The Australia-US-UK AUKUS – It’s All About Arms Sales, And China Will Spend Even More On Military To Target Aussie

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Sep 22 2021
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Unless you really wanted to start the world’s first nuclear war, it does not make sense to splash billions of dollars in the WMD (weapon of mass destruction). Let’s forget China for a moment. Does the U.S., the world’s military superpower, even dare to attack North Korea with conventional, let alone nuclear weapons? Kim Jong-Un has only 30-40 nuclear weapons, mind you.


Despite Donald Trump’s erratic behaviour, which saw the U.S. president threatened to rain “fire and fury like the world has never seen” on North Korea, while Mr Kim threatened to turn the U.S. mainland into a “theatre of nuclear war”, both mad men eventually knew when to stop their rhetoric. And China has conservatively an arsenal of between 250 to 350 nukes.


So, what are the chances that President Joe Biden (or even a joint force of all the Western countries) would attack China in a hypothetical event the Chinese invade Taiwan? Do you really think China is still the “Sick Man of Asia” during the weak and corrupted Qing Dynasty, or the possibility of a repeat of the Eight-Nation Alliance multinational military coalition invasion of China in 1900?

Australia-US-UK Nuclear Submarine

Even then, the Eight-Nation allied forces, consisted of Russia, Germany, Japan, Britain, France, Italy, Austria-Hungary and the U.S. had failed to completely conquer China at a time when the invaders possessed superior weapons. Assuming everyone agrees not to use nuclear weapons this round, do you think the modern day allied forces – Group of Seven (G7) – could win a war against China?


The fact that General Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, had called – twice – his Chinese counterpart, General Li Zuocheng, assuring Beijing that the U.S. would not launch a military strike suggests that America was absolutely terrified that China could misread the situations not only in the South China Sea, but also domestically in the U.S., leading to military conflicts.


But if even the U.S. top general would second-guess their own Commander-in-Chief in an eventuality of nuclear missile strikes against China, what’s the purpose of AUKUS, the latest trilateral military alliance between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States? It’s all about warmongering to increase the lucrative and mouth-watering sales of arms exports.

US Arms Sales - Cartoon

Sales of U.S. military equipment to foreign governments rose 2.8% to US$175 billion in the fiscal year 2020. Russia ranks second in the world’s arms export, follows by France, Spain and Germany. Now do you understand why France was so angry over the loss of the deal worth US$66 billion signed in 2016 with Australia to build 12 conventional diesel-electric submarines?


As the world’s third biggest arms exporter, France market share was about 8.2%, behind Russia’s 20%. Naturally, the Aussie submarine contract was a big deal, so much so that when the French won the deal in 2016, the government celebrated it as a strategic partnership – the “contract of the century” – between the two nations that will be working for the “next 50 years”.


Of course, it was not only about losing the deal, but the way it lost the deal. It was already bad that France was humiliated when its friend, Australia, was said to have had engaged in “lies and treason” for 18 months, negotiating with the U.S. and the U.K. behind its back. It becomes worse as humiliated President Emmanuel Macron is expected to seek a second term in an election due next year.

France President Emmanuel Macron - As Jupiter President - Sitting On Throne

But do you think Biden cares about how Macron feel in the first place, despite the fact that France was one of the founding members of NATO and the oldest ally of the U.S.? Heck, France was not only one of the UN’s founding members in 1945, it is also one of five permanent members of the Security Council, along with the United States, United Kingdom, China and Russia.


France is also one of three NATO members who are nuclear weapon states, the other two being the U.S. and the U.K. If Australia had indeed made a mistake in procuring diesel-electric submarines in 2016, why didn’t Canberra ask Paris to change it to nuclear-powered subs? It’s much easier to convert diesel-electric subs into nuclear-powered subs than the other way round.


Actually, when the French won the project to replace the Aussie’s six Collins-class diesel subs with 12 Baraccuda-class diesel subs, it was because of the ability to switch the Baraccuda subs from diesel to nuclear power. Therefore, it’s not hard to understand why the French felt being betrayed and backstabbed by the English-speaking supposedly allies Australia-US-UK.

France Baraccuda-Class Submarine - Suffren

It was also part of Biden’s childish retaliation. On Dec 30, 2020, just weeks before his inauguration, Joe Biden asked Europe to wait for him before signing the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) between the European Union and China. But Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron joined EU leaders Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel in a video conference with Chinese President Xi Jinping to conclude the investment deal.


Besides France, China has condemned the agreement as “extremely irresponsible”. Australia will become only the second country – after Britain in 1958 – to be given access to the American submarine technology. The fleet of subs, which will be built in Adelaide, will make Australia the seventh nation in the world to have submarines powered by nuclear reactors.


