China Unveils Military Drone That Can Fly For Almost 24 Hours & Other Military Tech Including Moon Rocket

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Sep 30 2021
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A military drone that can cruise for 20 hours at 15,000 metres (50,000 feet) was among some missiles, warplanes and military technology shown in public at China’s biggest air show – Airshow China 2021 – on Tuesday in Zhuhai. The developer, Aerospace CH UAV Co., described the CH-6 drone as high performance, reliable, ease to use and affordable.


The drone, with a wingspan of 20.5 metres (70 feet), has a maximum takeoff weight of 7.8 tons and can carry a large range of payloads up to 450 kilograms. Powered by two fuel-efficient turbofan engines, the CH-6 drone can carry early warning radar, electronic reconnaissance systems, air-to-ground missiles, precision-guided bombs, and other weapons.


According to its manufacturer, the China Academy of Aerospace Science, a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp., with its ability to operate at 15 kilometres above the sky and top speed of 700-kph (450-mph), the CH-6 can effectively avoid the threats from ground-based air defense fire. If one engine fails, the other is capable to bring the drone back to base.

China CH-6 Drone - Wing

The CH-6 drone or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is aimed at “high-end arms and dual-use markets”, raising eyebrows of the governments that the company is trying to sell it. However, based on the rule of thumb that manufacturers do not normally sell their top range of military weapons or warplanes to other countries, this could mean China has a more powerful drone than CH-6.


Analysts said the CH-6 drone ability means it can conduct persistent reconnaissance, surveillance, tracking and attack missions such as anti-submarine missions, maritime patrols, early warning missions and close-range air support. Its chief engineer, Shi Wen, said it was designed based on “modular” concept where its engines, wings and payloads can be changed.


As China competes with the U.S. for air superiority, British the “Times” has raised concerns that CH-6 can “menace military targets across the Pacific with a barrage of missiles or snoop on American manoeuvres with the latest surveillance equipment.” Essentially, it could easily cover not only the entire region of South China Sea, but also Australia and the United Kingdom.

China CH-6 Drone - 20 Hours At 50000 Feet - Specification

Besides CH-6, the company also showcased CH-817 mini-attack drone which can be carried by individual soldiers or released from a bigger CH series drone. Weighing only about 800 grams – lighter than a Macbook Air and about the same weight of an iPad – these smaller drones have a flying time of about 15 minutes. Shi Wen, the designer, said – “We call it a flying grenade.”


The Airshow also displays the WZ-7 Xianglong high-altitude reconnaissance drone designed to conduct missions, including border reconnaissance and maritime patrol. Previously known by its codename the “Soar Dragon”, the WZ-7 (BZK-007) has an even longer wingspan of 24-metre (80-feet) that featured a tandem-wing design, and is “extra-large” with an extended flight capability.


The new unmanned aerial vehicle of the High-Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) WZ-7 with a bizarre design – the joined-wing with unusual tandem – will most likely to be used to spy on foreign bases and warships, including aircraft carriers. The unique wing design was supposed to improve its lift and performance as part of the long-endurance system.

WZ-7 Xianglong High-Altitude Reconnaissance Drone

WZ-7 has a similar role to the Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk, which can fly for 32 hours and can survey as much as 40,000 square miles (100,000 km2) of terrain a day, an area the size of South Korea or Iceland. Drones like CH-6 and WZ-7 would provide China with the ability to conduct more precise surgical strikes on targets previously unreachable.


Malcolm Davis, a senior analyst specialising in Chinese security at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute in Canberra, said – “They are platforms designed for forward intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, operating from high altitude, and are designed to detect and track US naval forces, cueing China’s long-range strike capabilities to attack them.”


Another UAV, FH-97, a high-speed drone developed by the Aerospace Times Feihong Technology Company (ATFTC) that resembles that of US-made Kratos XQ-58A Valkyrie was also unveiled by China. The concept of the drone was to act as a “loyal wingman” that is controlled by a parent aircraft to accomplish tasks such as scouting, or absorb enemy fire if attacked.

China FH-97 Drone

The United States, Britain, Australia, India and Russia are among the countries developing “loyal wingman” drones, which are cheaper and can be sacrificed to help protect pricier crewed fighter jets. While the Kratos XQ-58A has a top speed of Mach 0.85 (652 mph or 1,050 km/h) and a range of about 2,200 nautical miles, China did not reveal the specifications of its FH-97.


However, the stealth FH-97 (Fei Hong series) drone developed by China Aerospace Science Technology Corp’s (CASTC) can carry different types of weapons, and has swarm and electronic warfare capabilities. While the FH-97 could perform detection and research, identification and tracking tasks, it also can launch the smaller FH-901 loitering drone or missile to quickly attack enemy targets.


To rival the U.S., the ruling Communist Party is pouring billions of dollars into developing fighter jets, stealth technology, drones and other military hardware for the People’s Liberation Army. At the Zhuhai show, Chinese companies have as many as 27 drone exhibits, meaning China has a long list of range of drones.

China Moon Rocket in 2028

The China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology also unveiled a “next-generation manned carrier rocket and a heavy-lift launch vehicle” that is powerful enough to send a crewed spacecraft to the moon in 2028, two years earlier than projected. The 2,000-ton, three-stage rocket, would “support China’s manned lunar probes”.


China Aerospace Science and Technology said the new rocket is capable of sending a 15- to 50-tonne spacecraft to the moon, and powerful enough to place a probe weighing 12 to 44 tonnes on a trajectory to Mars. The super-heavy Long March 9 rocket has a liftoff weight of 4,140 tonnes and a thrust of 5,760 tonnes, compared to current March 5’s 849 tonnes and thrust of 1,078 tonnes.


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It’s not what China exhibits at Zhuhai of Fahai that should scare the West and make it pee in the pants and make their arms manufacturers all excited and demand gomens spend more on keeping up with the Chinese. It is what the Chinese don’t show that should really terrify the West.

The Chinese always keep the best part from its adversaries, keeping the angmohs in the dark always scare them and make them anxious nervous and lose sleep and lose their angmoh red hair.

The red hair barbarians are always true to their racist bent, will always accusé China (and other non-whites) of stealing from the West. That’s because there has always been the belief that the rest of the world is not as intelligent and can never develop technology or even match Western culture in any way. If you look carefully and with a mind independent of any Western indoctrination about its “superiority”, you’ll find many of our brain fcuked niggahs would always agree with their white massahs and defer to them.

Accusing China of stealing their technology tells you the non-whites are not equipped with the racially more superior tauhu in the heads. Many of our niggahs would agree and always look up to and defer to their religiously worshipped white massahs.

But there’s the sore point to consider when looking at the technologies China supposedly stole. There’s that 5G which the West ain’t got. And since we are talking drones, the Chinese have far superior ones which, again, the West ain’t got. The US even buys Chinese drones.

So the question remains how can China steal when what they’ve supposedly stolen, the West ain’t got, anyway?

Those drones the Chinese made are great, especially the “weird” but brilliant designs,shows what great minds Almighty Ketuanan Cina have! Not only that, the Chinese are the undisputed leaders in the UAV world. In that world, the Chinese also control most of the market. Imagine a world filled with Chinese drones which nobody can beat price wise, the Chinese will give you your drone plus the two free gifts any kiasu buyer would crave.

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