Shameful!! Saudi “Donated” RM2.6 Billion And This Is How Malaysia Repay Them?

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Sep 09 2015
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It’s all over the international news. Not happy with negative news stacked against the country – 1MDB’s RM42 billion and RM2.6 billion scandals – the country has added another shameful episode, just a week after Prime Minister Najib Razak went into hiding instead of confronting 1,000 delegates from 130 countries at IACC Conference.


Just before full-time, the World Cup qualifier between Malaysia and Saudi Arabia at Shah Alam stadium in Selangor was abandoned. Apparently, the visiting Saudi Arabia team were leading 2-1 in the Group A Asian qualifier when local fans launched flares and fireworks on to the pitch, prompting the game to be stopped in the 87th minute.

World Cup qualifier between Malaysia and Saudi Arabia - Flares and Fireworks Attack - 1

Initially, Malaysia led 1-0 when Mohd Safiq Rahim scored in the 70th minute but Saudi Arabia equalised 3-minutes later through Taisir Al-Jassim and took the lead after 76 minutes when Mohammed Al-Sahlawi scored. Clearly, local fans were still fuming with anger over the country’s earlier humiliating defeat.


Well, in case you didn’t know the joke, Middle Eastern countries have been super friendly and generous towards Malaysia under Najib administration. First, Saudi Arabia “donated” RM2.6 billion to PM Najib’s personal bank account. That’s ten “zeroes” (RM2,600,000,000.00) of free money without any strings attached.

World Cup qualifier between Malaysia and Saudi Arabia - Flares and Fireworks Attack - 2

In a match between Malaysia and United Arab Emirates last week, the wealthy Gulf nation donated ten “zeroes” again, by beating Malaysia to a record 10-0. After the generous donations from both Saudi Arabia and UAE, the last thing Malaysian fans should do is to attack their “brothers” with flares and fireworks (*grin*).


The 10-0 loss has left the local team bottom of their group, which led to Dollah Salleh resigning as head coach. Interim coach, former international midfielder, Ong Kim Swee had urged fans not to disrupt the game in protest at the UAE result, after the supporters’ group Ultras Malaya called on fans to protest at the team’s poor performances.

World Cup qualifier between Malaysia and Saudi Arabia - Ong Kim Swee and Dollah Salleh

Malaysia’s Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin later blamed the unruly fans and the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), saying it had failed to control the situation. So far, police have arrested 11 football supporters. With claims of tight security, question remains as to how the flares and fireworks were smuggled into the stadium.


Prior to the Saudi’s match, Malaysia only managed to a 1-1 draw with Timor Leste before slaughtered 6-0 by Palestine and a record 10-0 defeat to the UAE in Dubai. With the latest hooliganism, Malaysia is at the mercy of FIFA to deliver a decision. Malaysia will lose the match for sure. What is unsure is if the team will be suspended or banned from international tournaments.

World Cup qualifier between Malaysia and Saudi Arabia - Flares and Fireworks Attack - 3

Hmm, didn’t somebody foam at mouth declaring that Malaysia can win the World Cup one day? From a football champion in the 1950s-1970s, the performance has been deteriorating ever since. And if the team gets banned by FIFA, it will be the most humiliating point in the history of the country’s football story. Free the football from empty vessel managers, royalty or not.


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We are CREATING one history to another. One thing is certain tho’, we will score many other “most humiliating points in history”, football is definitely NOT the ONLY one………..our CPI will be the one to watch next year……….. Didn’t we hear someone say we will be among the TOP 20-30? Bottom 20-30 will be more likely la……

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