France Betrayed!! – How It Lost $70 Billion Submarine Deal To “Lies & Treason” Committed By Allies US, UK & Australia

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Sep 18 2021
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France has learned the hard way how its allies and friends stabbed it in the back. It is so mad and furious that it has ordered the withdrawal of its ambassadors to the U.S. and Australia in an apparent protest against some secret backroom deals involving the United States, Australia and Britain to supply the Aussie with a fleet of at least eight nuclear-power submarines.


The secret deal, negotiated behind the French, would effectively scrap a deal worth US$66 billion signed in 2016 between Australia and France to build 12 conventional diesel-electric submarines. French foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, said – “It’s really a stab in the back. We had established a relationship of trust with Australia, this trust has been betrayed.”


Meanwhile, France’s ambassador to Australia, Jean-Pierre Thébault, has accused his host country of having engaged in “lies and treason” for 18 months. Indeed, it’s hard to see why the French were so mad and angry over the betrayal, considering both nations have enjoyed diplomatic relations since 1944. It was not only about losing the deal, but the way it lost the deal.

Australian-France Submarine Deal

First of all, the US$70 billion submarine deal was one of the biggest military deals that would contribute economic significance to France’s defence sector. In comparison, a landmark 2015 agreement between India and French company Dassault Aviation to supply 36 Rafale fighter jets was worth only US$9.4 billion, despite allegations of corruption and cronyism.


Second, France would lose strategically after Australian’s stunning cancellation of the 5-year-old deal in favour of America. When the French won the deal in 2016, the Government of France celebrated it as a strategic partnership – the “contract of the century” – between the two nations that will be working for the “next 50 years”. The project was supposed to create jobs in both countries.


The French also believed, clearly naively, that the U.S. would bless the deal because the Australian branch of Lockheed Martin, an American company, was expected to be involved in the project. But France finally realized now that even among allies, English-speaking countries would flock together. Worse, they had kept Paris in the dark while they secretly negotiated a plan to dump France.

France President Emmanuel Macron - As Jupiter President - Sitting On Throne

When President Emmanuel Macron ordered the withdrawal of France’s ambassadors to both Australia and the United States on Friday (Sept 17), the decision speaks volumes about the escalating diplomatic problems between France and the U.S. along with its “deputy sheriff” in the Asia-Pacific region. This is the first time in history Paris had recalled its ambassadors from ally nations in such a manner.


The Australians reportedly had approached President Joe Biden right after his inauguration – without the knowledge of France – to ask for a new submarine deal. Canberra argued that the conventional powered French submarines would be obsolete by the time they were delivered. The Aussie wanted to abandon the French deal, which was already over budget and running behind schedule.


Canberra was interested to acquire a fleet of quieter and more powerful nuclear-powered submarines based on American and British designs that could patrol the South China Sea region without being detected easily. But if that’s true, exactly why had Australia agreed to purchase a dozen of obsolete submarines? It’s not like nuclear-powered submarines were invented last year.

G7 Summit Cornwall Britain - Beach

Not only the Australians did not find it important to inform the French of their intention to cancel the submarine deal, but the Americans too did not give France a heads-up about their plans to replace the French submarines with their own designs. In fact, Washington and Canberra agreed to keep it secret because they were afraid Paris would try to sabotage the new deal.


Even when Joe Biden met with his French counterpart at the G7 Summit in June, the U.S. president did not tell President Macron, where they sat in lawn chairs by the sea in Cornwall, Britain, and talked about the future of the Atlantic alliance. Likewise, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken stayed silent on June 25 when French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian welcomed him to Paris.


As recently as August 30, when the French and Australian defence and foreign ministers held their annual “consultation”, they issued a joint statement that said the two countries were committed to deepening cooperation in the defence industry and “underlined the importance of the Future Submarine programme”. There was no mention of the submarine deal at all.

G7 Summit Cornwall Britain - Boris Johnson, Scott Morrison and Joe Biden

By that time, the Australians not only knew the project was dead, but they had nearly sealed the agreement with Washington and London, abandoning Paris in the process. So, when President Biden unveiled on Wednesday the new partnership and a submarine deal between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, all hell broke loose.


Therefore, the third and biggest reason for the French anger is the way the deal between Australia, Britain and the United States was announced – Paris knew about it through media reports. Prime Ministers Scott Morrison of Australia and Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom joined Biden virtually for the announcement of the partnership, an insult to Macron administration.


Before he was recalled, French envoy Thebault said he found out about the U.S. submarine deal “like everybody, thanks to the Australian press“. He said – “We never were informed about any substantial changes. There were many opportunities and many channels. Never was such a change mentioned”. TV and radio in France have been broadcasting angry comments.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and US President Joe Biden

Like Canberra, the French had condemned Washington – “The American decision, which leads to the exclusion of a European ally and partner like France from a crucial partnership with Australia at a time when we are facing unprecedented challenges in the Indo-Pacific region, be it over our values or respect for a multilateralism based on the rule of law, signals a lack of consistency which France can only notice and regret.”