However, many analysts say it was because of the Chinese trade war with the Aussie that had forced Canberra to go nuclear. Seriously? So, Australia wanted to teach China a lesson with intimidating nuclear-powered subs just because its lobster, barley, sugar, red wine, timber, coal, copper ore have been barred, essentially burning the bridge with its major trade partner?

China-Australia Trade War

Still, will Australia dare to fire a single Tomahawk cruise missile, let alone nuclear missile, into mainland China? The hilarious part was that none of the AUKUS leaders – US President Joe Biden, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison – dare to even mention China as the justification in forming the new partnership and submarine deal.


Mr Morrison even took the trouble to clarify that the nuclear-powered submarine would not armed with nuclear weapons. Interestingly, New Zealand, one of five members of Five Eyes and a nation that has prohibited nuclear-powered vessels from its sovereign waters for more than three decades, has confirmed that Australian nuclear-powered subs would be banned from entry.


If the objective was to warn and brag – even threaten – the so-called “bully China” with at least eight American-made nuclear-powered subs, why is AUKUS so afraid of making clear its intention? Do you think China is dumb enough to believe the Australian will not be equipped with nuclear weapons and submarine-launched ballistic missiles when they have the subs?

China Nuclear Submarine

It’s not rocket science Beijing will use AUKUS to increase the military budget to include Australia as one of its “target of interest”. Australia’s new fleet of nuclear-powered submarines will probably only be delivered during the 2030s. Between now and then, you can bet China will build more hardware, especially nuclear-powered subs with nuclear weapons, to be sent to Australia.


Already, China has the “largest navy in the world” – a battle force of approximately 360 ships, dwarfing the U.S. fleet of 297 ships. Four years from now (2025), the Chinese will have 400 battle force ships. The Pentagon plans to build a 500-ship navy by 2045. But the Chinese built more ships in one year of peace time (2019) than the US did in four of war (1941-1945).


The Chinese fleet includes two aircraft carriers, one cruiser, 32 destroyers, 49 frigates, 37 corvettes, and 86 missile-armed coastal patrol ships. In addition, its submarine fleet consists of 66 subs, including 46 diesel-powered attack subs, seven nuclear-powered attack subs, and four ballistic missile subs. By 2030, it could expand to 60 diesel-electric and at least 16 nuclear attack submarines.

China Navy Dominating Indian Ocean

In comparison, the United States boasts a fleet of 11 aircraft carriers, 92 cruisers and destroyers, and 59 small surface combatants and combat logistics ships. Its submarine fleet of 68 subs comprised 50 attack submarines, 14 ballistic missile submarines, and four cruise missile submarines. The American subs are all nuclear-powered though.


Sure, China’s huge number of ships cannot be compared to the U.S.’ experience. However, despite America’s navy power and experience, China could devote far more resources to a fight in the Pacific. Worse, only slightly more than half of American subs belong to the Pacific Fleet. Strategically, China has massive stockpiles of ballistic missiles, including hypersonic anti-ship missiles.


In truth, America’s Navy strength is stretched thin around the world. The United States Navy also serves as a stabilizing presence in shipping lanes globally, ensuring the free trade of goods over heavily trafficked waterways. Hence, it can’t actually focus the entirety of its sea-power in any one region without jeopardizing security and stability operations elsewhere in the world.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and US President Joe Biden

That explains why Washington has roped in Canberra, the United States’ “deputy sheriff” in the Asia-Pacific region, to join the U.S.’ “Cold War” with China. You can’t say you want to set up a McDonald’s restaurant, but insisted it won’t sell hamburgers. Beijing, and Moscow for that matter, will not treat Canberra as an innocent non-nuclear power because the subs can be armed with nuclear weapons anytime.


If the Afghanistan War is any indicator, of which the U.S. finally had withdrawn after 20 years of a losing battle, America is not a very reliable partner in its warmongering business in the Asia-Pacific and South China Sea region. Obviously, it’s Australia that would suffer casualties in an unfortunate war with China due to misreading, miscalculation or human errors.


Washington realizes that a continuous competition with China is an extremely expensive affair. The only way to do it is to spread the risk and share the cost. And the only desperate fool willing to step forward was Australia. With the “forever partnership”, the Americans and British will forever benefit financially from the cost of maintenance and other indirect military cost.

China-Australia - Cracked Strained Relations

Australia cannot expect China to wait and do nothing, knowing very well that Aussie nuclear subs will be sent to South China Sea to create troubles. The People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) will definitely enhance its military capabilities to rebalance the power, building and deploying more nuclear-powered attack submarines to not only South China Sea, but also the coast of Australia.


Former Australia Prime Minister Paul Keating has condemned Morrison’s move, saying it tied Australia to any U.S. engagement against China. He said – “This arrangement would witness a further dramatic loss of Australian sovereignty, as material dependency on the US would rob Australia of any freedom or choice in any engagement it may deem appropriate.”


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At the time of the onset of the lobsters war, China has already decided to use Australia as an example. This is important for China long term strategy to assert her position in Asia, or the world. At that time Australia still think she can salvage the relationship, but China has already made up her mind to sacrifice this relationship and all the trades for the betterment of China future. The truth only started to sink in when Australia realized she has no future without China because most of Australia export goes to China and the wealth Australia had enjoyed for the past 20 plus years is because of China. Feeling insecure and knowing her fate, Australia has to make a hard decision to go all out to side with the US. Whether this is the right decision or not, time will tell, but Australia has been played into China game plan. It is perilous for Australia, in the next 20 years or so, she will see herself drag into big spending on military budget, and as for wealth, the US, UK and their allies cannot replace what China had offered in the past. China economy and consumption will continue to grow with no other comparisons. The only way for Australia to reverse it’s fortune is war, however being a small nation, she can’t act on her own without the US. As this article mentioned, do you really think anyone want to go war?

In the 20th century, there were quite a few mass murdering state leaders. While most were focused on killing their own citizens, one among them stood out. He went International. He is no other than Nazi Hilter of Germany. He went to invade the neighboring countries and in the process created the 2nd world war.


Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau, Austria. His mother seems to have been a kind woman. His strict father was an Austrian government worker. Hitler was almost constantly fighting with his father. Against his father’s wishes, he went to Vienna as a
young man to study art. He was refused entrance into an art school. Impoverished, he became one of Vienna’s unemployed eking out a living painting post cards. Living in a flop-house, a cheap men’s hotel, in Vienna, he began to listen to street corner anti Semitic speakers. He later said he learned “the truth about the international Jew” in Vienna.

Hitler enlisted in the German army when World War I broke out and claimed, in his autobiographical Mein Kampf (My Struggle), that he was astonished to discover that Germany had lost the war in 1918. After World War I, unemployed again, he moved to
Germany where he joined the newly-formed German Workers Party in 1920. After Hitler failed to seize the government of Bavaria, a state in Southern Germany, in 1923, it seemed as if his political career was over. Nevertheless, turning to legal methods of gaining political power, Hitler worked behind the scenes to rebuild his party. In the 1925 presidential elections, Hitler convinced the World War I commanding general, Erich von
Ludendorff, to run on the Nazi ticket. The Nazis failed miserably as Hindenburg was elected with an overwhelming majority. In 1932, Hitler himself ran for president. Although he was defeated by Hindenburg, Hitler received over 36 percent of the popular
vote, more than thirteen million votes.

For many reasons, Hitler’s support had grown between 1925 and 1932. He was among the first to employ modern techniques for election campaigns. His use of fast cars and airplanes allowed him to speak to thousands of people each day. His professional
propagandists and film makers used radio and film to create an image of Der Fuehrer, The Leader, as confident, strong and concerned. He was unmatched as a public speaker and took great pride in his ability to manipulate and intimidate people. In the end, it was not what Hitler said to crowds of thousands that mattered but how he said it. Slogans and carefully staged meetings and rallies gave the county the impression that he could do no
wrong and knew exactly what Germany needed.

In 1933, President von Hindenburg and his political advisors perceived Hitler as an uneducated gutter politician. Yet, they believed that only Hitler could bring a stop to the violence in the streets often caused by Nazi Brown Shirts (SA men). Convinced that he would be able to control Hitler, Hindenburg appointed him chancellor on January 30, 1933. Hitler was 44 years old. By March 1933, it was clear that Hindenburg had been seriously mistaken about controlling Hitler. The chancellor used a variety of methods to gain total power and govern Germany as a dictator. He manipulated the mass media. He invented a Communist conspiracy which he claimed was directed at domination Germany. In order to save the country from this Communist threat, he said, the civil rights guaranteed by the Weimar Constitution had to be eliminated. Even Hindenburg seemed to believe in the
conspiracy theory.

The President allowed Hitler to replace the constitution with a series of emergency decrees. One of the most sweeping was the Enabling Act. This act gave Hitler the right to govern Germany by passing laws without the approval of the Reichstag (Parliament).
Based on such emergency decrees, he shut down newspapers, radio stations, trade unions and opposition political parties. He also had government agencies write laws that began
to remove Jews from German society and from the economy.

