Morrison’s Anti-Chinese Policy Backfires – How Aussie Voters Swing To Labor To Teach The Arrogant & Racist PM A Lesson

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May 23 2022
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Following Donald Trump’s footstep is his best friend, Scott Morrison. The Australian prime minister has just lost power, as expected, after Aussie voters decided he had done enough damage to the country. At the eleventh hour, the desperate Scotty admitted he was a bit of a “bulldozer”, but his drama was enough to convince the voters that he does not deserve another three years.


Under the impression that Australia under his leadership is the United States’ “deputy sheriff” in the Asia-Pacific region, Morrison was running the country under the platform of division and hate. Even after Trump lost the 2020 Presidential Election, the arrogant Morrison still hadn’t learned any lesson, going full throttle on anti-Chinese rhetoric just like Trump.


Thanks to his arrogance and racist strategy, the Liberal Party has lost more than a dozen seats. After six weeks of campaigning and almost a decade since Labor last was in power, Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese is now officially Australia’s 31st Prime Minister. With counting still ongoing since Saturday night (May 21), the Labor has won at least 76 seats in the 151-seat House of Representative to form a majority government.

Scott Morrison Lost Australia Election 2022

It is a humiliating defeat for Scott Morrison and the Coalition, which will hand over power to Labor for the first time in 9 years. The Liberal is practically wiped out in Melbourne, where one in five people are of Chinese descent in seats like Chisholm in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Morrison’s anti-Chinese rhetoric has seen worsening racism, forcing Chinese-Australians to retaliate.


Scotty probably didn’t aware that his center-right Liberal National coalition won the electorate by a margin of just 0.6% three years ago. As early as February, Chinese-Australians, who make up less than 5% of the country’s 25 million population, already felt the heat of racism and discrimination when even businessman Jason Li Yat Sen’s loyalty to the country was being questioned.


But Jason is no ordinary Aussie, but has just won the New South Wales legislative assembly in a mid-February by-election. His parents migrated to Australia from China more than 60 years ago, but thanks to Morrison, Jason was associated with the Chinese Communist Party. The PM didn’t care about issues like the economy and cost of living, but positioned himself as tough on China.

China-Australia Diplomatic Dispute - Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Like Trump, Morrison was so obsessed with spreading anti-Chinese sentiment that he had made baseless claims that opposition leader Anthony Albanese was Beijing’s preferred candidate. On February 16, Scotty went to the extent of calling the opposition Labor Party’s deputy leader Richard Marles a “Manchurian candidate” – suggesting that Marles was a Chinese puppet.


In another incident, June Loh, a Singaporean who moved to Australia and settled in Melbourne about 15 years ago, was shocked when her husband was called a “cockroach” as he walked down the street. In March, a truck with a billboard featuring a photo of Chinese president Xi Jinping with a message that says “Vote Labor” was seen being driven around Parliament House in Canberra.


As much as Australia likes to brag as a model multicultural society, in truth, anti-Asian racism runs deep in the country. Beginning in the late 19th century, a series of laws have been systematically passed to restrict Chinese migration to Australia, eventually evolving into the “White Australia” policy that prevented migration by non-Europeans into the country.

Scott Morrison Australia Election 2022 Campaign - Anti-Chinese Truck Billboard

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen discrimination and racism turn for the worse after PM Morrison saw it as an opportunity to project himself as the hero of the White Australia. To cover-up his screw-up in mishandling the pandemic, Trump diverted attention to China, accusing Beijing of “a disinformation and propaganda attack”, a dangerous accusation which was parroted by Morrison.


China is Australia’s biggest trading partner – about one-third of “the land Down Under” total exports go to the Chinese, contributing A$135 billion annually and providing thousands of jobs. However, beginning April last year, the relations between both nations have been spiralling downwards in the wake of Canberra’s call for an inquiry into the origins of Covid-19.


In April 2021, Prime Minister Scott Morrison started what appeared to be a silly pro-Trump campaign, urging top allies France, Germany and New Zealand to pressure China to give the foreign countries the “weapons inspector-like” powers to investigate the Coronavirus outbreaks. That would be as good as an invasion, breaching the Chinese’s sovereignty.

