Please “Shut Up” – China’s New Ambassador To U.S. Told Biden Administration In Zoom Meeting

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Sep 13 2021
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Qin Gang, a former vice minister of foreign affairs and foreign ministry spokesman, arrived in Washington as China’s new ambassador to the U.S. in July. Notorious for tart responses, 55-year-old Qin was deliberately chosen by Beijing to replace Cui Tiankai at a delicate time when relations with Washington have plunged to their worst level in decades with no sign of bottoming out.


Unlike predecessor Mr Cui, who was ambassador to the United States for eight years, Mr Qin, a fluent English speaker, is known for his tougher and undiplomatic open remarks towards the West, especially the United States. His appointment to the key post has raised eyebrows, with some calling him the “Wolf Warrior”, while others called him a fox in sheep’s clothing.


Seen as a confidante of President Xi Jinping, Mr Qin may not possess the experience like Mr Cui, a veteran specialist in U.S. affairs. But with Sino-US relations at their more toxic in decades, Beijing was not concerned about diplomacy. After all, President Joe Biden has pledged to prevent China from passing the U.S. to become the most powerful country in the world.

Qin Gang - China Ambassador to the United States - 2

Weeks before Qin started his job at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, President Xi unleashed his warning during the 100th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Chinese Communist Party – China will never allow any foreign force to bully, oppress or subjugate the Chinese people. It was revealed that China was building 119 silos for intercontinental ballistic missiles in a desert.


A man who is not evasive and does not beat around the bush, Qin Gang is precisely the type of ambassador Beijing needed to ruffle feathers in Washington. And he did exactly that during a Zoom meeting hosted by the National Committee on United States-China Relations (NCUSCR), a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering bilateral cooperation and understanding.


Apparently, Ambassador Qin had just delivered a speech about the current state of bilateral ties to a small group that included NCUSCR’s board of directors on August 31 when he shocked everyone during a Q&A (question-and-answer) session. He was asked what steps the U.S. and China could take to improve the bilateral relationship.

US President Joe Biden and China President Xi Jinping

In answering the question posted by Evan Medeiros, a Georgetown University professor who served as National Security Council director for China, Taiwan, and Mongolia in the Obama administration, Qin said Washington should stop worsening the situation in order to create conditions for dialogue. He then condemned Washington’s policy toward China using a “Cold War playbook”.


Subsequently, he dropped the bombshell – “If we cannot resolve our differences, please shut up“. According to the National Review, the diplomat’s stunning undiplomatic language had shocked the audience, who included senior American China experts, including former secretary of state Henry Kissinger and former Clinton and Obama staffer Jack Lew.


Interestingly, Chinese and the U.S. officials have so far not commented publicly on Qin’s extraordinary remarks – suggesting that the new ambassador has the full support of Beijing and there’s nothing Washington could do about it. That’s because what Qin said was consistent with what top Chinese officials have conveyed to their American counterparts in recent months.

Qin Gang - China Ambassador to the United States

Hilariously, Qin Gang and the Chinese Embassy in Washington then described the meeting as a welcome event. As vice foreign minister previously, Mr. Qin has been a vocal defender of Chinese policies and would not think twice about summoning foreign diplomats in Beijing to express official displeasure with their governments’ statements on Xinjiang, Hong Kong and other contentious issues.


The following week after he told Biden administration to shut up, Mr. Qin visited the Juilliard School in Manhattan and met with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and PepsiCo CEO Ramon Laguarta. He was also invited to attend events hosted by Kissinger and former Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew (Jack Lew), as if nothing had happened.


In reality, Qin Gang has long served as a concierge at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which he joined in 1988 and served as the spokesperson twice (from 2006 to 2014). A former news assistant at United Press International’s bureau in Beijing, Qin became a diplomat in 1992 and has served in various capacities at the Chinese embassy in London three times throughout his 8-year career in the UK.

US vs China - Flags

Promoted to deputy minister in 2018, he was in charge of news and protocol work, and planned various diplomatic activities for Xi Jinping. Hence, Qin isn’t actually a greenhorn in diplomacy. Describing China’s diplomacy, he once said – “Diplomacy is complex and systematic work. It can be hard with some softness, or soft with some hardness. It can also be both hard and soft.”


When Barack Obama turned down Beijing’s invitation to include China during the U.S. president’s visit to Asia, Qin famously said – “Cozying up to the U.S. in exchange for the U.S. president’s visit is the last thing Beijing would do. I’d say China is right here, whether he comes or not”. When Obama finally visited China in 2015, the POTUS was humiliated.


Obama was deliberately not provided with a staircase to leave his Air Force One when he arrived in Hangzhou for G20 Summit, forcing the most powerful man to exit from the rear door. A few days after Obama gave a speech declaring the U.S. would remain a world leader for the next century, Qin said – “It must be nice to be the boss of the world. China was once boss of the world for more than a century”.

Obama’s Humiliating Exit – Air Force One’s Back Door - G20 Summit at Hangzhou, China

In 2009, Qin Gang chided a BBC journalist when answering a question about China’s “Green Dam” internet filtering system. He grilled the journalists – “Do you know what this software is about? Do you have kids?” His handling won him praise back home. Clearly, he wasn’t sent to Washington to explain or apologize what China is doing in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, or South China Sea.


He was sent to Washington as Xi Jinping’s representative to deliver the message that China is now a major power and it is going to stand firm on policies that are non-negotiable. The new envoy is not expected to change his style and will remain vocal. With the seal of approval from President Xi, he will speak authoritatively about the top leadership’s views on the China-US relationship.


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Please “Shut Up” – China’s New Ambassador To U.S. Told Biden Administration In Zoom Meeting / September 13th, 2021 by financetwitter


“Subsequently, he ( 55-year-old Qin) dropped the bombshell – “If we cannot resolve our differences, please SHUT UP “………… the diplomat’s stunning undiplomatic language had shocked the audience, who included senior American China experts, including former secretary of state Henry Kissinger and former Clinton and Obama staffer Jack Lew”


Sorry to say this but it is an appropriate answer to a fellow who looks like an idiot, speaks or talks like an idiot, always dazed or blur blur like an idiot, walks like an idiot, thinks like an idiot, acts like an idiot, and Lo n Behold, He is an Idiot. Thousands and millions of people and the US citizens managed to vote an Idiot as the president of the good old US of A. And, there is nothing undiplomatic about saying ” SHUT UP”. Diplomat Mr. Qin simply spoke the Truth.

It’s still not altogether clear if he did say those “rude” words, but it would be absolutely brilliant if the ambassador did. Even if he added that unnecessary “please”.

Then again, it could have been a faulty translation – which Qin hadn’t bothered correct, his excellency has good English, but these days Ketuanan Cina expects people to put up with the Chinese language, and quite rightly so.

It would have been much simpler and better understood by the mostly and often crude, brash, loud, and pushy Yanks he said a fcuk off. An added visual of a middle finger would have additional impact. Those other “refined” two-faced types, duplicitous types in that audience would have died of heart-attacks – but they only kept quiet, utterly lost for their usual flow of sanctimonious bullsh*t by way of a response.

That old Henry Kissinger was in the room won’t mean much if “rudeness” was any issue, Kissinger is a mass murderer who cannot travel to many countries for fear he may be arrested for war crimes, obviously he is equipped to handle situations where politeness may be absent.

It is timely, and about time too China treated the Yanks with that “shut up”, showing sheer contempt for any bourgeois artificial “politeness”, give it good as it should be given to the Yanks, