Beware Of Indian “Double Mutant” Covid Variant – Israel Found Indian Strain Even Among People Already Vaccinated

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Apr 30 2021
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Ministers or politicians who think the worst is over and this year will be the end of Coronavirus pandemic are either naive or clueless about science. The worst part is when some high-ranking officials of Ministry of Health help an incompetent government to hide and manipulate data of Covid-19 cases for selfish political or personal gains.


If you ask a doctor, any types of medical doctors, they will quietly tell you that the pandemic is here for another 2 years, if we’re lucky. That’s the most optimistic view. On the other hand, a scientist or virologist or even Moderna CEO will tell you that the world will have to live with Covid-19 forever. The pandemic may fade, but the virus will never be eliminated.


By now, people should understand that vaccines, no matter how impressive its efficacy is being trumpeted, are not bulletproof. Drugmakers are not sure themselves how long the protection will last. As governments struggle with supply, pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer have already started talking about the need of a third “booster” dose within 12 months.

Coronavirus - Indian Double Mutant Strain Variant - Covid-19

The biggest problem with the Covid-19 pandemic is its mutations. We know it keeps mutating, but we do not know when the mutation will stop, or at least slows down. Some say it will eventually stop mutating after reaching certain stage, but others disagree. It’s these mutations that make even the most powerful vaccines slowly losing its efficacy or efficiency.


For months, new variants of Coronavirus have been emerging and spreading around the world. In fact, there are thousands of variants, or different versions, of Covid-19. But the top-3 most famous were the U.K., South Africa and Brazil variants. Even as the U.S. administers about 2.5 million Covid-19 vaccine shots every day, it still struggles in the race between vaccinations and variants.


While the Brazilian variant (also known as P.1) first emerged in July and has something called E484K mutation, the U.K. or “Kent” version (known as B.1.1.7) has become famous after it spread to about 100 countries since it emerged in September. The South Africa’s variant (known as B.1.351), meanwhile, has been found in at least 20 countries, including the U.K.

Coronavirus - South Africa Covid-19 New Variant - Vaccine

The notorious U.K. variant is up to 70% more infectious largely because of one mutation called “N501Y”. But the South Africa is more dangerous than the U.K. version because it has both “N501Y” and “E484K” mutations. Sure, the N501Y plays a major role in spreading. But the E484K helps the virus evade antibodies and parts of the immune system that can fight Coronavirus.


And since the South African variant can escape immunity, the body will not be able to fight the virus. It was already bad that the N501Y could turbo charge its engine up to 70% more speed to spread to 100 countries. It becomes worse that E484K could transform itself into a new Camaro like the Bumblebee – hence the ability to evade vaccines.


Even though Pfizer and BioNTech declared as recently as April 1 that their Covid-19 vaccine was highly effective against the South African variant, new data revealed by researchers at Tel Aviv University and Clalit, the largest healthcare organization in Israel, show otherwise. The Israeli data show the variant is able to “break through” or penetrate the protection offered by Pfizer vaccine.

Coronavirus - Pfizer and BioNTech Vaccine Injection

But that was slightly more than 2 weeks ago. Today, the Health Ministry of Israel has more bad news. It has identified not only 41 new cases of Indian variant in Israel, but also found 4 cases in people who have already been vaccinated. Apparently, 24 of those infected with the new variant from India have recently returned from abroad.


The remaining 17 cases, meanwhile, were due to community transmission, including 5 children at 5 separate schools. Worse, some of them had no clear links to someone who did, suggesting that the variant is spreading undetected. This lends credence to the recent discovery that not only South African variant can evade the Pfizer vaccine, the Indian variant too possesses similar capability.


And since children cannot currently be vaccinated, this has raised fears of a new outbreak among kids. Israel has issued a travel restrictions for 7 high-risk countries – India, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico and Turkey. Israelis who return from those countries will be required to enter isolation or quarantine – even if they are vaccinated or recovered.

Coronavirus - India Covid-19 Cases Skyrocket - Dead Bodies Burned

The Indian variant became an overnight sensation after the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic spread like a tsunami in India. The country, which saw just 10,000 news cases a day in February, suddenly spikes up to 386,555 new cases on Thursday (April 29). The new variant spread so fast that it caused more than 60% of all Coronavirus infections in the Indian state of Maharashtra alone.


The second wave, which started in the western states of Maharashtra and Gujarat, has now engulfed almost the entire India. Scientists are particularly alarmed that the Indian “double mutant” – also known as B.1.617 – carries two mutations – the variants first identified in California (B.1.427 and B.1.429) and those discovered in South Africa (B.1.351) and Brazil (P.1).


Also known as the E484Q (U.K. and South Africa) and L452R (California) mutations, the Indian strain has already hopped to at least 21 countries, including Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Romania, Switzerland,  Namibia, New Zealand, Singapore, the U.K. and the U.S. Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is believed to be the most effective against Coronavirus variants.

Coronavirus - Israel - Taking Example for Covid-19 Testing

At least that was what Israel thought. The country has used the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine almost exclusively to vaccinate millions of citizens and healthcare workers. Its national vaccination campaign, which began in Dec 2020, has now fully immunized 81% of citizens or residents over the age of 16. Essentially, Israel has the highest vaccinated population in the world per capita.


But with the latest discovery, the initial impression that Pfizer has excellent efficacy against Indian variant is fast losing its shine. Despite its impressive vaccination number, Israel has acknowledged that the country has not reached herd immunity, especially with the new Indian variant found. The best part is, not much is known about the new variant.


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Situation in India will inflame the rest of the world unless there is a total lockdown by the rest of the world against India. There is total chaos, Modi doesn’t have control of the situation, if he cares at all in the first place. And India’s health and medical infrastructure was virtually non existence before the outbreak, so Vivid will sweep through like wildfire and infect the entire population.

What India needs immediately is Draconian measures to deal with medical emergencies and hygiene. Medical equipments and medicine will be helpful. What the Western world has been harping about … giving vaccines to India now, is no different from giving a cruise ticket to a drowning person.

And it doesn’t seem the Quad allies, US Australia Japan actually care about India.

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