Dubai’s New Rule To Combat Coronavirus – Everyone Must Apply For A Permit, Even If You Walk Or Cycle To Buy Grocery

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Apr 08 2020
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United Arab Emirates (UAE) have imposed a 2-week round-the-clock lockdown in Dubai, which took effect from Saturday night (April 4). The previous night curfew from 8pm – 6am every day, which had been enforced since March 26 appeared to be insufficient in fighting the Covid-19. Its Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management decided to go for 24-hour lockdown instead.


In essence, Dubai, the commercial and tourism hub of the Middle East, will also see the suspension of its tram service for 2 weeks. As a replacement, free bus transportation and a 50% discount on taxi rides will be offered. The closure of malls, cinemas and entertainment facilities has since been extended. The confirmed Coronavirus cases in the UAE have reached 2,076 with 11 deaths.


The Supreme Committee broadcasted its message – “A two-week, 24-hour sterilisation campaign in Dubai was announced on Saturday night, with the Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management stressing that residents need to #StayHome. Anyone violating the restrictions will face stringent legal action.

Dubai Grocery Shopping

So, what does it mean with a 24-hour lockdown, even though supermarkets, pharmacies, as well as food and drug delivery services will continue as normal? It means the privilege of leaving your house for “essential” trips – such as visits to grocery stores or supermarkets, hospitals or clinics and pharmacy – are no longer possible without a police permit.


Yes, with the 24-hour lockdown in Dubai, a permit to be issued online by the Dubai Police is mandatory for each trip to get your essential food and fruits, as well as to see a doctor. In a nutshell, if you plan to step out of your home, you need an approval from the authorities in advance – regardless whether you own a car or need a taxi. Those found breaching the new “stay at home” rule will face legal action.


Here’s how it works. First, you must apply for a permit online with the Dubai Police at this link – https://dxbpermit.gov.ae/home – before every journey. Called the “Movement Permit Registration in Dubai”, the website is pretty simple. The first option you’ll see is to select your reason for the permit, either “work” or “personal”. You need to specify your occupation if the trip is work-related.

Coronavirus - Dubai Police Movement Permit Registration

Coronavirus - Dubai Police Permit To Buy Grocery Or Visit Doctor

For personal trip, there’re only 3 choices – medical appointment, grocery or medical supplies or emergency. Next, you need to fill up your name, address, national ID number, nationality, reason for leaving the house, destination, date and time expected to leave and return, and license plate number if driving. Even if your transportation mode is cycling or walking, you still need a permit.


The last step of the permit application requires you to provide your mobile phone number, of which the authorities will send a one-time password (OTP) to verify your identity. Once the 6-digit OTP number is verified, the approval process will start. Upon approval, you must use the one-time permit within 24 hours, after which it will expire and you will need to re-apply again.


The Dubai Police depends heavily on speed cameras to identify cars on roads during the curfew period. Hence, if your vehicle is not pre-registered for the so-called essential trips on the road, you could be fined. The authorities also conduct routine checks and people found outside their home without a permit could be fined or even prosecuted in court.

Coronavirus - Dubai Beach Lockdown

Even though employees or workers in essential sectors, which includes medical staff, supermarket workers, telecommunications or social care services, among others, will not need to apply for the permit, the website says such essential workers must obtain a letter from the employer stating their movement. The letter must be presented if stopped by authorities.


The police advised people not to go to supermarkets or pharmacies everyday to buy their necessities. Instead, they should but enough food or medicine to last for a couple of days. Alternatively, people can use delivery services to avoid any hassles of applying for permits. The police also warned those who chose cycling as a transportation mode to not abuse it as a way of leisure, such as cycling around their homes.


Still, a face mask and gloves must be worn at all times when outside the house, without which could attract a penalty as well. Interestingly, the new bizarre permit requirement is only applicable in Dubai, while Abu Dhabi and other emirates of the UAE do not have such movement permits.

Coronavirus - Dubai Sanitise Taxi

Already, the permit system has frustrated many residents. Some of them said their applications are still “pending” more than 24 hours after applying. Surprisingly, the Dubai Police admitted they have deliberately delayed the approval process because the authorities wanted to control the number of people going to the same grocery stores or pharmacies.


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Isn’t the UAE a “Muslim” patch in the desert?

So, should not the religious leave it to the Almighty to take charge of things and not interfere with Her Will?

Or at least wait for our mullah Hardly Awank to come do his Fakir Zaik evangelism for them, save them?

There’s plenty of camel urine to take care of every ailment and sickness, faith should also be put in the trusted brew, Ganbei and Cheers!

Yes, I have been there and all that, I would say not being able to hang out in malls and cinemas for the natives there would kill more than the coronavirus, and kill horribly too!

In between the long hours and going through the motion of five daily prayers, there’s nothing else to do that would help with the nervous twitching and material pursuit of the god-forsaken – when their slaves do everything else for them.

Staring at the desert helps with meditation.

A religion was even invented out of that.

Still, whatever that the UAE wants to do about the coronavirus, nothing should be about not leaving it to the Will of the Almighty, that’s what I believe (not religiously though) what a religion should be about.

Their Almighty wants to test them.

It seems Her devoted followers want to cheat on the Test.

All like what the Indians do nationally on an industrial scale about every and any test… what a world?!

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