US President Donald Trump and Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Unimpressed, China mocked Australia of parroting U.S. President Donald Trump in its call for an inquiry to determine the origins of Covid-19. It was Morrison’s own admission that he had no evidence to suggest the disease originated in a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Only Trump said he was convinced the virus may have originated in the Chinese virology lab.


In the same month (April), Chinese Ambassador to Australia Cheng Jingye warned the Morrison government that its dangerous manoeuvre would spark a consumer boycott against Australian goods. Beijing made good on its promise, slapping an 80.5% tariff on all Australian barley grain in May after banning imports from four major Australian beef suppliers, allegedly over labelling issues.


By November, the situation was so bad that Chinese import agents warned their clients they had been informed that no Australian shipments of wheat, barley, sugar, red wine, timber, wool, lobster and copper ores would be cleared. The Aussie’s tourism and education sectors have also been targeted when Chinese tourists and students were advised to stay away from the country.

Australia Wine

Still, the defiant Australian PM continued his attacks on not only China, but also fellow Chinese-Australians – even White Australians in the opposition camp. However, despite throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, Morrison has failed to improve his government’s rating despite a fierce campaign on national security, in which he accused the Labor Party of being too weak on China.


The writing was on the wall when the Liberal National coalition was trailing Labor Party 45% to 55% in surveys as recent as February, just 3 months before the May national election. The Opposition did not need to try very hard to win over the voters. Morrison had done an excellent job in scaring the Chinese-Australians to revolt against the same Coalition that they had voted in 2019.


In Sydney’s north-west, which has a sizeable Chinese Australian population, the community leaders warned the Coalition’s use of hardline rhetoric against China was turning voters off -the government could lose Bennelong. Felix Lo (president of the Australian Asian Association of Bennelong) said the Chinese Australian community was afraid anti-Asian attacks could intensify if the political rhetoric did not soften.

Australia Anti Chinese Asian - Racist and Discrimination

Felix said – “Many are switching their votes from Liberal to Labor, and this is the main reason. Most Chinese Australians are business owners and for them to switch parties will come down to their wellbeing. I know a lot of Liberal supporters are thinking of switching to Labor and it comes down to the anti-Chinese sentiment that is filtering down from the government.”


Last year, 18% Chinese-Australians were physically threatened or attacked because of their Chinese heritage while at least 34% were discriminated for the same reason. That’s more than 600 reports of abuse and attacks since April 2020. To make matters worse, local news media happily worked with Morrison to fuel a divisive mentality, bashing every single Chinese without an exception.


The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when Defence Minister Peter Dutton warned Australia should be prepared for war amid the threat of China and Russia. Nobody wants a war, not even the White Australians. Morrison government had taken for granted the support from Chinese-Australians, believing that they are usually pro-Liberal because Liberal is traditionally pro-business.

Australia Treasurer Josh Frydenberg - Kooyong Election

Mr Morrison had also underestimated the threat of independent candidates. Voters who do not like either the Liberal or Labor can still vote for a third voice. As it turns out, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg – supposedly the future leader of Liberal – has lost the Melbourne seat of Kooyong to independent Monique Ryan, a paediatric neurologist. Even Ryan was shocked she had won.


The unexpected defeat of Frydenberg is a slap in the face for the Liberals simply because Kooyong has been their traditional stronghold, a seat previously held by former Liberal PM Robert Menzies and former leader Andrew Peacock. The initial plan was for Frydenberg to take over the leadership if Morrison fails. Now, it appears the highly unpopular Peter Dutton has to take over.


Morrison’s arrogant leadership had brought Frydenberg and the Liberal Party to ruin. To see Frydenberg, the treasurer of the nation and the deputy leader of the Liberal Party, lose the seat of the founder of the party, Robert Menzies, are just too shocking and humiliating. Even the seat of Goldstein, which had been held by the Liberal Party since its creation in 1984, has collapsed – snatched by journalist-turned-independent Zoe Daniel.

