These 50 Graphs Are Funny But Freaking True About Life

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Nov 03 2014
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Sometimes lengthy articles are not the most efficient way to convey a message. It’s especially true during the current age, or to be precise, the social media age. Smartphone, Facebook, Twitter and whatnot make people want more with less – read more and more junks with less and less time available. Most of the young chaps do not fancy 500-words story, let alone 2,000-words articles. Better still, spoon-feed them with simple pictures, graphs, cartoons or youtubes.


Hence, the birth of stuffs such as infographics or emoticons. People nowadays seldom like to talk, even during their 10-years-high-school-gathering. Nevertheless, “a picture tells a thousand words” (thank God) is still true. And since people do not like to read more than 3-seconds, we’ve compiled some of graphs, taken from Truth-Facts, which do not only represent hard truth in life, but equally hilarious.


{ 1 }  What Traffic Lights Mean – if you’re a taxi driver, please do not teach your kids about this.

Hilarious But True Graph - What Traffic Lights Mean


{ 2 }  The Evolution of Written Language – human are indeed genius, aren’t they?

Hilarious But True Graph - Evolution of Written Language


{ 3 }  Reasons To Date A Younger Guy – please tell us this is not true, we beg you (*grin*).

Hilarious But True Graph - Reasons To Date A Younger Guy


{ 4 }  Reasons To Date An Older Guy – again, we beg you, deny this please (*grin*).

Hilarious But True Graph - Reasons To Date An Older Guy


{ 5 }  Units of Success – we can’t predict what will be the next unit of success symbol will look like, but for the time being, it’s the thumb-up.

Hilarious But True Graph - Units of Success


{ 6 }  What Tips Mean – the next time your boyfriend or hubby gives a good tip, you are allowed to whack him. We understand the reason.

Hilarious But True Graph - What Tips Mean


{ 7 }  Assignment of Airplane Seats – as strange as it may sound, verify how true this graph is the next time you’re flying.

Hilarious But True Graph - Assignment of Airplane Seats


{ 8 }  Straight Dating and Gay Dating – it’s a free world so you’ve a choice which path to take. Hey, even Apple CEO Tim Cook admits he’s a gay. So be proud of it.

Hilarious But True Graph - Straight Dating and Gay Dating


{ 9 }  Cell Phones Before and Now – cut the crap about your technical justification about how bias this graph tells the true story. Don’t you agree with all those facts listed here?

Hilarious But True Graph - Cellphones Before and Now


{ 10 }  Hollywood Movies – what did they say about creativity at school? That’s right, they learn how to do a remake, sequels, prequels, threequels, reboot, and whatnot.

Hilarious But True Graph - Hollywood Movies


{ 11 }  Peaks in Various Careers – to be honest, we don’t like any of the careers listed in the graph. Let them work their heads off, while we learn to become jobless and enjoy benefits (only applicable in America and European countries, mostly).

Hilarious But True Graph - Peaks in Various Careers


{ 12 }  Most Difficult Things to Complete – people who play Candy Crush should get paid, at least double of what a doctor earns, due to the complexity of such job, agree?

Hilarious But True Graph - Most Difficult Things to Complete


{ 13 }  What You Want To Be – the next time your kids tell you what they want to be, you should know if it’s worth invest any of your resources on them (*grin*).

Hilarious But True Graph - What You Want To Be and What You Are


{ 14 }  Salary Based on Commission – there’re only two best jobs in this world, either to become jobless and enjoy benefits or become a policeman. But for a commission-based job, nothing beats the policemen.

Hilarious But True Graph - Salary Based on Commission


{ 15 }  Women’s Biggest Waste Of Time – we dare not write an article on this topic, so hopefully a graph will get the message across (*tongue-in-cheek*).

Hilarious But True Graph - Women Biggest Waste of Time


{ 16 }  Danger Signals – we bet our last penny that you don’t actually know all the danger signals you “should care” about, but 100% know what’s the single danger signal you “actually care” about.

Hilarious But True Graph - Danger Signals


{ 17 }  School Days – regardless whether China’s economy will collapse or not, your kids will have no other choice but to learn Chinese.

Hilarious But True Graph - School Days Evolution


{ 18 }  Contents of Chips – good things are hard to get, so please forgive the chips, and the marketing people.

Hilarious But True Graph - Contents of Chips


{ 19 }  Cell Phone Coverage – stop blaming the service providers about the cell phone coverage that doesn’t seem to be available when you need them the most, and vice versa.

Hilarious But True Graph - When Cellphones Have Coverage


{ 20 }  What Scales Really Says – to solution to this problem is pretty simple – stop calculating calories and going to gym. Eat as you like (*grin*).

Hilarious But True Graph - What Scales Really Says


{ 21 }  Facebook Useful Applications – you may not like this, but in reality there’s no useful applications on Facebook.

Hilarious But True Graph - Facebook Available and Useful Apps


{ 22 }  Coffee Beverages – coffee beverages have taken a quantum leap as can be seen in their menu options 20-years ago and now. Blame Starbucks, if you can’t find anyone else.

