Swedish Police Chief Begs “HELP” – Migrants’ Crime & Violence Skyrockets

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Jun 30 2017
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The only remaining police station in Kista in the troubled Järva area is forced to be closed. The pledge by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven to step up the fight against drug gangs in vulnerable areas in Sweden, delivered roughly 2 weeks ago, came too little, too late. Swedish National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson has begged and cried for help – “Help us, Help us!”


The police chief was apparently addressing a well attended press conference where he was presenting a report, before he bursts into the begging stunt. Mr. Eliasson revealed that there are 5,000 criminals in Sweden – divided into 200 networks. The Swedish police have identified 61 “subject areas” – polite words for “no-go zones” or “Shariah-controlled zones” – an increase from 55 within only 1 year in 2015.

Sweden Shariah Controlled Zone - Sticker

Swedish authorities also admitted that out of 61 “no-go zones”, 23 of them are vulnerable, an increase of 8 more from a year ago in 2015. While Commissioner Dan Eliasson was crying, begging, whining and bitching about extraordinary crime rates, he was careful in making a political-correct statement – saying Sweden is not beyond repair though the nation is in serious situation.


However, Eliasson warned if the trend persists and crime continues to increase then the social contract could break down in Sweden. Göteborgs-Posten reported that hiring of 10,000 new police officers was another promise pledged by the Swedish Interior Minister. However, the new resources would be available only at the end of 2018.

Swedish National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson Begs for HELP - Migrants Crime and Violence Skyrockets 

Adding salt to injury, Sweden is facing lethal problem of police leaving their profession especially in the no-go areas. The fact that the Swedish police are caught off guard with – skyrocketing crimes and insufficient police officers – speaks volumes about how the government has underestimated the social problems brought in by migrants / refugees.


Last year, Norwegian NRK reported that as many as three Swedish police quit every day, angered by the Swedish government’s “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” policy when come to migrant crimes. At least 80% of police officers were reportedly considering switching career as they were sick and tired of being exposed to danger while on duty.

Sweden No-Go Zone - Violence - Burning Cars

Swedish media, in order to align with government’s policy of religious tolerance and multiculturalism, rarely reports about violence against security and emergency services employees such as the police, paramedics and fire-fighters in the hand of migrants / refugees. Violence such as stone throwing, fires, attacks are common against the police.


As a consequence, Swedish residents staying in the affected area such as the outer suburbs of Gothenburg are hit with problem of police not arriving when crimes are reported. And it’s not hard to understand why. The police themselves rarely dare venture outside of their heavily fortified police stations for fear of being attacked by local gangsters.

Little Modadishu Rinkeby – No Contractor For New Police Station

Rinkeby, a suburban housing estate near Stockholm, is known as the “Little Mogadishu” due to its 90% population being Muslim Somalians. Early this year, AP reported that an al-Qaeda-linked group was busy recruiting anti-government fighters among Somali youths living in Rinkeby. Authorities have tried to build a police station but the project couldn’t proceed.


Reason being: construction companies were unwilling to tender for the contract over security concerns. The new police station, scheduled to open in 2019, would cost a staggering US$40 million in construction cost alone – armed with bullet proof windows, walls reinforced with sheet metal, and electrified barbed wire as its fence. It was mocked as a military installation, not a police station.

Rinkeby Violence - Car Burnt

Even if the fortress police station could be successfully built and commissioned, it would be a challenge to convince Swedish “white policemen” to be stationed there. Police officers, who do not live there, are worried about vandalism to their private cars so they refuse to drive. On the other hand, using public transport is considered too dangerous, especially for female officers.


It would be a laughing stock if Swedish police officers require heavily armed escort just to go to work, would it not? But perhaps that’s the cost of multiculturalism and religious tolerance. Even after Sweden becomes the “Rape Capital” and “Little Mogadishu” of Europe, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven ignorantly said a simple solution is to install CCTV surveillance cameras (*grin*).

Sweden Rape Capital

The point is this – for Dan Eliasson, the Swedish National Police Commissioner, to appeal and beg, in front of local journalists, to his government to “help” his police officers means the situation has reached a critical tipping point. The government of Löfven, of course, could play dumb and let the nation burn and collapse under migrants / refugees’ violence.


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