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Stress Test a Hoax? Another Wave of Banking Tsunami?

Something is not right here although I hope I’m wrong. Not many months ago the stock market happily plunged with a single bad news although there were dozen of good news accompanied it. Now a single good news plus dozens of bad news is enough to send the stock market to the moon. Everything was […]

... written on May 09 2009

Local Stocks are defying the Gravity, once again

There’re reasons why the stock markets are such an interesting place and always compared to casinos. If you’ve been into casinos the view of gamblers shouting on top of their voice as if they were possessed by ghosts is common. Middle-age women could sit for hours playing slot machines and sometimes you wonder how on […]

... written on Apr 24 2009

Interest Rate Hike on Non-National Cars – Why?

Investors were doing the right thing by dumping financial stocks. At least they’ve realized the stupidity of keeping these stocks knowing the worst is not over. Citigroup plunged 19 percent and Bank of America erased 24 percent with Dow Jones tumbled 3.6 percent or 289.60-points. There’re only $109.6 billion left in the $700 billion bailout […]

... written on Apr 21 2009

Beats Earnings – Blinded by Excessive Low Expectation

Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C, stock), once the mightiest and largest financial institution of the United States of America and one of the components of Dow Jones Industrial Average index but now considered to be one of the most troubled U.S. banks reported its smallest quarterly loss since 2007. The bank posted a first-quarter loss to […]

... written on Apr 17 2009

The Worst is Not Over Yet but We Can Survive, only if …

Wall Street was behaving as if the worst was over which saw investors snapping stocks in anticipation of a reverse to the bearish market. Everybody was trying to prove that they managed to buy at the lowest. It sure feels good if your prediction was right. After all how many can beat Warren Buffett in […]

... written on Apr 15 2009

Fishing for the bottom – 140 Years of Bull & Bear Hints

It’s nice to see Dow Jones was strong enough to bounce to two-digit loss from the initial three-digit loss intraday although it closed at below 8,000-level. Everyone is waiting for the earnings result from aluminium producer Alcoa Inc. scheduled Tuesday which will set the direction as what to expect from the U.S. economy for this […]

... written on Apr 07 2009

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