Here’s Why Najib Should Be Encouraged To Sell More Assets To China

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Nov 06 2016
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After the “May 1998 Indonesia Riots” where thousands of ethnic-Chinese were brutally killed and hundreds more were raped, the extreme Indonesian Muslims have staged another riot. As many as 18,000 police and military personnel were deployed ahead of Friday’s protest which saw about 150,000 protesters taking to the street.


As police fired tear gas and water cannon, dozens of protesters attacked police near the Presidential Palace with rocks. Two vehicles were torched, 1 person died, at least 160 protestors and 79 police officers were injured and tons of stores being looted as mobs instigated by politicians were rioting against Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama.


Also known as “Ahok”, Mr. Basuki is the first ethnic-Chinese governor of Jakarta, who was also Jokowi’s deputy when Jokowi was then-governor of Jakarta. The governor, who is also a Christian, is standing for re-election in February – competing with two Muslims for the job – one being the son of former president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.


Conservative Islamist opponents had previously quoted a verse from Quran / Koran warning against Muslims voting for non-Muslims (kafirs). Ahok retaliated by telling Indonesians that his opponents had used a verse from the Quran / Koran to deceive voters. But the extreme Muslim groups claimed that the Governor of Jakarta has insulted Islam instead.


Although Mr. Basuki has a reputation as a no-nonsense reformer with little patience for the corruption, clearly he was no match when Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s son flashed the religion card – calling for the governor to be prosecuted for belittling the Muslims. Extreme Islamist opponents, on the other hand, said as a Christian of Chinese descent, Ahok should not administer a Muslim-majority city.


While the 2016 riots were not as disastrous as the 1998’s, the fact remains that ethnic-Chinese has been and will always be made the scapegoat even though they make up just over 1% of 260-million Indonesia population. Jokowi administration’s soft approach towards Islamist hardliners doesn’t help the situation either.


Indonesia is a reflection of what Malaysia will become if racism and extremism are allowed to flourish. Unfortunately, there’re already two dangerous Muslim extreme groups in Malaysia – UMNO and PAS political parties. Within UMNO, various departments of extremism – Red Shirts, Black Shirts, PERKASA, PEKIDA and ISMA – could be activated with money.


PAS (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party), who is now part of Najib administration after allegedly paid RM90 million by the corrupt prime minister, could easily mobilize its 800,000 ignorant members to do anything including running amok. Their blind obedience of not participating in the 2015 Bersih 4.0 rally when instructed to do so by their leaders is the best proof.


If a memo authored by John Pang – a board member at Soros’ Open Society Foundation and a senior fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Singapore – which was leaked by WikiLeaks is any indicator, Malaysia is a “net exporter” of militants to Indonesia and Mindanao. At least 12% of Malaysian Muslims had favourable attitudes towards ISIS compared to 4% in Indonesia.


The memo which was forwarded to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta also revealed that the government estimates that there are 50,000 ISIS sympathizers in Malaysia, including members of the military. All these go to show that Malaysia is on the right track to become more extreme and radical than Indonesia. Fortunately, there’s a solution – the Chinese.

Non Chinese at SJKC Vernacular School

Malaysia is the only country in Southeast Asia where the minority ethnic-Chinese receive Chinese education, spoke multiple dialects of Chinese, wrote simplified and traditional Chinese and use Chinese names. More importantly, Najib administration depends heavily on local Chinese businesses to bring in money to the national coffer.


Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad once said the biggest taxpayers were the ethnic-Chinese – as much as 90%. Essentially, the nation’s economy, education, commerce and industry, and whatnot have been driven by the local Chinese. However, as the ethic-Malays breed like a rabbit but the ethnic-Chinese’s birth rate slows, the country is nearing the tipping point.


Based on the Budget 2017 revealed by PM Najib Razak last month, the biggest expense comes from emoluments, eating 29.7% of the budget’s amount of RM260.8 billion. The civil services, which employ majority Malays – including unemployable graduates – have seen salary payments ballooned to RM73.9 billion this year and RM77.5 billion next year.


The bubble will burst when the income generated by the shrinking Chinese population is not enough to pay for the exploding Malay civil servants. The sight of unemployable Malays sitting by the roadside eating dusts, the same scenario in Indonesia before the 1998 riots, could be a reality in Malaysia very soon. When there’s insufficient money and food to go around, ethnic-Chinese will be made the scapegoat – again.

