Losing Social Media War – After 86,000 Angry Emojis, It’s “#SuspectMyPM”

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Mar 10 2016
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If social media creativity is an indicator, Malaysia should have had many Steve Jobs or at least some international brands such as Samsung, if not better. Government’s policy of racism, discrimination and systematic degradation of national education system, however, has produced a society with poor critical thinking skills.


The Government of Malaysia, dominated by political party UMNO, has designed a special program – BTN – with a specific purpose to brainwashing ethnic-Malay with hatred towards other race and forever be grateful to the party. It had been extremely successful, until the birth of social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Social Media on iPhone

It was no coincidence that the once invincible UMNO lost its customary two-thirds majority in the 2008 national election and did worse thereafter in the 2013 election. There’s little doubt that the Internet, Blogs, Facebook and Twitter play major roles in shifting the country’s political landscape to a level playing field.


Prior, government-controlled media were used unfairly to help UMNO wins every single national election with two-thirds majority since the first in 1959. The arrogant UMNO was flabbergasted on how the social media could transform millions of supposedly dumb and obedient followers into a set of smart and rebellious voters.

UMNO Drawing - Leaders

Prime Minister Najib Razak recognizes the importance of social media engagement hence the heavy use of his Facebook. But he didn’t realize that such engagement model requires two-way traffic, and not a one-way street practiced by his party. The age where his administration “controls” what people can say and think is long gone.


For a while, Najib has been super proud of his Facebook followers, numbering close to 3-million, never mind a huge portion of them were “Fake Likes” bought with cash. His nightmare started when Facebook expanded its popular “Like” button to include “love,” “haha”, “wow”, “sad” and “angry” gesture recently.

Prime Minister Najib Razak - 86000 Angry FB Emojis

Within 4-days since the introduction, Najib was shocked with 74,000 angry emojis, making him the most hated leader in ASEAN. Today, with more than 86,000 angry emojis under his belt, social media users found another reason to go to war. As his popularity drops like a rock, paid cybertroopers were entrusted to boost his rating on the Internet.


Originally created in 2014 for the then newly elected Narendra Modi, Najib’s cybertroopers hijacked and copied the Indian Prime Minister’s “#RespectMyPM” hashtag as their new propaganda weapon. For a while, it works wonderfully. Disgusted, frustrated but helpless, anti-Najib social media soldiers retaliated and creatively created – #SuspectMyPM.

SuspectMyPM HashTag - Multiple Scandals or Issues

Clearly, Najib Razak is losing his battle on the social media. It seems the more his band of supporters try to glorify and worship him as a great leader who deserves respect, the more his reputation is being ripped apart with equal force of humiliation and insults from the opposite direction. The #RespectMyPM has become a laughing stock simply because PM Najib wanted to force people to respect him.


And that’s a huge problem for his political party UMNO in the next national election that must be called by 2018. Under his leadership, Barisan Nasional coalition saw its worst performance during the 2013 election since 1959. To add salt into injury, the results happened “before” the prime minister’s triple scandals. What will happen if a snap election is called today?

Wall Street Journal - Najib Receives USD700 Million

Najib cannot count on Malaysian Chinese votes as he had burnt the bridge right after the 2013 election by condemning and insulting the Chinese. With no sight to the end of his multi-billion dollar scandals, he unleashes his dictatorship by blocking on websites critical of him, clamping satirical sketch of him as a clown and threatening people with ridiculous charges.


He didn’t manage to retain his fair share of 47% of popular votes, let alone grow it. On the contrary, he has literally grown the 53% of unpopular votes. Smells of trouble is in the air for the state of Kedah, Terengganu, Perak and Johor where internal rebellion within UMNO itself is taking shape. Sure, Najib is untouchable now because of his police state.

Najib Razak - SuspectMyPM - MalaysianFlag - Facebook Angry Emoji

The next 14th national election will be fought not only on public platform Facebook and Twitter, but also private platform such as WhatsApp, WeChat and whatnot. Therefore, it’s hard to see how a tainted leader such as Najib Razak could win the social media war. He should stop insult peoples’ intelligence with more propaganda; otherwise it would be #ByeMyPM.


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Najib, et al, have been demonising LGBT. Now, they can also demonise IBFT (Internet, Blogs, Facebook and Twitter). Maybe, get his mate from that green / white colour party to issue a religious decree to ban IBFT ….

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