Under Hitler’s rule, Germany seemed to be regaining prestige. In accordance with the Versailles Treaty, some of the territory lost after World War I was returned to Germany. Hitler strengthened the army in spite of the Versailles Treaty which had limited the
German armed forces. Arms industries helped pull Germany out of the depression, and unemployment was reduced drastically. Other countries seemed to support Hitler whom they saw as a defense against Communism and the Soviet Union. It seemed that his promise of “law and order” was being kept. The police were everywhere, and it was safe for most Germans to walk the streets at night.

All those thought to hold anti-Nazi opinions, however, or Jews or those suspected of not supporting the Nazi government were subject to arrest and/or beatings. People were taken from their homes or off the streets to the newly opened concentration camps. They might be kept there for years without any news of their whereabouts being sent to their families. Upon release, they were made to swear they would remain silent about their experiences in the camp under the threat of being rearrested along with their families. Few were willing to break that promise knowing their families might be endangered.

Hitler believed that to maintain power his philosophy had to be aimed at Germany’s young people. In December 1936, he passed the “Law Concerning the Hitler Youth.” Under that law, all young people in Germany had to join Hitler Youth. Article 2 of the
law stated the “the entire German youth is to be educated physically, mentally and morally in the Hitler Youth in the spirit of National Socialism.” Young people now owed their allegiance first and foremost to their Fuehrer, Hitler, even if it meant abandoning
their families, traditions, religion and friends. Germany would be “united in its youth.” By 1938, Hitler boasted that Germany would become an empire that would rule Europe for 1000 years. At first, his success was astonishing. For example, with no resistance,
German-speaking Austria became part of the Third Reich, Hitler’s “Third Empire,” in 1938. A half-million Austrians greeted their new leader with joyous cries of “Heil Hitler!” as rode triumphantly though the streets of Vienna.

Obsessed with obtaining Lebensraum (living space), Hitler led Germany into World War II and destruction. Because of his fanatical desire to create an “Aryan” Europe for Germans, he ordered what one historian has called “the war against the Jews,” the attempted genocide of all Europe’s Jews. World War II was to gain space for the Germans; the war against the Jews was to guarantee “purity of race.” These were two wars. They were related because they happened on the same territory at the same time, but they were two separate issues in Hitler’s mind. Hitler was a powerful, clever and ruthless politician. He totally dominated Germany and then most of Europe during World War II.
Hitler promised the German people glory and prosperity. His promises were offered in empty slogans and phrases that masked lies or irrational arguments. Yet, because of his magnetic style, many people accepted those slogans and phrases without thinking. Hitler could not have caused the Holocaust or World War II by himself, but neither of those events could have occurred without him.

By 1945, an estimated 46 million men, women, and children. Hitler committed suicide in May 1945, as the Soviet Army approached his underground bunker in Berlin. UNQUOTE

In the 21st century …….. .

Quote :-

China Defies Deng Xiaoping Warning

By: Jose Ma. Montelibano – @inquirerdotnetPhilippine Daily Inquirer / 01:10 AM April 04, 2014

“If one day China should change her color and turn into a superpower, if she too should play the tyrant in the world, and everywhere subject others to her bullying, aggression and exploitation, the people of the world should identify her as social-imperialism, expose it, oppose it and work together with the Chinese people to overthrow it.” ~ Deng Xiaoping speech at the United Nations, April 10, 1974


In less than a week, it will be April 10, 2014, or forty years to the day when China’s great leader and architect of its unstoppable march to superpower status said this speech. And the man who knew enough about human weakness, about the lust for power, himself a victim but persevered, would now be on the verge of a revolution to overthrow the Chinese government. For today, China is bullying, not just the Philippines, but almost every neighbor it has.

It matters little if China has a 9 Dash Line; it can be 10 for that matter. Any country is free to dream, even free to make claims no matter how absurd. But that freedom does not carry with it the license to bully, to use or threaten superior force, and actually grab territory that belongs to another nation. That is what China has done with Scarborough Shoal. This is what China wants to do with the Ayungin Reef. In both cases, threat and the use of superior force are the tools that China has decided to apply. It is China that has closed the door to bilateral negotiation and forced the Philippines to seek justice somewhere else.

Again, China is being reminded if it still has the capacity to listen, if arrogance has not blinded it from reason and the long history of two peoples with overwhelming blood ties. The Philippines is a small country that has only the warmth of its hospitality as its foremost character. Filipinos welcome others – not grab territory. But history has seen territory being grabbed from Filipinos, by the Spanish, by the British, by the Americans, and by the Japanese. History cannot point to Filipinos grabbing the territory of others.

