Alcohol Ban & Unfair Budget 2022 Allocation – It’s Time Opposition Withdraws MOU Supporting The Racist Sabri Govt

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Nov 05 2021
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Based on complaints from the Opposition, especially the Democratic Action Party (DAP), one of four components of the Pakatan Harapan coalition, it’s crystal clear that they have again been scammed and tricked by the cunning government of Ismail Sabri into signing the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) to support the highly corrupt and racist regime. Told you so!!


Instead of whining, crying and bitching about the government, the Opposition should ask what they are going to do about it. Pakatan Harapan should realize that their supporters are not dumb, but are very well informed of the latest happenings. Therefore, the opposition leaders should think twice before insulting the intelligence of the people.


Since Pakatan recklessly signed the MOU, an agreement that has attracted the displeasure of its own supporters from the beginning, there has not been any major progress of reforms worth mentioning. On the contrary, the dubious MOU to support the incompetent Prime Minister Ismail Sabri has given the regime the breathing space to assault, suppress, oppress, bully and intimidate non-Malays.

Timah Whisky - Abu Nuwas Arak

After the Timah Whisky fiasco, which had nothing to do with Malay Muslims in the country, but was quickly manipulated by certain scumbag Malay politicians to promote racist hatred, xenophobia, Malay supremacy and all forms of bigotry in an attempt to win over Malay voters due to incoming elections, the attack on non-Muslims has escalated and become worse.


It had been explained that Timah Whisky was related to the historical fact of a chemical metal called “tin” and an English explorer called Tristram Charles Sawyer Speedy, also known as Captain Speedy. Yet, some narrow-minded and racist Malay Muslims still insist that Timah was related to Prophet Muhammad’s daughter and the bearded man on the bottle resembled a Muslim man in a kopiah.


Even though the local company producing the award-winning whiskey has agreed to consider changing both the name and image, it has failed to satisfy the religious extremists and bigots. It has instead emboldened them to suppress and oppress the non-Muslims. Now they have banned the sales of alcohol in sundry shops, grocery stalls and even Chinese medicine outlets.

Malaysia Bans Sales of Liquor - Sundry Shops, Grocery Stalls and Chinese Medicine Outlets

So, what’s the excuse to ban the sales of alcohol in sundry shops, grocery stalls and medicine outlets owned by ethnic Chinese? Those liquor bottles do not carry the Timah brand, let alone images of a bearded man. In fact, thanks to decades of racial polarization and distrust between Muslims and non-Muslims, it’s impossible to see Malays step into a Chinese shop to buy groceries, let alone alcohol.


Rather, it’s more common to see Malay Muslims happily enter Magnum, Sports Toto and Damacai betting outlets to try their luck on 4D, 5D or jackpots. Exactly why is the government offended with Chinese sundry shops, grocery stalls and medicine outlets that never sell alcohol to Muslims, but ignored the gambling outlets that frequented daily by Muslims?


Was it not the PAS Islamist party and all the Muslim ministers in the so-called Malay-Muslim government that granted gaming companies permits to hold 22 “special draws” (an increase from 8 draws during Pakatan Harapan government) for 4D numbers since they formed the backdoor Perikatan Nasional government? Why go bonkers over alcohol, but not gambling?


In what appears to be the first step to deny – and destroy completely – non-Muslims’ rights, the DBKL (Kuala Lumpur City Hall) has issued an order that pubs, bars, lounges, and restaurants with licences to sell alcohol will only be allowed to serve liquor between 10am and midnight. Strangely, beer can be sold, raising questions over the logic behind the alcoholic beverage ban.


The best part was that premises that sells liquor must not be within 100-metre of police stations, houses of worship, schools, hospitals, and residential houses. In a country where police stations can be converted into a disco with free flow of drugs, booze and prostitutes, it’s laughable for the authorities to impose restrictions on non-Muslims, and pretended to be a pious government.


The discrimination against the minorities, especially ethnic Chinese and Indians, did not end with the ban on sales of alcohol. In the Budget 2022 just revealed by the racist and corrupt government of Ismail Sabri, only RM200 million was allocated to improve infrastructure in Chinese new villages and RM145 million to the Indian community for socio-cultural-economic programmes.

