You Kicked Me, I Chewed Your VW Jetta – A Dog’s Sweet Revenge

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Mar 12 2015
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Elephants never forget – goes an old saying. So, unless you’re looking for trouble with the beast, you should not do something silly that the jumbo would remember you for the rest of its life. Well, a man in China seemed to remember stories about elephants’ incredible memory, but he didn’t know that dogs, supposedly man’s best friends, have something equally good too.

Dog Chews Volkswagon Jetta - China

Apparently, the man proudly drove his Volkswagen Jetta into a car park in the city of Chongqing, south west China. Upon seeing a stray dog lying on his favourite parking spot, he got out of his car angrily and kicked it. He should have respected and tried to lure the animal away, because he was about to regret his violent solution, soon. He did get rid of the dog, and thought that was it.

Dog Chews Volkswagon Jetta while Buddies on a Look Out - China

When the man returned to his car the next morning, to his horror, he discovered his nice Jetta had been damaged by a slew of what appeared to be bite marks. Curious, he told his neighbour about the “strange” incident. His neighbour showed him the culprits who did the vandalism, captured on camera. It was the revenge of the same dog that the man had kicked the previous day.

Dog Chews Volkswagon Jetta Wipers - China

But the dog didn’t do it alone. It vanished after being kicked but came back later with a few of its buddies. Together, they attacked the man’s Jetta – biting at the wheel trims, chewing the bodywork and even detaching the windscreen wipers. It would have been wonderful to hear the man’s explanation to the insurance company, assuming he does try to put a claim, about what had happened to his 100,000 yuan (US$160,000; £10,700; RM59,000) Jetta.


It seem the dogs know where it hurts the most – his car. But how could man’s best friends became such a vengeful animal, although it was kicked? Dogs are territorial and they become hell lots more aggresive especially during mating season. Perhaps the man had asked for trouble with a dog which hasn’t got its “dose”, hence by kicking it, all hell breaks loose. Needless to say, the car owner isn’t too happy now.

Dog Chews Volkswagon Jetta with buddies - China

In short term, it doesn’t seem likely that this driver will ever do this again, since he learned a valuable lesson that came back to bite him. As for the dogs, they haven’t been seen since. Perhaps they have gone into hiding, until the man has done with all the necessary repairs. Now, this is perhaps a good example why humankind shouldn’t offend dogs, the same way they respect elephants.


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