Hilarious But True Graph - Coffee in 1994 and 2014


{ 23 }  Most Dangerous Food – don’t blame us, blame the dietary experts for they know best what you should eat. Gosh, no wonder white bread is cheaper than uranium.

Hilarious But True Graph - Most Dangerous Foods


{ 24 }  Wasting Time – now, do you understand why you love Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg?

Hilarious But True Graph - Wasting Time Evolution


{ 25 }  Difference Between New Price and Used Price – actually this theory can be proven quite easily, just get us panties from people like Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence.

Hilarious But True Graph - Difference Between New and Used Price


{ 26 }  What Smartphone Can Be Used For – looking at the graph, you should know what apps to develop if you’re really serious about making good money.

Hilarious But True Graph - What Smartphone Can and Is Used For


{ 27 }  Biggest Lies on the Internet – we’re sure you haven’t done any of this on the internet, have you?

Hilarious But True Graph -Biggest Lies on Internet


{ 28 }  Twitter Users – you belong to the minority, unfortunately, if you’re in the white slice of the chart.

Hilarious But True Graph -Twitter Users


{ 29 }  Your Knowledge of Traffic Laws – what did they say about sending drivers back to school?

Hilarious But True Graph - Your Knowledge of Traffic Laws


{ 30 }  Blueprint of IKEA – obviously the world’s largest furniture retailer founded in Sweden back in 1943 knows more than you.

Hilarious But True Graph - Blueprint of Ikea


{ 31 }  Men’s Sandal – this is absolutely the reason why fashion designers do not care about men.

Hilarious But True Graph - Men's Sandal


{ 32 }  What Helicopters Do in Movies – the next time you go for a movie with your girlfriend or boyfriend, impress upon him or her what you think will happen to that helicopter.

Hilarious But True Graph - What Helicopters Do in Movies


{ 33 }  How Long Human Can Live Without – if you answer is food or water, you’re obsolete and need to go back to school, obviously.

Hilarious But True Graph - How Long A Human Can Live Without


{ 34 }  What It Means When Someone Says You Looked Tired – hey, as human, we try to be polite as much as we can.

Hilarious But True Graph - When Someone Says You Look Tired


{ 35 }  Men’s Motivation to Watch Tennis – isn’t this obvious enough?

Hilarious But True Graph - Men's Motivation to Watch Tennis


{ 36 }  Orgasm Hunt – try show this graph to both men and women, they’ll surely agree, no?

Hilarious But True Graph - Orgasm Hunt


{ 37 }  Salary Index – don’t say we never tell you what you shouldn’t do as far as your career is concerned.

Hilarious But True Graph - Salary Index


{ 38 }  McDonald’s Curve – the person who designed this fast food logo is a genius, and most likely has engineering and feng-shui skills combined.

Hilarious But True Graph - McDonald's Curve


{ 39 }  Evolution of Digital Media – this is the formula and the reason why Google has been making tons of money every financial quarter. And Facebook will follow soon.

Hilarious But True Graph - Evolution of Digital Media


{ 40 }  Contents of Women’s Magazine – if you want to make money in business, consider one that is related to women, because they can’t decide what they want.

Hilarious But True Graph - Contents of Women's Magazine


{ 41 }  Religious Extremism – if ISIL or ISIS is guilty due to their religious extremism, so does Apple Inc. Strangely, no country could find a reason to bomb Apple (*grin*).

Hilarious But True Graph - Religious Extremism


{ 42 }  Toilet Paper – actually, we think this graph can be a very good question that Google or Apple can ask their potential employee during their interview.

Hilarious But True Graph - Toilet Paper


{ 43 }  Contents of A Tube of Toothpaste – like it or not, this is the fact about you, when using toothpaste.

Hilarious But True Graph - Contents of Toothpaste


{ 44 }  Who Are The Bad Guys In Traffic – again, people like to blame the Sun, Moon and Stars but never themselves.

Hilarious But True Graph - Who The Bad Guys In Traffic


{ 45 }  Why Do Men Wear Watches – come on, admit it, you weren’t interested about the time but rather to show off how much your wealth.

Hilarious But True Graph - Why Men Wear Watches


{ 46 }   A BabySitter’s Job in 2014 – we’re being generous today, so here’s another easy job that you do, if you’ve zero skill.

Hilarious But True Graph - A Babysitter Task 2014


{ 47 }  Guide to Skirt Length at Job Interview – forget about thousands of tips that you should learn during your next interview. There’s only one thing you should concern about – your skirt length.

Hilarious But True Graph - Guide to Skirt at Job Interview


{ 48 }  Live Healthy, Follow Dietary Guidelines – this is weird, as much as we follow the “live healthy” guidelines, we still couldn’t get rid of our fats – H-E-L-P.

Hilarious But True Graph - Live Healthy - Follow Dietary Guidelines


{ 49 }  Shooting Accuracy Against the Hero in An Action Movie – the biggest secret revealed, here’s why the hero in any action movie will NOT die.

Hilarious But True Graph - Shooting Accuracy Against Hero in Action Movie


{ 50 }  Breast Implant Sales – just like hotel room rates, there’re season on breast implant as shown. Consider this valuable tips on when to get the best deal for your boobs implant.

Hilarious But True Graph - Breast Implant Sales


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