In truth, Biden had engaged Australia and Britain for months, selling the idea of American and British made nuclear-powered submarines in its strategy to counter China. It wasn’t hard to convince Canberra that French submarines were limited in range and easy for the Chinese to detect. Still, this is not the correct way to treat a NATO ally.


In retaliation to the U.S.’ backstabbing, French officials in Washington have cancelled a Friday evening gala, which was slated to commemorate the 240th anniversary of the Battle of the Capes. A White House official said that the U.S. regrets France’s decision and will continue to be engaged in the coming days to resolve differences between the two countries.

France Submarine

The British, while acknowledging French “frustration”, has insisted Britain had not sought to disrupt Paris’ relationship with Canberra. The UK said – “We didn’t go fishing for these opportunities, fundamentally the Australians made a decision they wanted a different capability, We have no intention of doing anything to antagonise the French – the French are some of our closest military allies in Europe.”


Australia, on the other hand, said it regrets France’s decision of withdrawing its ambassador, adding that it values its relationship with France and will keep engaging with Paris on many other issues. It said – “We note with regret France’s decision to recall its Ambassador to Australia. We look forward to engaging with France again on our many issues of shared interest, based on shared values.”


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The original idea was only to have an alliance between Australia and the US, Britain is on its way out as a world power, the likelihood of Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales remaining in the UK would be slim in the coming years, “Great” Britain will only be Little England. Powered by its frequent monkey shows of immature schoolboy antics and delusions of its long lost “might”.

Britain was involved in the Aukus scheme solely because a love-in of an alliance between the convicts’ continent and the US would result in a rather telling name A N US, even correctly considering the two arseh*le nations involved.

We have to give a little applause to Sabrina Lowyaatkob for his bit of international statesmanship. His surprise comment about the Aukus and nuclear subs was reported in quite a few international media, and will go down well in not too few countries. Sabrina even sounded like ketuanan is an almost kampong great power.

Considering he has not sat on the PM throne long enough to warm it for Niamahaidin’s comeback, Sabrina in the very short time said a few words of more significance than the Snake Pharaoh M for Memali Monster did with his snake oil salesman pitch to become the leader of the Muslim world – which went terribly disastrously. Or his crass lecture to Ketuanan Cina about “debt traps” which got the Chinese to tell him to fcuk off, and Malaysians to drink all the palm oil China didn’t want. A lot of PH supporters must have suffered some mighty diarrhoea from greasing their guts with the terrible stuff that kills our forests as it kills us.

Or consider Mahitler’s drivel about about the “hooked nose” of the Yahudis which got him internationally labelled as racist and anti-Semitic. Incidentally (or genetically) the Snake Pharaoh has the same kind of big jambu nose and lips found on Hasidic Yahudis. And while I’m at it, the same can be said of mullah Hardy Awankr. So much for “Malay dignity”, wan wonders if he’s the real McAli, why does the Snake Pharaoh and all his children look so entirely Hindian, hmmm…

I always thought “white men speak with forked tongue” were directed at the white men by the natives. It seems these days the words are the observation and the utterance of the white men against each other, so much for all the pompous crap about “shared interests… shared values…”.

And so much for shared hypocrisy, the angmohs have always played each other out throughout history. It has always been about playing each other out and “stabbing the back” of each other. It wasn’t all that long ago, France had to pay out to Russia and take a big loss of penalty money, when, because of an order from the US, France dared not deliver two Mistral LHDs. For France behaving à good poodle, the US stuck a knife in its back! Mind you, the Froggies didn’t want to go die for the Yanks in the illegal invasion of Iraq as “Coalition of the Willing”. And the French quickly got called “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” for their good sense.

Unlike the UK, the countries in eastern Europe and the Baltic, and elsewhere (especially Australia!) that suck up to the US, China has never got itself in any position it has to be deferential to Yankland. On the contrary, China has since Old Mao took over, tried to be as difficult as it can to especially the Yanks. In recent years, the meaning of life for the Chinese has been to make life impossible for the Yanks! That enterprise has been wholly successful for China, and I l’ll bet the Chinese find it all entertaining and very agreeable with eating melon seeds at the same time she watches the West suffer Ketuanan Cina.

Unlike France that has gone nuclear in its dramatic rage, China has not even shown any concern for the eventual Oz arming of their subs with nuclear missiles. Seeing the Yanks can not do anything about North Korea and its nuclear missiles, the Chinese may go around flogging nuclear everything to everyone the US doesn’t like. Selling nuclear missiles and pissing off the Yanks – and terrifying them can be profitable for the Chinese, too, I wish the Chinese great success. It would not be boring at all if every other country has an arsenal of nuclear missiles. Imagine Malaysia threatening the US with a nuclear strike! Imagine we fire nuclear missiles at Indonesia each time we lose a football match to our tribal brothers. We are rather clever folks already so we think, we can operate fighter jets without any engine as we can operate radars sleeping on the job, nuclear weapons would be easy as another pointless stroll up and down the mall.

