Official – Both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Are The Fastest Phone On Planet Earth

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Oct 16 2014
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Despite the infamous “BendGate” and “HairGate” naughty scandals, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the most successful iPhone ever sold in the history of Apple Inc. Haters can say whatever they want about the latest iPhone, but when both latest models pre-orders began on Friday in China, Apple reportedly selling over 1 million units in just 6-hours. According to Tencent China, iPhone 6 pre-orders have topped 20 million units from October 10 to October 13.

iPhone 6 in China - people queue

The proof – Chinese mobile carriers and Chinese e-commerce site Jingdong Mall have processed a combined total of about 20 million pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus since pre-orders began on October 10. Apparently, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom have processed over 10 million of those pre-orders,  while JD.com states that it has received 9.5 million pre-orders for both devices.

iPhone 6 in China - woman holding mock while queuing

The mind-blowing figures also do not include pre-orders accepted by Apple or its over 6,000 resellers in the country. If that was not enough to make Apple shareholders grinning from ear to ear, the 20 million units sales in China have not include the 21 million combined iPhone 6 units sales in other 30 markets ever since the gadget was made available to the public. Hence the conservative figures show sales of 40 million units altogether, with Christmas holiday still months away.

Which Phone is Fastest - iPhone 6

Beside being the sexiest and glamorous smartphone in the market, there’s also a new reason why iPhone 6 and Plus would be consumers’ top preference. Now, iPhone 6 owners can brag about their gadget being the fastest phone in town, and who can blame their gesture of sticking out the tongue at their friends’ non-Apple smartphone? Yes, iPhone 6 is officially the fastest phone after lab tests were done by “Which UK” expert team.

Fastest Smartphone - iPhone 6 and Plus

Apparently, Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus take the first and second positions, leaving Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8) and LG G3 behind eating dust. Using industry-recognised Geekbench 3 software to assess a phone’s performance at raw speed, both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus score the highest at 4569 and 4548 respectively. Samsung Galaxy S5 came in third at 3998 score. Here’re the complete score card for the raw speed test results.

Smartphone Speed Performance - Bar Chart


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