Liberal Party has lost seats to not just its main rival in Labor, but also new challengers in the form of the “teal” independents. Not only Morrison made a huge mistake of picking a fight with China that he shouldn’t have, his administration was highly unpopular with women, not to mention Covid-19 mishandling and his vacationing during Australia’s biggest wildfire, as well as the half-baked fight on climate change.


Former Liberal Party minister Julie Bishop lectured outgoing PM Morrison how Australia’s women taught him a lesson – “Women did not see their concerns and interests reflected in a party led by Scott Morrison in coalition with Barnaby Joyce”. About 2 weeks before the poll, State of Nation poll showed only 22% of women aged over 18 plan to vote for the Coalition, compared to 31% for Labor.


Voters saw Morrison as a man who consistently “missing” in action and unprepared to take responsibility. Like Trump, he would blame everyone else but himself. He attacked Albanese as too risky, too economically illiterate, and therefore un-electable. On the contrary, Anthony Albanese’s strategy was focussing on “bread and butter” issues – cost of living and wages, leaving the public’s anger at Morrison to do the magic.

Australia Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

Albanese said that while Canberra’s relations with Beijing will remain complicated, there is a “mature and diplomatic way” to deal with China. He said that provocative statements should not be made for domestic political gains. Penny Wong, a Malaysian born in Borneo Sabah who speaks fluent Chinese, has become the new foreign minister in the Albanese new government.


The country that celebrates the defeat of Morrison and the Liberal Party is not China, but France. The French has not forgotten how Morrison betrayed and lied when he quietly scrapped a submarine deal worth A$90 billion last year and award a new contract instead to the U.S. France outgoing foreign affairs minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said – “I can’t stop myself from saying that the defeat of Morrison suits me very well.”


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You haven’t mention anything of that obnoxious, white supremacis foreign minister, Marise Payne.

I’d have thought the Ozzie convicts and Chinese-Australians buried the rabid dingo dog pretty quickly after they consigned Morrison to the dustbin of history…

Ahhh, that fcuking ugly mutt Morrison, a fav topic for me… if look can sink a thousand ship, Morrison would help that along with his amazing lack of charm and proprietary gruff manners.. Mind you, and to be fair, our fcuking bunch in gomen and “opposition” ain’t any better.

Though it was unlikely he would win, I was actually waiting for the ugly mug Morrison to do so, purely for him to save the “Abos” from the Chinese by invading the Solomon Islands. I would enjoy the spectacle of a war with the Solomons, Australia should go it alone and kill those “others” on its own than acting as bleeding lackeys of the US, Oz troops have been murdering innocent people including kids in foreign countries for a good long time, the slaughter of those brown folks in the Pacific shouldn’t be any problem, just don’t talk about it like the Chinese did the Afghan massacre, the convicts will flip!

The new gomen won’t deviate much from the Morrison regime, white convicts can’t think beyond sucking up to the US and enjoying their incestuous relationship with the Anglo countries, and Oz as a colony of the US.

It might even be the new gomen that will further perpetuating Oz’s colonial attitude towards the Solomon Islands – not to forget, Oz could, like Sleepy Joe, make relationship with China even worse than during Trump’s reign. I look forward to Penny Wong playing the Australian Ursula von der Leyen at antagonising China. It would be the damn native’s colonial mindset versus Ketuanan Cina!

China’s always had the problem of not understanding the fcuking bananas, how well a job the Brits did converting our coolies, peasants, and mine diggers into compliant, obedient, servile yellow niggahs, forever grateful they can do their sing-song funny “English”, and still dying to serve Blighty, steer clear of China, thank you, Sir! Malaisesia and Singland are the only two countries in the world where the yellow-skin pretend-Angmohs flaunt their white “superiority” by calling their own kind by the racist and derogatory “Chinaman”. Fancy, even for these amazing “honorary whites” the whiteys still call them yellow monkeys and colonial niggahs!

