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Ready To Lift The Lockdown – How New Zealand Appears To Be Winning The War Against Coronavirus In 14-Days

On Thursday (March 9), Kiwis were delighted as the number of Coronavirus cases continue to drop – only 29 new cases. New Zealand’s total cases are now 1,239, including only one death. In essence, the deaths per 1-million population in the country was only 0.2 – a remarkable achievement. In comparison, Spain registered 326 deaths […]

... written on Apr 10 2020

PM Muhyiddin May Extend Lockdown Until May Because The Unstable Government Can’t Take Any Political Risk

On Friday (March 10), the government of Muhyiddin Yassin will announce the fate of the MCO (movement control order), which has been enforced since March 18. But based on the current status of Coronavirus cases, you can bet all your money that it will be extended again. In fact, it’s not an exaggeration to say […]

... written on Apr 09 2020

Dubai’s New Rule To Combat Coronavirus – Everyone Must Apply For A Permit, Even If You Walk Or Cycle To Buy Grocery

United Arab Emirates (UAE) have imposed a 2-week round-the-clock lockdown in Dubai, which took effect from Saturday night (April 4). The previous night curfew from 8pm – 6am every day, which had been enforced since March 26 appeared to be insufficient in fighting the Covid-19. Its Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management decided to go […]

... written on Apr 08 2020

Muhyiddin’s Lazy Backdoor Government Should Start Thinking About An “Exit Strategy” Like Germany

Germany has unleashed a “To-Do List” to enable the country to lift, or at least scale down the lockdown, scheduled to end on April 19. The government hopes with the list of measures to be implemented, people could return to their normal life. Since its March 22’s lockdown, the Europe’s largest economy has been suffering […]

... written on Apr 07 2020

Terrorist Hadi Wrote A Letter To Scam The Muslim World – Here’s Why The Arab Leaders Would Probably Laugh At Him

The simple fact that Muhyiddin Yassin refused to promote Hadi Awang as either the deputy prime minister or a religious affairs minister shows the deep distrust the prime minister has on the PAS president, whose Islamic extremism and radicalization would do more damage than good to the fragile backdoor Perikatan Nasional government.   In reality, […]

... written on Apr 06 2020

USA vs Europe – The War For Face Masks Get Ugly As The U.S. Accused Of Piracy & Paying 3 Times Cash

As early as February 29, the U.S. Surgeon General told people to “stop buying masks” because the face masks were simply not effective in preventing them from catching the highly infectious Coronavirus. Vice President Mike Pence then told a press conference that there was no need for Americans to wear face masks to protect themselves […]

... written on Apr 05 2020

Trump Admits Coronavirus Could Kill 240,000 Americans – But Document Shows The U.S. Army Had Warned Him 2 Months Ago

In January 22, as the nation saw the first American diagnosed with Coronavirus after returning from China, President Donald Trump told CNBC – “We have it under control. It’s one person coming in from China. It’s going to be just fine.” He was asked during the interview if people should be worried about the outbreak […]

... written on Apr 04 2020

A Waste Of Taxpayers’ Money – After Sulking For A Month, Hadi Appointed As Special Envoy To The Middle East

The appointment of Islamist party PAS president Hadi Awang as special envoy to the Middle East with ministerial rank has raised eyebrows. Does Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin plan to appoint UMNO president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi as special envoy to Indonesia with the same ministerial rank too? After all, Zahid is a Java-immigrant so such appointment […]

... written on Apr 03 2020

4 Interesting Ways To Make Money When You’re Retired

Some people can’t wait to retire to just sit by the beach and do nothing all day. Others just don’t want to punch a time clock. Whatever your retirement dreams, you are probably going to need more than just your Social Security payments to get by every month.   With all the different ways to […]

... written on Apr 02 2020

From Doraemon To Finding Coronavirus In Sewage – The Government’s Top-6 Screw Ups Within 14-Day Of Lockdown

Muhyiddin Yassin probably had no idea how incompetent his government is when he announced his bloated Cabinet comprising 70 ministries. But with a very limited pool of intellectuals to choose from, he could only pray that his backdoor government would do as little damage as possible in the first 100 days of his administration.   […]

... written on Apr 02 2020

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