Meet Billionaire Stephen Hung, Who Just Ordered 30 Rolls-Royces For Louis XIII

Rolls-Royce is a brand synonym with England’s luxury, until it was sold to BMW. From January 2003, only only BMW would be able to name cars “Rolls-Royce”, and Volkswagen Group’s former Rolls-Royce/Bentley division would build only cars called “Bentley”. Regardless of the ownerships, both Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars belong to the rich and famous. And Rolls-Royce […]

... written on Sep 17 2014

After “Gold” Range Rover, Here Comes “Gold” Ferrari Roaming London Streets

Beside London, wealthy playboys from Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia had their expensive toys delivered to the glamorous city of Cannes on the south coast of France. As usual, McLaren, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Rolls-Royces, Porsches, Bentleys were seen jamming France in what appears to be a display of the mega-rich Arabs’ wealth to the European […]

... written on Aug 11 2014

Move Over Rolls-Royce, Here’s “Gold” Range Rover As Invasion Of Arab SuperCars Starts

Every year during summer season, London would be abuzz with a sudden luxury – Middle-Eastern millionaires and billionaires fly over to escape the desert 130-degree heat. Taking advantage of their holiday to enjoy the cool breezes in UK, these wealthy Arabs would bring alone their toys as part of their competition to show off their […]

... written on Aug 05 2014

This Woman Gives A Bad Name To A Beautiful Religion … And Peugeot

Malaysian drivers are infamous for being rude on the road. Years ago, news about road bullies were reported almost on daily basis. It was so bad that drivers were (secretly) advised to carry some sort of weapon to defend themselves, just in case those road bullies come charging with Rambo knives or Samurai swords. It […]

... written on Jul 16 2014

Here’re 8 Exotic Dubai Police Force’s Fleet of Supercars

Dubai is a paradise in the Middle East. It is one of the most exciting cities in the world, and its property market is super volatile. If the people were not busy drilling oil or engaged in camel racing, they would probably gambling in the stock market or speculating the real estate. Their stock and […]

... written on Jul 11 2014

World’s Most Expensive Motorhome – US$3 Million

For those who’re not aware, Dubai’s economy is recovering at a mind-boggling speed after their property market crash recently. And with the economic recovery, the needs of the rich and famous start to make news online once again. Some say this new toy is a waste of money, not to mention it’s ugliness. But the […]

... written on Jun 11 2013

Drive It To Believe It – The Prevé Accident Story

Weekend joke came early late last Friday when images of newly launched Proton Preve suffering “weird damage” made its way on the internet, filling up forums and social network Facebook, which otherwise should take a “break” from the digital world as netizens taking time off for weekend shopping. After claiming trophies as the best democracy […]

... written on Apr 23 2012

Here’s Uncle New 2012 Camry – Pricier, Uglier, Old Tech

Toyota’s seventh-generation Camry, a model which has been synonym with “Uncle’s Car”, is here (espected in June, just 2 months away). This model is the same as the new model in Ukraine whereby the Toyota Aurion is badged as a Camry. Toyota Malaysia website was loaded with teasers, yesterday with the new Camry’s specification and […]

... written on Apr 03 2012

Geneva Motor Show 2012 – Hottest Cars and Girls

The 82nd Geneva Motor Show 2012 saw scores of cool and awesome cars from some of Europe’s biggest car makers such as BMW, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Bentley and of course Lamborghini. Besides expensive and beautiful cars there were tons of hot girls screaming to be photographed in this neutral territory of Switzerland. From tens of […]

... written on Mar 16 2012

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