Elsewhere in Asia where China has seen a negligible tiny minority of ethnically Chinese (0.2 – about 2%) control the economies and have substantial social standing of comparatively much much larger countries than Malaisesia, the token Chinese of Malaisesia at around 24% of the population, can only show themselves as lowly, inferior, weak, useless but still noisy, moaning, complaining arrogant fcuking wonders rules and pissed on by Ketuanan! Accordingly, China subjects these “Chinese” to its “turd rate” classification. I have to be fair to the Chinese uncles and big brothers, this classification and accompanying treatment seems to apply to those in Malaya, those from occupied “east Malaisesia” are, interestingly, treated as a better category…

Better classification by the Chinese means you are entitled to one-third of air, rail travel, and certain types of hotels. I heard from senior Chinese in their gomen that Malaya as compared to Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah had only a negligible number of ethnic Chinese return to help build up China, therefore not particularly affectionate to the old country. Mind you, if our kiasu types get to know about the discounts for the true-blues, they would scramble to declare their patriotism while in China. Hence the Chinese keep quiet about the discounts and a range of privileges to prevent the kiasu types bankrupting China.

Well, there’s very good news for now, Dingo Morrison is done, let’s see what worse the new Oz gomen would do with those fcuking AUKUS, Quad outfits, and, of course, relations with China. Frankly, I would like to see Oz first to start start a war with China, no need to wait for Sleepy Joe to one day wake up. Failing that, an invasion of the Solly Islands ain’t a bad idea, it’ll at least tell them brown islanders what white “rules-based order” is, what Yank “values” and “interests” are – and not to piss about with that wtf “red line”.

Australia is fond of pissing off Malaisesia, treating the Snake Pharaoh M for Memali Monster like fcuking garbage was quite a sport for Australian politicians. Let’s hope that FM Penny fella would carry on the tradition, try pitch for the independence of former homeland Sabah – if not to be returned to the Sulu kingdom, that should get the Malayan colonialists really worked up, and the folks in Sabah very happy! As Anwar loves the Sulu’s royal household (one of the many), he should be made ambassador there at least, as he’s never going to be a PM of Malaisesia. I’d rather he hands over Sabah to the Sulu’s than he hands over Malaisesia to his foreign masters.

It is interesting Penny becomes a senior minister in the Oz gomen. If she had been in Bolehland, she wouldn’t have blossomed as she’d have been seen as a serious threat to our half-baked macho ketuanan, and left to roam about Sabah’s lovely shores selling seashells to Mindanao tourists, migrants, and kidnappers (and head-choppers).

But take heart, Penny can yet change, turn into a Morrison clone. With Malaisesian blood, there’s every chance s/he becomes more Morrison than Morrison. There’s a tendency, like our crap “opposition” snakes, frogs, and running dogs, to outdo the ketuanan bunch, sell out to the likes of the Snake Pharaoh M for Memali Monster, speak for Malay dignity, suck up to the West, trash China, play out the other races, etc, like all those Brit-indoctrinated colonial monkeys do. That’s the habit of the colonial monkeys, outdo each other in the service of the foreign masters’ divide and rule tricks.

I would wish good luck to the Oz FM over the dilemma of being almost-Chinese to them whiteys and the banana pretend-Angmohs – and being Chinese to those “Chinaman” types, Oz has plenty of those, who, unlike our mentally-retarded part-time “Chinese”, are aggressive, have ketuanan dignity, and know how to bang bollocks like our half-baked “opposition” can’t. Oz’s Chinese Dignity Congress played a major role in shafting Morrison out of power. Our bananas brought the Snake Pharaoh back into power – and got arse-phcuked by the old dictator for their reward, and duly lost power played out by that same Kerala Krait, see the difference?!

Penny would need to show herself, like Biden, as tougher than Morrison, more anti-China, no doubt she’ll show herself as more Angmoh than the Angmohs. I’d look forward to seeing her Malaisesia-blooded colonial-minded credentials, go hunting for Chinese “debt traps” and inviting confrontation. Maybe in a yellow nuclear submarine? I’d also like to to see how the Chinese eat their banana.

If our “Chinese” monkeys have their heads screwed on properly, they would know a bit about unity, dignity… won’t be screwed by the DAP and be arse-phcuked by the Memali Monster. And that is on top of the tokongs Lim Lynasty phcuking about with Chinese schools and basic fundamental rights of the bananas nicely marginalised with the machinations by Josef StaLim Guano Eng’s atuk, wtf!

