Red Shirts To Chicken Out So That Najib Can Attend Global Transformation Forum?

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Sep 11 2015
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Red shirts leader – Jamal Md Yunos – has declared the rally will happen, come storm, rain or earthquake. We support and believe every single Malaysian has the right to freedom of speech and assembly. However, judging by Jamal’s leadership so far, he doesn’t seem to be interested in a “peaceful” assembly.


Unlike Bersih 4.0 yellow shirts who had successfully rallied “peacefully” less than 2-week ago, billionaire wannabe 32-year-old Jamal has done everything in his power fanning the flames of racism and hatred. He told non-Muslims to avoid the city of Kuala Lumpur on September 16, to prevent provoking the red shirts.

Jamal Md Yunos - Restoran Ikan Bakar Sekinchan Closed Down

Jamal’s “Restoran Ikan Bakar Sekinchan” business is bad while his “IBM Automobiles” experiences a huge plunge in reconditioned luxury car sales. The badass who failed his SPM (Form 5) was a burger seller at Sentul but had so much debt at one time posters of him was a common sight at Ampang when loan sharks were hunting for him.


Today, posters being spread of shedding the blood of the Chinese are linked to the “Himpunan Maruah Melayu”, loosely translated to Malay Dignity Rally, to which Mr Jamal conveniently refuses to acknowledge. But the fact remains that he was instrumental in advising his supporters to carry parang (machetes) and other weapons days before the Bersih 4.0 rally.

Jamal Md Yunos - Noh Omar

Life wasn’t easy for Jamal when he was deep in debt and hunted by “Ah Long” (loan sharks) but he soon found his treasure after he started boot licking Noh Omar, a controversial minister under former Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi but was subsequently dropped by PM Najib Razak. Long story short, Jamal was Noh Omar’s proxy.


Mr Noh Omar, notorious for his racism and gangsterism, didn’t quite make it to the Selangor Chief Ministership, fortunately. As a proxy doing all the dirty works for his boss, Jamal would emerge a very powerful (and extremely dangerous) man if Noh Omar succeeded. With Noh Omar in cold storage and Zahid Hamidi as deputy Prime Minister, Jamal saw a great opportunity.

Jamal Md Yunos - Kedai Ikan Rakyat 1Malaysia (KIR1M)

Millionaire Jamal, who sells over-priced food throughout his chains of “Restoran Ikan Bakar Sekinchan”, thanks to PM Najib who awarded him heavily subsidised fish through Kedai Ikan Rakyat 1Malaysia (KIR1M), is now learning Mafia-like skills from new boss Zahid Hamidi. Yes, Jamal’s ambition is to become Selangor’s UMNO Menteri Besar.


He was sent to threaten Johor Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) Khaled Nordin over a contradicting stance in supporting PM Najib but came back with tail between his legs after the powerful UMNO Johor told him off. He made a public apology for calling Khaled to resign. A womaniser and an arrogant thug who has offended even the underworld, he often carries a gun wherever he goes.

UMNO Red Shirts - Jamal Md Yunos

The latest sign that Jamal is up to no good but turns the ignorant red shirts into rioting zombies comes when he declared the Sept 16’s demonstration was to serve as a lesson to the ethnic Chinese. No rocket science here. Such statement is not only seditious but has all the elements of a declaration of war against the Chinese.


Amazingly, Deputy PM cum Home Minister Zahid Hamidi and Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob unofficially support the rally. The latest person who has thrown in support is none other than PM Najib Razak himself. Sure, they didn’t officially support the rally but when they said they won’t stop UMNO Malays from participating, it was already a clear “endorsement”.

UMNO Red Shirts - Najib Razak

It was like Mr Jamal wanted to sexually harass Auntie Rosy but instead of telling him off, Najib said he won’t stop him from participating (*grin*). Hence, the burning question: will the prime minister attend the coming “Global Transformation Forum” to be held from October 21 – 23?


After chickened out from MH370 crisis to #Nothing2Hide forum to IACC conference and the latest cowardice – using back door to enter and exit UMNO headquarters – people are speculating if Najib Razak will attend the forum at all. At a glance, the forum looks harmless enough. Unlike IACC that talks about corruption, this forum talks about transformation, a subject that he loves very much.

Global Transformation Forum Speakers - 2015 Kuala Lumpur - Najib Razak

The speakers, ranging from former Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen Clark, Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger, Starbucks co-founder Zev Siegl, to Olympic champion Carl Lewis, look like lame ducks. And there’s always buddy former Prime Minister of Singapore Goh Chok Tong who can always come to Najib’s rescue if situation gets cloudy.


After all, Najib’s role is to deliver a simple keynote message as the host of the forum, not on specific topic which requires certain expertise, which he doesn’t possess obviously. Of course, he can always make it known that he will not take any questions (*grin*), as usual. If he still chooses to hide from this forum, he might as well hide for the rest of his premiership.

Red Shirt Rally Paid Gangsters

Here’s the interesting part. What if the red shirts rally turns into full scale racial riots? Most likely the forum will be cancelled and Najib will not be able to trumpet his transformation fairy tales to regain whatever little respect left from the international community. Going by the little progress seen in the red shirts event management, it doesn’t seem 300,000 would attend.


It’s highly likely that the rally would be cancelled at the eleventh hour, under the pretext that the UMNO and Malays are law abiding citizens, not to mention a forgiving race, who didn’t get police permit. To save face, probably they would gather a handful of red shirts at Bukit Bintang to read out a “shiok sendiri” (self-indulgent) declaration.

Jamal Md Yunos with Red T-Shirts for Rally

But make no mistake about it. Badass Jamal will still send the bill to UMNO for the cost of 600,000 T-shirts supposedly ordered by supporters. After huge mark-up, the red T-shirts would bring in millions of ringgit of cool profit. While he laughs all the way to the bank, taxpayers’ money is being used to pay for the drama.


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