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10th Malaysia Plan – Najib, the Sheriff of Nottingham

Malaysia will be bankrupt by 2019 (nine years from now) if it does not begin to cut subsidies for petrol, electricity, food and other staples which cost the government RM74 billion in 2009. The country has a whopping RM362 billion debt and could end up like Greece if the people do not agree to what […]

... written on Jun 10 2010

A Second Round of Recession or Major Correction?

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) still has not discovered or explained what triggered the now infamous 1,000 points plunge on May 6, 2010 – enough to wipe more than US$1 trillion in U.S. market value. The 9.2% drop was the biggest intraday percentage loss since 1987 and largest point drop ever. This event may […]

... written on May 21 2010

6 Mind-boggling Info about China That May Interest You

#1 » 40% of Chinese small businesses either went bust or almost went bust during crisis A report mentioned that just after 9 months China claimed its small business sector was surviving the global recession, new figures surprisingly shown that about a whopping 40% of them either failed or close to failing between Nov 2008 […]

... written on Mar 02 2010

Economy is Crawling – Scrap the 4% GST, Idiot

Allright, here are more signals that the global economy will neither skyrockets nor drops like a stone into the ocean. Basically people are convince that the U.S. economy will most likely crawling for years instead of months before the worst enemy – unemployment – is over. We, and to a large extent the Americans, may […]

... written on Dec 17 2009

U.S. Subprime and now Dubai Subprime – More to Come?

Looking at how poorly Maxis stock price performs since it’s relisting in the local stock market, those who didn’t get it through the supposingly transparent IPO balloting and was sulking can now grin from ear to ear (didn’t I tell you so? *grin*). The stock didn’t get to touch RM6.00 a share (as I expected […]

... written on Nov 30 2009

Why Stocks didn’t take cue from Jobless Rate?

Recession may be over, at least for now, but the same cannot be said about U.S. unemployment market. The jobless rate surprisingly surpassed analysts’ estimate (of 9.9%) to a staggering 10.2% in Oct, higher than Sep’s 9.8% jobless rate. Strangely enough the stock markets, both Dow Jones and Nasdaq, didn’t take much cue from the […]

... written on Nov 09 2009

Earnings Season send Bull Charging, Next Target – 10,000

Earnings season is here again and all eye-balls are watching for indicators that U.S. economy is indeed on its way to recovery. Even if the recovery is not in full-scale at least it would provide some consolation if companies’ earnings could show momentums. At the moment the important 10,000-level is what everyone is hoping to […]

... written on Oct 14 2009

New Bull Run – Already Started or Another 10-Years?

How long can the current rally last? That is a multi-billion-dollars question everyone would like to know. Boy! It’s not easy being either a bull or a bear. Damn the bull when the market tumbles and damn the bear when the market skyrockets. Many fundamentalists claimed they are not affected or rather they don’t care […]

... written on Aug 23 2009

Get the Facts Right and You’ll Know What to Do Next

Uh oh! It seems the rally got stuck in the mud. Analysts who screamed at the top of the voice that the bull is out for revenge didn’t seem to get it. You just got to filter out such analysts because they could help to burn a big hold in your pocket. At this moment […]

... written on Aug 17 2009

Thank Goodness the Jobs Report was Great – What Now?

Not everybody dare to declare this year will be a great year despite the fact that Dow Jones Industrial Average has been sending many stock traders smiling from ear to ear. They may dare to say that the worst is over (unless huge bubble such as credit card debt burst) but still they’re not putting […]

... written on Aug 08 2009

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