the fire power of Operation Desert Storm.

Russian Tu-22M Bomber - Backfire

Backfire, or Tupolev Tu-22M, is a supersonic, variable-sweep wing (swing wing), long-range bomber capable of flying 6,800 km and speed of Mach 1.88. It could be loaded with KH-22 cruise missile which can reach a distance of 700 km away with top speed of Mach-5. It can either be equipped with a conventional or “nuclear warhead”.


Bear, or Tupolev Tu-95, is a large four-engine turboprop-powered strategic bomber, originally designed to carry two nuclear bombs to targets in the continental US. With maximum speed of 920 km/h, this bomber can fly up to 15,000 km unrefueled, and the only propeller-powered strategic bomber still in operational use today

Russian Tu-95 Bomber - Bear

Blackjack, or Tupolev Tu-160, is the world’s largest combat aircraft, largest supersonic aircraft and largest variable-sweep aircraft built. This is the Russian version of the American B-1 bomber for delivering nuclear weapons at long distances. But unlike the American bomber, Tu-160 bomber remains committed to both low-level penetration (at transonic speeds) and high-level penetration at speeds of about Mach 1.9.


Blackjack, also called “White Swan”, can carry 12 KH-55 cruise missiles and up to 24 KH-15 attack missiles. Both of these missiles can carry nuclear warheads. It has a range of 12,300 km without in-flight refuelling and max speed of Mach 2.05. Prior to entering Syrian war, Russia had deliberately flown Tu-160 close to the British airspace, triggering interception.

Russian Tu-160 Bomber - Blackjack

Russian Bombartment at ISIS - Kalibr and TU-160

Since the beginning of the air campaign, General Staff chief Gen. Valery Gerasimov claims that Russian Aerospace Forces have carried out around 1,800 raids, destroying some 2,700 terrorist targets. He also said ISIS ability to illegally export oil was severely hampered by Russian airstrikes.

Russian Tu-160 Bomber - Blackjack 2

Putin had on Tuesday ordered a Russian missile cruiser in the Mediterranean to start cooperating with the French military on operations in Syria against ISIS. France is sending its nuclear-powered aircraft carrier – Charles de Gaulle – from Toulon naval base, south of France, to the eastern Mediterranean to support coalition operations in Iraq and Syria.

Charles De Gaulle - France Nuclear-Powered Carrier

During the G20 summit, Putin has presented examples of terrorism financing by individual businessmen from 40 countries, including from member states of the G20. He also showed satellite images and aerial photos as proof showing the true scale of the Islamic State oil trade. The latest NATO member to openly support Russia’s anti-ISIS plan – Italy.

Russian Air Strikes on ISIS - Summary

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