Economy Sucks, Crime Spikes But You’re On Your Own

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Jan 14 2016
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On October 17, 2015, a robbery in an elevator in Prima Setapak Condominium raised eyebrows after 24-year-old Ms. Lim Lian Lee was robbed. But what made the robbery brutal was how she was elbowed, slammed, kicked as if it was a wrestling match. Clearly Lim was no match for the robbers – 2 men – who snatched her handbag while kicking her stomach as she fought back.


Ms. Lim was reduced with two broken teeth, knee injuries and bruises on her body. She allegedly suffered RM7,000 in losses. It took the police 11-days later to arrest 8 suspects, all tested positive for methamphetamine, including a girl. The robbers were identified as Ahmad Shafizi Shafei, 25, Muhammad Qusyareen Zainurdin, 25, and Mohamad Faizal Shamsudin, 26.

Prima Setapak Condo Lift Robbery - Robbers PhotoPrima Setapak Condo Lift Robbery - Ahmad Shafizi Shafei, Muhammad Qusyareen Zainurdin, Mohamad Faizal Shamsudin

What left many puzzled was how daring and brutal the robbers have transformed. The robbery happened “inside” the main lift of Block A, 7th Floor, of Prima Setapak Condominium at 11:45pm. Essentially owners and tenants are paying hundreds of dollars in maintenance just to enjoy swimming pool, gymnasium and rubbish collection.


They cannot enjoy the privilege of better security anymore, even when they’re within the perimeter of their supposedly safe condominium. The CCTV, while helpful in police investigation, does not prevent would-be-robbers from robbing and assaulting you even when the bad guys know they were under surveillance.

Prima Setapak Condo Lift Robbery - CCTV Sequence

Heck, they even drove a stolen Suzuki Swift back to the same condominium the day after the robbery in search of the woman’s car but did not find it. Today’s robbers graduated not only more brutal but also have little respect for the authorities, specifically the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM).


Many believe that if the above case didn’t go viral on social media, the police would have done virtually nothing. Therefore, you can expect the police to solve the latest case of snatch theft occurred on January, 11, 2016 at around 6:50pm at upscale Bangsar Shopping Centre. That’s because the video clip of the daring snatch theft has since gone viral on social media.

Bangsar Shopping Centre BSCBangsar Shopping Centre BSC - Snatch Theft - 11Jan2016

The snatch theft which happened in broad daylight involves a 37-year-old Japanese housewife who was waiting at the valet for her Perodua MyVi when a man on a motorcycle snatched her handbag which contained ATM and credit cards, and about RM200 cash. She suffered scratches to her left arm and thigh as she was dragged by the snatch thief.


But to other unfortunate cases, justice seems to be an alien word because their cases didn’t go viral. Take for an example a woman who got her hand hacked by another snatch thief who graduated to using a meat cleaver. A fast-thinking Good Samaritan picked up her hand and tried to preserve it with ice cubes bought from a nearby convenience store.

Crime Spikes - Snatch Theft Using Meat Cleaver

The victim was sent to hospital but an equally shocked doctor on duty claimed the woman would lose her hand for good because it couldn’t be reattached. Then there was a case where a man who kept his car’s engine running and went to the boot to retrieve and pass bulbs to his friend lost his Perodua MyVi after a robber came from nowhere and jumped into the car and drove away.


There’re hundreds, if not thousands, of other crime cases that didn’t get solved simply because they didn’t go viral on social media. Malaysia, astonishingly, is in a funny transformation ever since IGP (Inspector General of Police) Khalid Abu Bakar went bonkers on Twitter platform. Due to his obsession, he eats, sleeps and plays Twitter 25-hour a day.

Malaysian IGP Inspector General of Police - Khalid Abu Bakar

Mr. Khalid’s policing the country of 30 million populations from his smartphone have gotten jaw-dropping BBC scratching heads, wondering if the Malaysian police chief has gone overboard. He literally issues warnings, orders, criticisms, intimidations and whatnot from Twitter as if he was participating in a tweet competition for a 7-day free vacation to Disneyland.


Perhaps due to excessive time spent on social media, Mr. IGP Khalid seems lost on professionalism when he conveniently declared the 126,000 police officers he leads couldn’t tell if the two suicide bombers who killed 30 people last week in separate attacks in Iraq and Syria were really Malaysian citizens. One day later, Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein confirmed the bombers’ nationality.

Hishammuddin Hussein - ISIS ISIL Islamic State Target List

Apparently, Mohd Amirul Ahmad Rahim, 26, from Terengganu, triggered a bomb strapped to himself in a car during a battle at the Islamic State terrorist stronghold at Raqqa, Syria on Dec 29, 2015. Later on Jan 3, 2016, Mohamad Syazwan Mohd Salim, 31, one of 7 suicide bombers to infiltrate a police training centre at the Speicher military base Iraq carried out a similar mission.


Here’s an interesting question – if the national police chief couldn’t even tell and confirm the nationality of local terrorists under his watch despite international reports, what hope is there that he actually care about safety on the street for average Ahmad, Ah Beng and Arumugam? No wonder criminals are getting bolder.

Malaysian IGP Inspector General of Police - Khalid Abu Bakar - Clueless, Not Sure, Busy Twittering, Don't Care

There’s only one way to get the police’s attention and care if you’re a crime victim. Make sure it goes viral. But more importantly the spike in crimes is a sign that the economy is slowly but surely taking its toll. And as usual, it’s always the defenceless, law abiding, obedient and innocent taxpayers who suffer in silence. You’re on your own.


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The “death camps” at the border…the police did not know anything! All the villages knew but not the police. ANd then nobody had been arrested! Nobody had been tried. Meanwhile some scores of immigration, customs, police, rela officers have been working so very hard. But since nobody made police report so no crime committed!!

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