The Explosion Of Covid Delta Variant In The UK – How England Provides A Model Of Expectation To Other Countries

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Jun 28 2021
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From about 2,000 new daily confirmed Coronavirus cases in May, the U.K. saw new spikes of almost 18,000 on June 26. That’s 9 times more infections in less than a month. Now, Britain isn’t sure if more lockdown easing before July 19 is even possible. The last time the country saw such a high figure was in early February, when everyone thought the curve had been flattened.


The good news, however, was the relatively low death toll and hospitalization, largely due to high vaccination rate. The British government was wise to keep testing the people – between 700,000 and 1-million every day, even after fully vaccinated close to 50% of its population of 67 million, while 66% had received at least 1 dose of Covid vaccines.


For some reason, the U.K. tends to attract variants of Covid-19 for the wrong reason. The United Kingdom variant (B.117), now known as the Alpha, first spread like wildfire in December last year. But by February, the U.K. variant, first detected in Kent in southeast England, has been identified in over 80 countries – becoming the dominant form of the virus worldwide.

Coronavirus - United Kingdom - Britain - Alpha Beta Delta Covid-19 Variants

By April, it had become the dominant variant in the United States, and it has remained so ever since. Even today, scientists are left scratching their heads as to how the variant conquered the world. A new study says the secret was Alpha’s ability to disable the first line of immune defence in our bodies. It was like disabling the alarm bells to give the variant more time to multiply.


The U.K. variant is smarter than other Coronavirus. Alpha-infected cells make a lot of extra copies – some 80 times more than other strains of the virus. The tactic was like creating many honey pots, flooding the human immune system with mutations. When the alarm system starts coming back online, some 12 hours after infections, the immune response would have been delayed.


Both South Africa and Indian variants, known as Beta and Delta respectively, have other tricks in manipulating the human immune system. Before scientists could fully understand how Alpha actually works, Britain is plagued with a new explosion of Delta. And based on the past patterns, the Indian variant will definitely dominate the world after hitting the U.K.

Coronavirus - South Africa Covid-19 New Variant Virus

It was only on May 17 that British Health Secretary Matt Hancock told British lawmakers that there were 2,323 cases of the Indian variant B.1.617.2 (a sub-lineage of B.1.617) in Britain, up from 1,313 just four days earlier – a jump of 77%. Subsequently, a total of 75,953 cases of Delta was sequenced in the U.K. up to June 16, up from 42,323 the previous week.


It means within a month (from May 17 to June 16), the Delta variant had jumped 33 times or a stunning increase of 3,170%. By June 25, less than 10 days later, Britain added 35,204 new cases of the Delta variant. That effectively pushed the total number of confirmed cases to 111,157, making Delta the dominant strain in the U.K. – comprising 96% of new Covid-19 cases in England.


Like the Alpha variant, the Delta variant, originated in India, but was identified in the U.K. at an early stage, has now spread to more than 80 countries. The top-10 of the 85 countries affected by the Delta variant are the U.S., the U.K., France, Russia, Portugal, Israel, Germany, Italy, Ireland and Denmark. On June 24, U.S. President Joe Biden called the Delta variant a matter of “serious concern”.

Coronavirus - Britain United Kingdom - Approves Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine

The U.S. president has every reason to be concerned. The vaccination rate in the U.S. is lower than the U.K. About 46% of Americans had received their full doses of Covid vaccines, while 54% got at least one dose. In the week beginning June 14, only 2,853 Delta cases had been identified in the U.S., whereas 747 in Germany, 277 in Spain and 97 in Denmark.


Initially, data derived from CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) for the two-week period ending on June 5 showed that Delta variant cases made up 9.5% of the total Covid-19 cases in the U.S. However, the CDC has projected that for the period ending on June 19, the variant cases made up 20.6% of all Covid cases – more than doubled in 2 weeks.


While the Delta is still trailing the Alpha, which accounts for 52.2% cases in the U.S., CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said she expects the Indian variant will become the dominant strain in the U.S. soon. If the Delta variant could jump 33 times in the U.K. within a month from 2,323 to 42,323 new cases, similar nightmare could happen to the 2,853 cases in the U.S. (June 14).