It is not only the natural hospitality of Filipinos, it is also the size and war equipment of the country – meaning how limited these are. It is not just character that stops us from bullying others and grabbing their islands, it is also that Filipinos are not stupid. We love life, we are not suicidal, and we have endured being the conquered people because we avoid conflict, not look for it. I do not know if China realizes how ridiculous it sounds when it accuses the Philippines of initiating a conflict. Officials or news agencies speaking for China obviously do not care about what their audience think or feel about what they say. China can use a little of the media freedom of the Philippines.

Deng Xiaoping was a political survivor, a visionary, a street-wise leader, and obviously was profound. He could not have led China out of the dark ages into the irreversible journey towards superpower status by simple brute force (he used that, too). He had power and he knew how to wield it, but he had shrewdness, precision, and wisdom, too. He knew China would be a superpower, and he tried to warn those who would succeed him, and the world at large, that China could get drunk with power.

Instead of internal propaganda that would have restrained China’s rapid transition from vassal to world leader, Deng simply pushed the transition even faster. But he took the stage in the United Nations, as if to allay fears that China would one day go haywire, and delivered a prophecy hidden China in a warning, “If one day China should change her color and turn into a superpower, if she too should play the tyrant in the world …. the people of the world should identify her as social-imperialism, expose it, oppose it and work together with the Chinese people to overthrow it.”

Deng did not give a message to China’s future leaders, he directed the message to the people of the world, to work directly to the people of China to overthrow the leadership of arrogance and tyranny. The wisdom of the veteran saw where China could go given its growing power, and that this rise to global superstardom could be restrained only by the wisest and firmest of leaders. Otherwise, only the people of the world helping the people of China could overthrow new Hitlers from China.

I would, then, suggest that Philippine officialdom and Filipino-Chinese tycoons review and reflect deeply on what Deng Xiaoping said and why he said it. No one knew his people, his country, and his co-Chinese leaders like himself. He could have said a million other things in that United Nations speech, but he honored his stature of global leadership, shared a far-reaching vision, predicted the probability of abuse of great power, and gave the most effective way of countering tyranny. In other words, if Deng were here today, he could be leading the implosion of China before the world united to shoot a mad dog.

Filipinos must not vent their anger at the Chinese people. It is with the Chinese people, and not the Chinese government, that we have long and deep ties, up to the blood in our veins. The Chinese people are just like the Filipino people, concerned about their families, concerned about health, education, livelihood, comfort, retirement. The Chinese people have not exhibited a desire for conflict and violence. They think and feel as we do.

But governments are exposed to power where people are not, and great power can corrupt and turn intelligence to arrogance. We must learn to distinguish between government and people, and, as Deng said, we must ally with the Chinese people to remove their own government once it becomes tyrannical. Deng’s wisdom was his gift to the world, if we know how to heed it. Unquote.

Uncle Leo, ma man,

Wot yer waffling about is pure one-sided holy baloney!

One can call what you rant just another conspiracy speculation.
If you have observed carefully, China went for tit for tat responses and in step each time Morrison tried one on each time he itched about irritating China with his monkey posture copied from “Trump’s” clumsy, narcissistic, and utterly counterproductive gorilla posture designed to impress his MAGA crowd of hillbilly redneck dumbfcuk retard supporters.

That China has some kind of “strategy” for Australia is plainly cotton-pickin’ stoopid, China has no plan nor special ability (or wish or dream) to work Morrison’s mouth in such a manner that China can kick Oz in the big plastic teeth.

“Feeling insecure… side with the US… been played… military budget… drag into big spending… way for Australia to reverse blah is war… blah” are nonsensical excuses, blaming with “China made us do it”.

Australian is a big boy – even if its military has to slit throats of little innocent kiddies to prove it, China cannot make Oz do anything, certainly not slavishly following certain white countries into wars all over the world, only those closest to it were the “Indonesian Confrontation” and the Vietnam War. It is a natural instinct Australia follows those certain limeys and Yanks into any war.

And we don’t need any “time will tell” to see it – Australia has always been obsessed with being white in mentality (know the “White Australia” policy?), any perception of any off-white country attempting to correct the unhealthy mindset would be an existential threat.

To “go all out to side with the US” is nothing new for Australia, it has gone on merry killing sprees with its Granddad all the while, last being Afghanistan. And long before that, Australia was fine on its own carrying out genocide on the “Abos”. And poisoning the Wells of Chinese miners in Australia…

And, of course, in recent times, being utterly racists to various non-white races, many of whom are also called Australians. Among Oz’s best-loved races are called the “chinks”, going “all out” to tackle Oz’s scourge is but a natural follow up and extension of that racist mentality.

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