Look At These 28 Cool Perks, And How Much Google Pays For Them

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Apr 08 2015
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Graduates are basically fighting tooth and nail to get into giant tech companies, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Adobe or Google. Understandably, cool perks on top of six-figure annual salary means these companies would get nothing but the best brains money can buy. In fact, offering their employees the coolest perks is a mandatory in keeping their best people.

Tech Companies Perks - Gym Membership

Believe it or not, the competition for top talent in Silicon Valley is so fierce that a new type of job category was created – Perks Manager. Yes, perhaps this new position is the best job of all (*grin*) and we bet you like to get your hand on this post. Freebies such as Netflix and magazine subscriptions, tickets to sports and movies, Nike shoes, make-up or spa services, babysitting, petsitting, iPhones, iPads, Macbook Airs, paid vacations, etc are normal stuffs.


Pinterest offers free martial-arts classes while SAS gives away in-door pool and yoga classes. And if you dare to dream and could convince Pinterest that you’re the best person for the Perks Manager post, the job is yours which pays you anywhere from US$40,000 to US$80,000 yearly (£27,000 – £54,000, RM145,000 – RM290,000). Didn’t we tell you Perks Manager is the best job ever?

Tech Companies Perks - Haircuts

But the ultimate tech company that offers the best perks is none other than Google, which was named the best place to work in 2015 by Glassdoor. In a nutshell, Google treats its employees like God, offering free food, free haircuts, fitness classes to laundry service and car washes. Google is such a paradise that as one of its employees, you have every reason to smile, even if you suddenly die while working for Google.


Google’s death benefits means your spouse or partner will get 50% of your salary for a whopping 10-years. Just when you thought that was fabulous, wait till you hear how your spouse will also acquire vested stock benefits, and your children will receive US$1,000 a month until the age of 19 (or 23 if the child is a full-time student). However, this benefits is only applicable to a U.S. Googler.

Google Death Benefits

That would make Google’s benefits such as 6-weeks of paid leave for new daddy or 18-weeks for mommy like a child play. Naturally, Google burns lots of money on perks and benefits, do they not? Sure, the company made US$18.1 billion in revenue and US$4.76 billion in net profit in the fourth quarter of 2014 alone. Still, feeding an army of 53,600 full-time Googlers need tons of money too.

Google Cupcakes

So, wouldn’t such crazy perks and benefits burn a huge hole in Google’s pocket? Apparently not, as revealed by Laszlo Bock, head of People Operations at the company, in his new book “Work Rules!”. Aside from free food, shuttle service and child care, other mouth-watering perks do not cost the giant search engine anything. Take a look at some of the cost and benefit of such perks in Google below, thanks to expenses deductible from the taxmen.

Google Perks and Benefits - Cost Benefits by Laszlo Bock

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