Hindia has been brushed aside in the Aukus equation. Seeing it’s the known white racist countries in the Aukus configuration, and Hindia being kept out, it could be there’s no room for Churchill’s “savages”, the angmohs never let on anything to the Hindians, at times even the Japs, the G7 summit in England was an example of angmoh respect for Asians, some meetings were held away from Sanjay and Akira, there’s that belief, like Malaysians, other Asians just come for the free food.

Perhaps “White” Australia Fair finds Mother England’s entrenched racist mentality nostalgic.
Last they had anything to do with the subcontinentals, the convicts were doing to their natives what they couldn’t with the famous Ozzie sport of “Abo-bashing”, Hindian students were hunted down and given a good thumping for the fun of it. So it’s Aukus for now, and maybe the “Quad” when they need Hindians to carry water and luggage, the Nips to do sushi and repair photocopiers…

Let’s see if the Froggies dare kick up a big tantrum, maybe pull out of NATO. I’d rather doubt that. So far they’ve only cancelled their “gala”, a rather feeble way of expressing fury, the Yanks can’t appreciate caviar in delicate canapés nor champagne that don’t taste like no Coke.

Last time when it was submarines and French, China recalled her ambassador when the fcuking Froggies sold submarines to Taiwan. It would be fun to see Sleepy Joe sells nuclear subs to Taiwan. I’d like to see the US (and Ozland!) slaughtered if anyone dares rescue Taiwan when the Chinese attack. I’d like to see China attack Taiwan in any case, placing bets on the amount of resistance from the tauhu Taiwan armed forces and how many days they would hold out would be quite fun. The Taiwanese conscripts and reservists are prevented from leaving the island, a rebellion or even a coup would be nice to expect.

And last time, during the Vietnam War, Singapore gomen tried to offer itself as a base for Yankland, Mao threatened to nuke Singapore during a rally of a million. Singapore got properly terrified. Well, southeast Asia did well, no country was ever interested in attacking China, even went on media hinting strongly they would prefer the US not come by to do any sh*t-stirring pitting the miserable lives of Asians against China.

It should make our dirty sneaky low class politicians delighted their angmoh counterparts are every bit the same as them, back-stabbers- at the G7 summit the Yanks and Brits should have told the French – and maybe even the Canadians they were going to do something as lovely as stabbing the Froggies in the back. If the angmohs can behave like that certainly our monkeys can monkey about with the angmoh monkeys.

Btw, the French are also known as just another sneaky duplicitous bunch too. So it’s a merry world no different from Bolehland – or the angmoh model of back stabbing could be a pirate copy of ours.
Interestingly, Hindia has been left out totally about any news or debate or sarabat stall discussion or ccok talks over this betrayal of the angmohs, any word about Hindia over this has been about the famous angmoh belief the “dark brown” tribal types are the ultimate sneaky duplicitous wonders. Oh, other than making the Hindians the frontline cannon fodder for the US, the angmoh Yanks detest all Indians of any colour, red, dark brown, black…

Malaysia should keep up the pressure, if our ketuanan can’t do anything at home, it should make the most of a diversion to Aukus, nuke subs, proliferation, blah, subjects we don’t know anything about but can yet make us known as experts in the international arena – that’s how most of our monkeys see themselves, anyway.

All the same, backstabbing education can become a big industry. Both the dirty angmohs and our dirty politicians can exchange tips. We will definitely profit from that as our kiasu types never leave tips at restaurants but want to lick all the free sauces dry.

It’s great the truth about angmoh back-stabbing has come to the open and become a hot subject. From now on, back-stabbing no longer needs to be a such secret activity which the angmohs preach morals and ethics, honour and integrity about.

Can’t leave subject without a few words about China. After all, the scoundrels of Aukus are only posturing “power”, yabbering about “freedom of navigation” blah, and selling arms and coalitions using non-existent Chinese threats as excuses. Whatever the West do or don’t do, I would be doubtful Almighty Ketuanan Cina gives a shiite about it. China needs only sit back, crack kuaci, and watch the Anglos and other “coalitions” split apart due to the back-stabbing between “partners”. Or enjoy as the “partners” get paranoid with suspicions they will be back stabbed by each other.

Soon the waters around us would have nuclear everything as the subs, whatnot, and kitchen sinks sail around us to protect us and our waters from the Chinese responses to the provocations by the fcuking Yanks and whoever it chooses to sleep with it wants as volunteer to get stuffed by China. I can’t wait to see who it will be that be the first to get a Chinese missile shoved up the butt, Alhamdulilah!
And all while any “coalition” lasts, as all while there will be more provocations from the pathetic foreign monkeys who think their coastlines are all over Asia, wtf!

Almighty Ketuanan Cina has shown Asians the way truth and light Asians can jolly well be themselves, stand up and achieve everything without bowing low and crawling to massahs in the West or even that Snake Pharaoh’s favourite sh*thole country Japan. Begs the question how incredibly moronic some of our wretched retard “opposition” monkeys are selling their cheap souls to the West, and selling out Malaysia! Trust our monkeys to learn nothing from the angmoh massahs and their infamous defeat in Afghanistan…

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