Britain – Promotes Women. Malaysian – Ridicules Women, Reason – Menstruation

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Jul 15 2014
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Last night, Britain’s prime minister David Cameron surprised many by launching a massive brutal reshuffle since becoming Tory leader. More than a dozen old yet experienced ministers, including veteran Kenneth Clarke, Welsh Secretary David Jones , Environment Secretary Owen Paterson, Attorney General Dominic Grieve and leader of the Commons Andrew Lansley were either axed or forced to resign.

Britain David Cameron Cabinet Reshuffle - Michael Gove, Nicky MorganBritain David Cameron Cabinet Reshuffle - Elizabeth Truss, Esther McVey

It was a bold moves, when even heavyweights like William Hague (Foreign Secretary) and Michael Gove (Education Secretary) were demoted, 4 secreataries were sacked while 3 resigned. Gove, the most toxic and controversial member of Cameron’s Cabinet due to his repeated clashes with teachers was replaced by Nicky Morgan. She is the only second Tory woman to hold the role since Margaret Thatcher in the early 1970s.

Britain David Cameron Cabinet Reshuffle - Claire Perry, Anna SoubryBritain David Cameron Cabinet Reshuffle - Priti Patel, Baroness Stowell

Altogether, there’re six women to join Cameron’s Cabinet. Elizabeth Truss (Environment Secretary), Esther McVey (Employment Minister), Anna Soubry (Minister of State), Clare Perry (Transport Minister), Priti Patel (Exchequer Secretary) and Baroness Stowell becomes Leader in the House of Lords. Obviously, Cameron was under pressure and hence the promotions of younger MPs, and in the process brought in more women to his administration.

Britain David Cameron Cabinet Reshuffle - William Hague, Kenneth Clarke, Owen Paterson, David Jones, Andrew Lansley, Dominic Grieve

Of course, the biggest shock was the resignation of Foreign Secretary, William Hague, to be replaced by Defence Secretary Philip Hammond. Veteran 74-year-old Kenneth Clarke, who was a Tory giant for four decades, was also surprisingly asked to resign. Other senior figures shown the door include universities minister David Willetts, police minister Damian Green, and international development minister Alan Duncan.


But in a country thousands of miles away, Malaysia, an interesting story develops. PM Najib administration does not only create a record by bloating his Cabinet to 35 ministries, his administration is also panic with a possibility of the country having its first woman Chief Minister. Selangor, the most developed state in the country which is controlled by opposition is speculated to push PKR president Dr Wan Azizah, the wife of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, as the new Chief Minister.

Malaysian Najib Administration - Woman Menses Cannot Become Chief Minister

Amusingly, Najib’s own UMNO-led party lawyer – Mohd Hafarizam Harun – who is representing Najib in his civil suit against news portal Malaysiakini, had said that despite no specific clause exclusing a woman from the menteri besar post, a menstruating woman would face obstacles in her official duties, adding that this was the reason there has never been a female Menteri Besar (Chief Minister).

Malaysian Najib Administration - Wan Azizah as Selangor Chief Minister

Considering this sexist and demeaning statement actually comes from the mouth of a (UMNO) lawyer, one is left flabbergasting about the standard of judiciary in the country. Well, we’re not sure if Mr smart Hafarizam Harun realizes this but Dr Wan Azizah is a grandmother of six and she’s 61-years-old. It’s not like women who are having their period will suddenly collapse and need to be sent to hospital.

Malaysian Najib Administration - Rosmah Teaches Class About Menstrual Cycle

And at the age of 61, chances are high Wan Azizah has reaches her menopause already. What this means is her body stops releasing eggs, the menstrual cycle ends and there’s no pregnancy anymore – a basic menstrual 101 education for Najib’s UMNO members whose pea-brains are filled with sex and women’s anatomy. Perhaps Najib’s wife Rosmah can make herself useful for once by conducting such class to UMNO members?


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May be the Umno idiot’s grandma still menstruating , that is why he thought all elderly women have period too ?

Can you imagine if this lawyer wins the case for Najib on the lawsuit against MalaysiaKini? What an upside-down world …

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