The End Of Racist Muhyiddin, The Rise Of Thuggish Zahid?

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Jul 28 2015
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The Edge has been slapped with 3-months suspension, effective this week. The Home Ministry, headed by Zahid Hamidi, has given 3 reasons to justify the punishment. First, the reports on 1MDB scandal have created negative perceptions. Second, the published news was based on unverified information. Third, it was inappropriate to report on 1MDB since the scandal is being probed.


Let’s flip the coin. Supposing The Edge has had reported about 1PDB scandal (1-Penang Development Berhad), which was headed by Lim Guan Eng, instead of Prime Minister Najib Razak’s 1MDB. Dramatically, Mr Lim’s private account was at the receiving end with RM2.62 billion. Would The Edge still be slapped with 3-months suspension? We don’t think so.

The Edge Final Edition On 1MDB Scandal Before Suspension

The suspension on The Edge was like suspending American’s CNN because the media had reported about President Clinton caught getting blowjobs from Monica Lewinsky. One has to remember that Clinton had initially denied the sex scandal in 1997, the same way Najib is denying his today. Get the silly juice?


If the above was not enough to amaze you about half-past-six Malaysian ministers, consider another mission by Home Minister Zahid Hamidi. The “Goblok” minister wants to extradite British citizen Clare Rewcastle Brown (sister-in-law of former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown) to Malaysia for exposing the humiliating RM42 billion scandals via her Sarawak Report.

Clare Rewcastle Brown - Sarawak Report

That was simply hilarious, considering his minister couldn’t even get sex blogger Alvin Tan, fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, or even former policeman turned killer Sirul Azhar to be extradited from U.S., UK and Australia respectively. Zahid is surely a genius if he could get a British citizen to be charged on Malaysian soil, when he couldn’t get his own Malaysian citizens back to the country in the first place.


With the exception of Zahid himself, everybody knows how “goblok” the Home Minister is. But that’s precisely what is needed to climb up the ladder of power in Malaysia. You cannot simply make it to the top by demonstrating your cleverness. You’ve to show your awesome stupidity in order to be successful in UMNO, a party currently in power.

Zahid Hamidi Wearing Crown

If the rumours are accurate, Zahid Hamidi is about to harvest the reward for being not only goblok, but also racist and thuggish. He’s about to become the new deputy Prime Minister, replacing 68-year-old Muhyiddin Yassin. While there’s nothing to celebrate because both Zahid and Muhyiddin were equally corrupted, racist and goblok, there’s something interesting.


What will happen to cousin “Kerisman” Hishammuddin Hussein? Obviously, cousin Najib Razak doesn’t trust him as much as he trusted Zahid. By promoting Zahid, the prime minister is practically telling all and sundry that Hishammuddin could have had a job interview with enemy Mahathir.

Missing MH370 - Hishammuddin Hussein Keris

That’s the problem with pussies dragging their feet, hoping to get the best of two worlds. Seriously, Muhyiddin deserves to be sacked. It’s too late, too little for him playing hero at the eleventh hour, exposing how he had allegedly advised Emperor Najib to do the right things. Yeah right, as if we didn’t know he’s acting in a Bollywood film after found out he is set to be chopped.


If Hishammuddin were to act earlier, probably in another low-budget Bollywood film, by pretending to use his “keris” (dagger) on Mahathir if the old man continues to attack beloved cousin Najib, most likely the new deputy Prime Minister position would belong to Hishamuddin, not Zahid.

Muhyiddin and Hishammuddin

But even with the elimination of Muhyiddin, the suspension of The Edge, the blocking of Sarawak Report website, the barring of 1MDB critics from leaving the country; the 1MDB scandal will not fade away. It will essentially make the case more legitimate in the eyes of the international community.


The damaging part is this. By consolidating his power, Najib the son of Razak is officially pushing Muhyiddin and those to be dropped from the Cabinet to the Mahathir’s camp. Unless he’s brave enough to sack Mahathir from his UMNO membership, bar him from travelling, subject him to 24-hours interrogation, the 1MDB scandal will continue.

Malaysian Ringgit Toast - Najib Razak 1MDB Scandal

Perhaps Najib’s support isn’t that strong after all. The fact that Berjaya tycoon Vincent Tan had thrown a lavish birthday party for Mahathir goes to show that majority of Chinese tycoons and businessmen are actually behind Mahathir. It would be fun and interesting to see if all these Chinese businessmen gang up and refuse to pay “protection money” to UMNO led by Najib.


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Not surprising VT is openly supporting Mahatiu as he owed Mahatiu big time for being a very rich man. Remember the previous government operated Sports Toto (now Berjaya Toto)?

Sure, Vincent owed Mahathir big time … But he can also ignores the old man in order not to offend Najib …

Najib is in power, not Mahathir … But Vincent didn’t, so there’s a huge risk there …

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