Najib Turning To Dictatorship As Civil Servants & Students Rebelling

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Feb 27 2016
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Malaysia, under Najib Razak administration, is a cowboy town now with very little respect for law and order. If this can be made into a film, Sheriff Najib, caught with US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) in his personal bank account, is being questioned by everyone in town as to the source and purpose of the money. After more than half a year, the sheriff said it was a donation.

Sheriff Najib of Wild Wild West

With the exception of some of his deputies, nobody in their right mind believes the fairy tales although they live in a supposedly rough, savage and less intelligent world of the “Wild Wild West”. Sheriff Najib also borrowed heavily to maintain his lavish spending. But even that wasn’t enough so he slapped a GST (Good Sheriff Tax) of 6% on everything people in the town needs.


From services provided by brothel house to a drink in a bar, Sheriff Najib collects the 6% tax and soon his office was flushed with RM51 billion collections. Grinning from ear to ear, the sheriff boasted that the town in general and the civil servants in particular have nobody to thank but the sheriff himself for still having their jobs and put food on the table.

Sheriff Najib and Band of Bandits - Raining Money

Sheriff Najib and his band of deputies who live the life of the rich and famous were all out of touch with the ordinary folks who were scraping the bottom of the barrel to make ends meet. Cost of living skyrockets and to arrest the situation, one of the sheriff’s deputies suggested the people should work two jobs, or more if they fancy, never mind jobs were so hard to find that slaves brought in by the sheriff were jobless themselves.


The people of the town can only grumble and bitch but powerless against the corrupted sheriff because the law of the town doesn’t permit ordinary people to carry guns. Some independent newspapers such as The Malaysian Insider (TMI), Free Malaysia Today (FMT) and MalaysiaKini (MK) provided the town with news about Sheriff Najib’s naughty wheeling and dealing.

Wall Street Journal - Najib Receives USD700 Million

Foreign news provider such as Sarawak Report, The Wall Street Journals, New York Times and even Al-Jazeera joined in the bandwagons exposing what bad boy sheriff had done last summer. Sheriff Najib could only intimidate and sue local newspapers TMI, FMT and MK because they operate in the same town he controls.


People who like to give the sheriff the benefit of the doubt asked him to sue the foreign newspapers especially The Wall Street Journal. Sheriff Najib refuses because his team of lawyers said they couldn’t get large sum of money or gold bar even if they win in a foreign court. It seems only in the local court could the sheriff win his case (*grin*).

Lawyer Apandi of Wild Wild West

Not only the sheriff controls the local court house, he also controls all authorities under the town’s roof. For example, the town’s top lawyer once tried to bring justice but while drafting a warrant of arrest for Sheriff Najib, he was sacked. A friendly 65-year-old retired judge was appointed instead and soon this new judge declared Sheriff Najib was innocent of any corruption.


One of his deputies who have started questioning the RM2.6 billion gift was also fired. As more people started to pay more attention to news exposed by TMI, FMT and MK, the sheriff told the town’s new lawyer to make a law which will jail reporters for life and give them 10 strokes of rotan (rattan) for publishing leaked news not favourable to the sheriff office.

Deputy Sheriff Muhyiddin - Sacked

A very old former sheriff – Sheriff Mahathir – was the only man challenging him for a gun fight. But Sheriff Najib dares not throw the 90-year-old former sheriff into jail, for now. It’s a matter of time before the town’s sheriff goes bonkers and orders the old man to be imprisoned, if not sentenced to the gallows. The sheriff wanted to send a message to the town that nobody can questions him.


Knowing he’s running out of time, the old Sheriff Mahathir calls for the people uprising against Sheriff Najib, which is seditious according to the town’s law. The old sheriff has even told all and sundry that he would be jailed eventually. But it’s not easy to jail him without provoking people to riot because of his influence during his 22-year-rule earlier.

Former Sheriff Mahathir of Wild Wild West

Former Sheriff Mahathir was no angel himself and had attracted numerous scandal and corruption allegations. But none of those allegations get exposed the same way Sheriff Najib has gotten – a glaring proof of RM2.6 billion in his personal bank account. There was also One-Mining-Diamond-Berhad or in short – 1MDB – a gold and diamond mining project.


Not only there wasn’t any diamond or gold to be found, the sheriff’s project had accumulated a staggering unexplainable RM42 billion in debt. As peoples’ anger escalated, he sold some fertile lands to foreigner – the Chinese. The town is close to bankruptcy so some local students who used to get free education are now being charged – no money no school.

Malaysian Student Protest Against Najib

1MDB Book Explanation for Students

In his latest move to counter a possible protest by rebellious students, the sheriff’s propaganda team has begun distributing a book on 1MDB with explanations, which were nothing but denials without substance. An uprising by angry students could topple the sheriff, his wife and family members who presently enjoy unlimited wealth and power.


Another group of people who could bring disaster to the notorious Sheriff Najib is the civil servants who have been blindly supporting him. Anti-corruption, traditionally civil servants who did all the dirty jobs for the sheriff office, have now turned hostile over the town’s lawyer decision to let the sheriff walk away a free man because the evidences were so overwhelming.

Sheriff Najib vs Sheriff Mahathir - Gunfight

But the sheriff is not about to go down without a fight. He has empowered himself with the power to declare emergency on any area where people plan to overthrow him. With RM51 billion collected from GST, he can bribe his way through and throw anybody into jail without any trial at the local court. To save his skin, Sheriff Najib is transforming himself into a dictator.


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