CDC Director Dr Rochelle Walensky

William Lee, vice president of science at population genomics company Helix, said the Delta strain will probably make up 50% of Covid-19 infections in the U.S. by early to mid-July. The U.K. is about a month or two ahead of the US when it comes to the spread of the Delta variant, according to Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Based on the worst case scenario modelling built by SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies), if Delta variant B.1.617.2 were 40-60% more transmissible than the U.K. or “Kent” version (known as B.1.1.7), which itself is 50% more transmissible than the most common Covid-19 strains, it could trigger an increase in hospitalizations worse than January 2021 in Britain.


Therefore, Britain provides a great model of what to expect not only in the U.S., but also every country in the world affected with the Delta variant. Even if a country may not see Delta hitting dominance as high as 96% of new Covid-19 cases like Britain, a rate of 50% is bad enough for any country with low vaccination rate. Coronavirus - Europe Travelling Despite Covid-19

The only solution to stop the spreading of Delta in countries with low vaccination rate is to restrict movement or travelling. However, low inoculation is also often associated with poor vaccination program or incompetent governments that don’t care about lockdown or movement restriction. Unless the Delta variant could be tracked and contained, the more transmissible variant will spread like wildfire.


In the U.K., the Public Health England figures show the Delta variant was introduced at least 500 times by travellers. While full vaccination against Covid-19 appears to offer significant protection against this variant, CDC Director Dr Walensky said that protection may not last permanently. As if Delta is not bad enough, a new variant – Delta Plus – has recently emerged and becomes a variant of concern.


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It wasn’t all that long ago India was boasting and proclaiming itself the saviour of humanity rolling out its dodgy copies of the dodgy AZ wonder vaccine. Instead India has come up top of the world, something that never ever happens that makes India top in anything positive, India singha-handedly gave and is still gifting the most dangerous and contagious virus to date!

Like forever creating calamities on itself that it can never solve, India passes on its creations and headaches and free vouchers for dangerous illnesses and even death to every country else all over the world! Not only that, the Indian variant which should rightly be called Delhi Variant, comes with a colour revolution of black, yellow, etc fungus flavours which by themselves also kill.

Now there is, like mobile phones, the “+” version, which raises the hotness level from madras to vindaloo. You pay more for that version like you pay more for a bill with the “+” sign, you pay with your life!

India is the gift that keeps giving, every few days you get to read of new varieties of potential new ways to get dangerously sick and new ways to die – Delhi Variant plus fungus flavours plus the “+” – which we still do not know wtf that may be. Other than it can end your life…

The UK and the US shouldn’t have pissed about with covid control, but the Brits and Yanks were seduced by the pseudo-science of “herd immunity” which would allow infection to spread till there’s enough people who’s hit and immunity is reached with the virus incapable of going forth and multiply no more. The theory is wonderful for capitalism, it would save on vaccines, the expensive need to manage the virus, hence save tons of money. The negatives would simply be the elderly mass murdered.

For some countries, it may be a great idea to get rid of unemployment by getting rid of a portion of the population, you can even get rid of those like the blacks, for example, the apartheid South African tried vaccines to eliminate its blacks during the racist era. Some have even suggested making it difficult for segments of their population to have access to vaccines.

We cannot talk Covid and vaccines politics without talking about Ketuanan Cina which, unlike unfettered (Western) capitalism, value human lives, and made a huge success of containing the virus – and even come out with vaccines that are saving the world! That’s an act the West – and their little luggage carrier India cannot ever achieve, the West is not contributing to vaccines to the world in any honest way, the US recently donated 80 vaccines to Trinidad and Tobago which combined have lots and lots more than 80 humans. China has been donating vaccines in the millions and hundreds of thousands. Even if Indians die by the tens of thousands for the world…

That said, the Delhi variant has long reached Bolehland, and we are still pissing about and struggling with our half-baked unfunny funny effort at containment, vaccine rollout or rollback, whatever you call that. What then when the “+” version spreads – all while our gomen of fcuked up retard monkeys are still looking for the loo when the blessed brown stuff is already more than halfway out the sh*thole. All while the fan is running super speed waiting for the blessing to hit.

