Forget Trump, These 3 Women Stole The Thunder On Presidential Inauguration Day

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Jan 23 2017
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Donald Trump is now officially the 45th President of the United States of America. When he took the presidential oath, Trump joins the club as one of only 45 men who have been president of the United States during the nation’s 240-year history. But there’s another more exclusive club. Out of 45 presidents, Trump is the sixth men who were not politicians.


He delivered one of the shortest inaugural speech – 1,433 words in 16-minute – since Jimmy Carter’s 1,229 words in 1977. Still, Trump couldn’t beat the shortest-ever speech by American first president – George Washington – when he spoke on March 4, 1793 using merely 135 words. However, President Trump’s speech was packed with most punches.

Presidential Inauguration Day – Donald Trump’s Swearing-In

The new POTUS ignored the feeling of politicians who were attending his inauguration. “For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have bore the cost. Washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth. Politicians prospered but the jobs left and the factories closed.” – Trump said.


Both politicians and American people were stunned when Trump delivered his electrifying “American” nationalistic and populist declaration – “Today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another, or one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C., and giving it back to you, the people.

President Donald Trump Signed His First Executive Order

His supporters were extremely excited with their chosen president. Trump also said what both former President Barack Hussein Obama and former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had refused to say – to wipe out “Radical Islamic Terrorism”. But what really raised millions of eyebrows weren’t about Trump, but rather three other women.


First, people were whispering about Hillary Clinton, whom many thought would become the country’s first woman president. She might have wanted to trade anything for not attending the inauguration, but couldn’t because as the former First Lady, it would create more naughty rumours if she skips the swearing in ceremony of her enemy – Donald Trump.

Too Painful To Smile - Glum-Looking Bill and Hillary Clinton

Social and mainstream media were having a fun day speculating the glum-looking Bill and Hillary Clinton. Putting a brave face, Hillary forced herself to the event. She tweeted that she was attending out of respect for democracy (not for Trump, obviously). Close to 70 Democrats boycotted Trump’s inauguration. Friday was the only day Hillary couldn’t smile as much as she normally would.


Adding salt to injury, the former Secretary of State – who Trump repeatedly ridiculed as “Crooked Hillary” – was booed by crowd who began chanting “Lock Her Up!” when her name was announced on the inaugurations stage. The chant was popular among supporters during Trump’s campaign.

If Looks Could Kill – Hillary Couldn’t Force Herself To Smile

Heck, Hillary was so unhappy that President Trump “ordered” a standing ovation for the Clintons during his inaugural luncheon. Trump said – “There is something that I wanted to say. Because I was very honoured – very, very honoured – when I heard that President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton was coming today. I’d like you to stand up. I’d like you to stand up.”


But being at Trump’s inauguration wasn’t the only thing that upset Hillary. She wasn’t impressed with her husband’s wandering eye. Some think Bill Clinton was checking out Donald’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, while others believe the former president was looking at the gorgeous former model and new First Lady Melania Trump. Hmm, old habits die hard.

Old Habits Die Hard - Who Are You Looking At Bill Clinton 

The second woman at the centre of attention was none other than Michelle Obama. A straightforward person, Michelle had done a rare move when she – both personally and emotionally – attacked Trump during the presidential campaign. Her campaign to help Hillary was so passionate that people started calling for her to run for president instead.


When Barack Obama cut short his visit to India and led a parade of American dignitaries in Riyadh to pay respects after Saudi King Abdullah’s death, the First Lady deliberately didn’t cover her head in a silent protest over the kingdom’s horrible women rights. As a consequence, Michelle was mocked by Saudis of her decision not to observe Saudi Customs.

Michelle Couldn’t Hide Her Scorn As Saudi Delegation Ignored Her

In the same event, some members of the all-male Saudi delegation shook Michelle Obama’s hand as they greeted the Obamas. Others simply nodded to her as they passed by, a gesture which Michelle took offence. She was photographed glum-faced and not impressed with the treatment received from the Saudi top officials.


Like Hillary, Michelle wasn’t impressed with Melania taking over her property. From the moment the now former First Lady Michelle Obama was handed a gift in an awkward meeting with the Trumps to when she listened to the new president’s key address, Mrs Obama did not look impressed. Her facial expressions throughout the day said it all.

A Gift From Melania But Michelle Already Looking For A Trash Can

If there’s one consolation prize for Trump haters, it has to be Michelle’s sideward glance while receiving a gift from Melania Trump – a big, blue box from Tiffany & Company, the luxury jeweller just a few feet from Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. Michelle awkwardly looking around for a place to put it before Barack grabbed it and gave it to someone inside the White House.


Clearly, Michelle did not want any gift from the Trumps. Barack Obama’s action said it all – “Uhhh, just put it anywhere, we’re moving out of here. Just put it anywhere.” Yes, Michelle Obama probably has the worst poker face. She would openly show her dislike, displeasure and disapproval of anyone or anything, all over the place.

Michelle Shows Her Dislike, Displeasure, Disapproval of Trumps 

Melania Trump was the third woman who had stolen the thunder from her husband. Easily the happiest among the three women, Melania might not be as smart as Michelle and as cunning as Hillary, but she’s definitely the woman to watch out. She doesn’t speak much but her beauty and elegance on the inauguration day has set eye-rolling, including those of Bill Clinton’s.


Her inaugural wardrobe has managed to surprise the entire fashion world. Melania Trump drew comparisons to icon Jacqueline Kennedy on Inauguration Day from all viewers when she chose American designer Ralph Lauren’s baby blue cropped jacket with cowl neckline and matching dress for the swearing-in ceremony in Washington.

Trump Presidential Inauguration - Melania Trump and Jacqueline Kennedy

Melania Trump’s outfit, worn with long matching gloves, stiletto shoes, and her long hair swept up in a loose bun, had a 1960s vibe. She later wowed onlookers in a sleek, off the shoulder white gown, slit to the thigh, designed by French-born Hervé Pierre, for a formal inaugural ball where she and President Donald Trump danced to the song “My Way,” made famous by the late Frank Sinatra.


Men and women were all talking about, admiring, tweeting and expressing gratitude for her. As a former model, 46-year-old Melania chose to play up her natural beauty and wore no jewellery other than a pair of massive diamond solitaire studs, suggesting she has done her study on Jacqueline Kennedy and is well prepared to assume the role of a moderate lady for the next 4 years.

President Donald Trump and Melania Trump First Dance After Inauguration


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