Red Shirts Rioting at Petaling Street

Thanks to the super-corrupt Najib Razak, the mainland-China has been invited to buy valuable lands, important power plants, strategic ports, crucial transportation hubs and even building sensitive navy ships for Royal Malaysia Navy (RMN). Heck, Najib has even issued third commercial bank license to China Construction Bank after Bank of China and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC).


Such “ownership take-over” by China is extremely important to ensure that not only the Malaysian Chinese would not end up like the Indonesian Chinese, but the country would not end up like Afghanistan or Syria. But is China really that influential and powerful? Take for example when UMNO-sponsored Red Shirt extremists tried to terrorize Chinatown “Petaling Street” last year.

Chinese Ambassador Huang Hui Kang and Wife at Petaling Street Chinatown

What it took to neutralize the Red Shirts was a surprise visit by China Ambassador to Malaysia Dr. Huang Huikang to the Chinatown. Not only the supposedly “untouchable” Red Shirts leader Jamal Md Yunos was arrested by the police, his partner in crime – Mohd Ali Baharom (“Ali Tinju”) – had also chickened out from sending his Red Shirts army to terrorize the Chinatown.


Although Ambassador Huang had deliberately said the Chinese government opposes terrorism and any form of discrimination against races and any form of extremism – the clearest sign of interfering in the internal affairs of Malaysia – not a single senior Malaysian minister had dared pick a fight with Dr. Huang. PM Najib himself had kept quiet and pretended nothing happens.

UMNO Red Shirts Rally Charming Message - Eliminate Chinese SJKC Vernacular Education

In yet another message where Beijing knew how the local ethnic-Chinese have been subjected to decades of discrimination, racism, oppression and suppression, the same Ambassador Huang had deliberately given away RM40,000 to eight vernacular schools SJKC in front of Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, who’s also the cousin of PM Najib Razak.


China was Malaysia’s largest trading partner in 2015 with bilateral trade reaching US$100 billion. Now that Beijing agrees to loan Kuala Lumpur a staggering US$13.10 billion (RM55 billion) for the East Coast Railway Line (ECRL) project, on top of bailout money of RM9.83 billion for Edra Global Energy Bhd and RM7.41 billion for Bandar Malaysia, China’s influence is even stronger.


After spending so much money acquiring strategic assets in Malaysia, the mainland-Chinese are too clever to let UMNO’s culture of discrimination, extremism and terrorism get the better of Najib Razak. In a way, Najib’s balls are in the hand of the mainland-Chinese, and the Malaysian Chinese should take relieve that they’re getting some sort of stability.


As China pumps more money into Malaysia, they also bring along Chinese workers and their families, raw materials and expertise. Hence, the need for Chinese schools, Chinese-speaking local employees, housing, food and whatnot. Just like Singapore, there would be a mini migration of mainland-Chinese to Malaysia.


Wait a minute – shouldn’t the Malaysian Chinese oppose instead of embrace such colonization by mainland-Chinese? Hey, if majority of the ethnic-Malays don’t care about their treasures disappearing under the nose of Najib Razak, why should the ethnic-Chinese care?  Last year’s Bersih 4.0 lack of Malays participants is proof that majority of Malay-Muslims wouldn’t mind having a corrupt prime minister.


Like it or not, China is here to stay – permanently – and there’s nothing the ethnic-Chinese can do but to embrace and welcome them. China’s presence will not only ensure the Malaysian Chinese do not suffer the same fate as the Indonesian Chinese, they also offer “stabilizer” so that Najib would think twice about sparking riots that could destroy Chinese-owned properties.


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PRC does not meddle in internal politics as long as they make money. Look at Africa & South America. They don’t care about the despot dictator or junta nor do they care about violations of human rights.

PRC said and did nothing during the 1998 racial riots in Indonesia. They consider the Chinese diaspora as the problem of the other nation. In case you dont get it, your motherland is here in Boleh-Land. Even should you wish to be PRC citizen, they won’t take you back in. PRC has 1.375 Billion population to worry about first.

PRC does not interfere in internal politics – unless their interest is threatened. They did send their own military to Africa to protect their investment.

PRC did nothing during 1998 Indonesia riots simply because there wasn’t anything to protect, not to mention China wasn’t military and economically strong 20 years ago.

There’s no need for Malaysian Chinese to go back Motherland because Najib is bringing the Motherland to Malaysia instead.

PRC don’t care about local Chinese? Why did Ambassador Huang so busy body and said the Chinese government opposes terrorism and any form of discrimination against races and any form of extremism?

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