Bias!! Federal Reserve Donated To Everyone Except Trump

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Mar 16 2016
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President of the United States isn’t the most powerful man in America. Mainstream media is. The media can literally break or make a new president, or so they thought. Donald Trump’s entry into the presidential race changes everything and has gotten not only the Republicans and Democrats but also the mainstream media to an unfamiliar contest landscape.


Mainstream media didn’t bother to hide their biasness when dealing with Donald Trump. Not only they trumpeted how much hatred GOP voters have on Trump, Marco Rubio, another Republican candidate sang the same song. That was before Trump’s support hit 53% in a national poll. Today, Senator Marco Rubio officially suspended his campaign.

Senator Marco Rubio – Republican Candidate

Rubio, a supposedly charismatic candidate specially designed and packaged as one of Republican’s favourite has lost in his home-state primary. That speaks volumes about a great loser. You don’t lose in your home ground. The person who was thought as the best to stop Trump has been terminated instead.


On Tuesday, Donald Trump became the first – and only – GOP candidate to win the majority of delegates in 8 primaries, meeting the requirements of the GOP’s Rule 40. In comparison, Ted Cruz needs to win the majority of delegates in 4 more primaries, Rubio 6 more, and Kasich 8 – something which is quite impossible to achieve.

Republican Presidential Candidates - Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kasich

The Rule 40, amusingly, was specially architected by the Republican National Committee back in 2012 to help Mitt Romney. But Romney backed off and has endorsed all Republican candidates – Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Marco Rubio – except Donald Trump. And now the Rule 40 is backfiring on them. Yes, karma is a bitch.


But Republican’s internal rival and mainstream media are not the only two giants trying extremely hard to demolish “clown” Donald Trump. The central bank of the United States – Federal Reserve – is now revealed to be bias and has its own preference for the next president. The Fed is happy with anyone but Trump as the next POTUS.

Janet Yellen and Donald Trump

Based on Federal Election Commission data, Federal Reserve employees have donated over US$18,000 to Clinton, US$2,000 to Cruz, US$750 to Rubio and US$0 to Trump. Not that billionaire Trump needs any donation from the Fed, but the data shows how much the central bank hates the Apprentice superstar.


Trump has previously accused Fed Chair Janet Yellen of keeping interest rates low as a favour to President Obama. It’s a plus point that Trump is rich enough not to be bribed or beholden to some wealthy organizations or institutions. The Federal Reserve, Wall Street, lobbyist, consultants and even Obama administration are terrified of Trump.

Audit Federal Reserve - The Fed

What really scares the Fed is the fact that Trump has been calling for an audit to be carried out on the central bank. When Trump screamed the importance of the audit, Ted Cruz, who is known to be closely related to Goldman Sachs, conveniently missed the vote on the bill that would allow this to be done.


Trump argued that a greater transparency on monetary policy-making from the Fed is needed due to the central bank’s ability to create bubbles; and usher in depressions through endless money creation known as “quantitative easing” that only leads to mass inflation and the ultimate destruction of the dollar.

Federal Reserve Rate Hike by Janet Yellen

Obviously, Trump is very suspicious of the Fed. And for not playing ball, there’s no pocket money from the Fed to Trump’s campaign. Well, screw the Federal Reserve. When Donald becomes the next president, afternoon nap for Janet Yellen is over, provided Trump doesn’t get arrested or assassinated – for being too popular.


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