But good luck to the former Sabahan, if she had stayed in Bolehland, she might have ended up in the DAP, assigned to the important role as a team member to sit beneath the devil’s hooves of the zombie Snake and suck the life into the ancient tyrant’s tiny bit of black soya limp bihun. Penny might have been rejected by Oz’s immigration and consigned to a life of a glorified kway teow fryer-meet-Son of Mary, Penny’s Hakka so it should be Yong Tau Fu, I think that’s more a boiling job than frying..?

Still it’s good luck to Penny, and it’s penny for the guy… if you know what that means..! I hope s/he won’t cost more than a Daim to Oz, who brought untold disasters and misery to Malaisesia but could still be seen as an esteemed member (Crook) in that unelected “council of elders” wtf, just like a Mafia set-up!

Anyway, being a FM of Australia is more significant than being ten fcuking PMs of Malaisesia! So much for fcuking ketuanan, I says..!

And good luck to free Sabah too, Penny for the thought… bit of time maybe to arse-phcuk the Snake Pharaoh before he gets sent to the netherworld in an old Proton..! Successive Oz politicians had untold joy rubbing, or better, rubbishing the Memali Monster, Penny certainly can rub the zombie Snake up the wong way!

Btw, good luck to Morrison too, he’d be good playing the rabid attack-dog for any anti-Chinese activity, niggle Penny for being “Chinese”, be active with the Aspi, play advisor to Yank think-tanks, white Brit anti-everybody parties, have an affair with Pauline fish-fryer Hanson, she’s as ugly as him, be brand ambassador for Chanel, the Chinese say the Angmohs don’t wash, smell funny… Oh, maybe not, the French hate Morrison..! Hmmm… maybe Morrison gets to be ambassador to the Solly Islands instead, he can spend his time hunting rock lobsters – and be an “asset” for the Yank navy look out for the impending Chinese invasion, defend the “red line” for white Australia..!

Dingo dog Morrison could also do with some lessons on supremacist antics from our more savvy racist monkeys, learn to wave machettes aggressively in the air and scream for them blades be bathed in pools of Chinese blood. That should scare the Chinese plenty and cause them to accidentally nuke Oz. Damn “Abos” in the Pacific should be protected from the Chinese lest they end up having to drink all their coconut oil, our own experience drinking palm oil for a lifetime has taught us plenty…

Penny blamed Morrison for not looking after better their recently-discovered “Pacific family” and to be wary of China’s “aggression and assertiveness”. That means, like them white massahs, Penny prefers her Chinese meek and submissive, shut up, eat their cheong fan quietly, beat up the “Abos” weekends, dance the Sabah Hakka, and wait to be ordered to pull the rickshaw or light the opium pipe…

Thankfully, quite unlike our noisy submissive DAP-manipulated monkeys, Oz does itself have some very uncompromising vocal and active (China) Chinese voters who would eat any banana for breakfast! Have to say, there’s not much difference between racism in Bolehland and in Oz for the ethnics who wear a yellow skin, though some racists would prefer racism from the whiteys, somehow that looks and feels “right” for our deculturalised monkeys, ta very much..!

Oz does have some of those interesting good for value chauvinistic Chinese who take no shiite from the white racists, overt or disguised, and these Chinese hate the bananas and openly attack them. All quite unlike our gutless covert racists and chauvinists easily fooled into worshipping a ketuanan Kerala Krait in order to hate the ketuanan types! So much for the Chinese “dignity congress”, pttuuiii..! Like them Indians, the Chinese are very adept at dividing themselves so others can rule over them. And you can trust the DAP to fcuk up the Chinese schools to suck up their atuk and their ketuanans, what amazing running bitches we’ve got!

Maybe the Dingo “red line” should move to Bolehland, that would be fun, the damn natives sure need a white uncle to defend them, lord it over them, yassuh O White Massah..! Still, first thing first, can’t wait for Penny drop by, Ketuanan White Oz meets Ketuanan Malaisesia… former babi pendatang meets damn native tree-swinging dumb macho savages… Guaranteed great showdown, bring the peanuts ikan bilis, Penny’s bringing the lobsters – and the wine rejected by Ketuanan Cina, it’s a fair dinkum dimsum?!

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