Well, let me comfort you dear monkeys with my blessed insight, you cannot panic forever and get too paranoid over the impending pending doom. There’s no point looking at how the angmoh uncles in the West are dealing – or rather not dealing with the virus, more viruses, new viruses. They are not half-brother éd and it still looks they don’t care. Capitalism can afford a hit in the population, that would, in fact, do them a big favour reducing the unemployment figures and payouts to those affected.

The “best” our monkeys can do is patiently wait for their turn to ride that winged donkey to Jennah. With such a variety of viruses and with the guaranteed incompetence and moronic abilities of our gomen, the wait won’t be long. You are assured, have trust in my maxim, if Covid doesn’t kill you, the gomen would still be trusted to kill you in 1001 ways, Alhamdulilah!

Meanwhile, spare all your time and energy for all the latest news about the latest on the virus menu. Ever thought about freedom of choice? Now you can have more than you can handle on your plate – or gravestone.

And the blessed virus or the blessed virus or the blessed virus can still get you.

And that’s regardless you are vaxxed or not!

Fancy that, viruses more intelligent than Malaysians!

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Don’t forget to switch off the lights when you go. And pay your bills. And return the library books.

Bye now! I’ll get Hardy Awank to say a prayer for you before his light goes out!

This virus originated in China and was called Wuhan Virus until it was termed racist. Now this “South Africa and Indian variants” , is this not racism also ?

“originated in China…”

There’s still no evidence the virus “originated in China”, there’s plenty of evidence of evidence of the virus in Italy, Spain, the US way before China.

However, countries that forever want to play slavish niggahs to the US, India, for instance, love to ape the mentality of their much-worshipped white massahs, dutifully obey without science or much thinking their massahs,parrot their smears.

The mentality of “the savages”, as the much-worshipped white sahib Churchill, is rather Snake-like, slimy, slithering, and slippery,playing the victim and screaming “racists” when India gets (usually rightly) sagged off. Otherwise, the permanent garbage dump called India would forever be running monkeys to white countries and slavishly grateful to blame China for anything and everything India can’t do in a thousand years that China can in very successful ways.

India runs on chest-thumping bombastic bragging – and blessed bullsh*t.

Bullsh*t is religiously worshipped in India, it is found and used everywhere and for everything, including as cosmetic. Rubbing bullsh*t on their bodies supposedly protect Indians from everything including Covid. Talking bullsh*t is the most popular activity for the Indians as they sit forever under their bodhi trees and do nothing but talk and talk.

The latest already-achievement of the Indian Nazi Modiji is trying to divert attention from the gigantic failure at containing the Deadly Delhi Variant with the colour revolution of fungus flavours, and countless corpses surfacing on the holy Gangrene River, by amassing troops to confront the non-existent Chinese “threat” at the borders. The monkey show is, as usual, on behalf of the the white and racist massahs.

Anyone wanting to understand of the slavish niggah worship and reverence for the white massahs and vice versa, should follow the series on YouTube “It Ain’t Half Hot Mum”. It is considered “somewhat racist” by some these days – but it certainly tells the truth about the Indian slavish worship of the white massahs – AND the massahs’ racism!

Its Paul Wolfo the bitch bitchin again through his black hole of
Wuhan. Well, we need comedy in this distress times and
comedians like Paul Wolfo the bitch seem to be giving some
relief with his comical bullsh-t.

“… Well, we need comedy in this distress time..”


And thank the bullsh*t god, the monkey god, the elephant god for the joke called India!

Here’s one for your appreciation of me, Subashed Bose:

US Customs to Indian Travellers: Don’t Carry Cow Dung in Your Luggage

“Dung cakes”. I bet the white massahs’ cooliewallahs wash that down with mooodi urine. Cheers!

Sold in Malaysia as Dung Kuih.

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Get in touch when you crave more about the joke called India, plenty more for free! All jokes certified true and 100% Indian pedigree. From Black Hole of Cowkata. No bullsh*t about the bullsh*t cesspool called India.

Harry Krishna, Harry Potter, Hurry Curry!

Bhai for now!

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