Malaysia Government Servants

The Malays, on the other hand, was given a whopping RM6.6 billion for their education programmes, RM4.8 billion for capacity-building in the community, and RM100 million in grants for their SMEs in the aerospace industry. In addition, RM1.3 billion was allocated as a special one-off bonus of RM700 each to 1.3 million civil servants, of whom 90% are Malays.


To put it in perspective, that was RM11.4 billion (excluding RM1.3 billion bonus money) for Malays or Bumiputera, but only RM345 million for both Chinese and Indians. That means the ethnic Chinese and Indians get only 3% of what the Bumiputeras received, despite the ethnic groups Bumiputera comprising 67.4% of the population, compared to Chinese (24.6%) and Indians (7.3%).


Essentially, in a family of 10 members, where there are 7 Bumiputeras, 2 Chinese and 1 Indian, RM10 was distributed in an incredibly unfair way that the Bumiputeras get RM9.70, leaving 30 cents for the Chinese and Indian to share. To add salt to the wound, according to former PM Mahathir Mohamad, the ethnic Chinese paid 90% of the national income tax.

Malaysian Chinese Community - Chinatown

To lend credence, former Entrepreneur Development Minister Mohd Redzuan Md Yusof admitted Bumiputera entrepreneurs’ contribution to the GDP was less than 10%, meaning the Bumiputeras paid less than 10% of taxes – consistent with Mahathir’s statement. So, for every RM1 in GDP, the Chinese contributed 90 cents, but received only 2 cents while the Bumiputeras contributed 10 cents but are rewarded 97 cents.


Even the useless JAKIM, the Islamic Development Department Malaysia which Sultan Ibrahim of Johor had previously raised his suspicion over how it spent RM1 billion in annual allocations, is being given RM1.5 billion in the Budget 2022. How an agency that promotes hatred, extremism and racism could get more than 4 times taxpayers’ money than the minorities Chinese and Indian combined?


Some ignorant bigot and racist Malays might cheer that the Chinese and Indians were getting crumbs while the Bumiputeras were given the lion’s share. However, like it or not, such discrimination model cannot sustain. It’s like an MLM (multi-level-marketing) company with only “20% downlines” working to contribute 90% of revenue to enrich “70% uplines”, who contribute as little as 10%.

Malaysian Community - Malays, Chinese, Indians

In fact, after decades of wastage, the Budget 2022 is a very troubling budget that will cost the Bumiputeras eventually. Despite the sexy RM332.5 billion budget, the projected revenue was only RM234 billion (tax collection is merely RM171.4 billion), leaving a deficit of RM98 billion. Where do you think the jaw-dropping deficit will come from if not through more borrowings – and new taxes?


The more you borrow, the more you need to pay. The simple fact that the incompetent and spendthrift government is imposing “Prosperity Tax (Cukai Makmur)” of 33% (instead of 24%) on companies’ earnings above RM100 million is the clearest sign that the MLM system is collapsing. The disgusting tax regime saw RM34 billion wiped off from the stock market immediately after the Budget 2022 was unveiled.


And the Malays can bet their last penny that the lovely GST (goods and services tax) previously introduced by Najib Razak will definitely make a grand come back after the 15th General Election. Because GST is a consumption tax, the Bumiputeras who make up about 70% of population (or consumers) will be the biggest and the luckiest winner of GST and more new taxes to be introduced.

Najib and Rosmah Boarding Private Jet - Happy GST Everyone

Banning sales of alcohol, bullying Timah Whisky manufacturer, discriminating non-Malays, destroying 15,000 Musang King Durian trees, robbing Chinese companies of 51% stake, and whatnot will only serve the agendas of certain group of Malay extremists and bigots. It will not grow the government revenue, forcing new direct and indirect taxes to be implemented, which in turn will hit back the Malays.


To further pamper the civil servants (to fish for their votes), most of whom had already enjoyed months of holidays working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, the government decided to give them 5 additional days of unrecorded leave. Those interested to purchase computers and smartphones will get more handouts – soft loans with a 2% interest rate.


The Opposition, including Malay leaders of PKR and Amanah component parties, should not keep quiet over the blatant discrimination and racism against the non-Malays. What happens to the opposition leader and PKR president Anwar Ibrahim’s political campaigns where he pledged to protect every citizen’s right regardless of race and religion?

Anwar Ibrahim - Premier In Waiting


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