Charlie Hebdo Slaughter – The Last Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back?

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Jan 08 2015
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ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Abu Sayyaf, Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Pattani United Liberation Organization, Jemaah Islamiyah and to a certain extent Perkasa and Isma – what do they have in common. They’re either full-blown terrorists or subscribed to the teaching of terrorism, wearing the mask of Islam. Their lust for revenge, money, sex, power, and whatnot were achieved by means of threatening, killing, beheading, raping and corruption.

Terrorist Cartoon - Human Bomb Class

Besides North and South Poles, Japan is perhaps the safest country on planet Earth that is free from Islamic terrorist attacks. Well, generally speaking, the Japanese people are not really deeply influenced by the Islamic religion or culture. The country is home to about 180,000 Muslims or 0.1% of its population, hence the small footprint of Islam in Japan. Perhaps that helps, but terrorism is never tolerated in Japan as compared to other countries.


Unlike Japan, countries in Europe, South East Asia, Australia and even North America have been too liberal in accepting and welcoming Muslim migrants, without serious censoring. Sure, not all Muslims are extremists, let alone terrorists. But every time terrorist attacks, the finger prints would always traced back to the otherwise beautiful religion. Coincident? Tells that to the family members of innocent lives vanished due to terrorist attacks.

Japanese Soldier Facing Back with Flag

The latest attack and slaughter on journalists working for satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo couldn’t come at a worse time when anti-Muslim sentiment has been on the rise throughout Europe. In Germany, anti-Islam rallies each week draw thousands of demonstrators. In Sweden, mosques have been burned. In Britain, parliament is considering laws that would require kindergarten teachers to monitor potential radicalization among their students.

Paris Terror Attack -Cartoonists Killed - Stephane Charbonnier and Bernard VerlhacParis Terror Attack -Cartoonists Killed - Philippe Honore and Michel RenaudParis Terror Attack -Cartoonists Killed - Bernard Maris and Jean Cabut

For as long as one can remember, Europe has suffered terrorism many times before, and always righted itself, refusing to succumb to hysteria. But the killing on Charlie Hebdo cartoonists using Kalashnikov-type automatic weapons could be the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Leaders of European countries have been containing the anti-Muslim sentiment for as long as they can, but there’s a tipping point where all hells break loose.


You may ask: Why insult and ridicule Prophet Mohammed that billions of Muslims revere? Well, in France, there’s something called freedom of speech and unfortunately, cartoons are one of them. They can also ask back: Why attack and slaughter innocents who billions of people of other faiths hold dear? An eye for an eye – so can’t you go back and draw your own caricature and insult and ridicule your enemy’s prophet or God instead?

Support Rallies for Charlie Hebdo

The fact is, such terrorists, who coincidently happen to yell “Allahu Akbar” before killing, beheading and raping their targets have been doing their supposedly God’s job on other Muslims too, as can be witnessed in Iraq and Syria. Okay, assuming you were right in killing other non-Muslims. But what do you call yourself when at the same time you kill other Muslims? And why does Prophet Mohammed need your protection from caricature?

Support Rallies for Je Suis Charlie

What would happen to the millions of peaceful Muslims currently enjoying their lives in France, now that this Charlie Hebdo incident piss off the French right wingers big time? Already, Europeans have been asking why should their Muslim neighbours get special protection, treatment and privileges. Actually, Charlie Hebdo cartoonists mock and insult every religion on a daily basis, so get over it. And neither prophet nor God needs defenders in the form of terrorists.


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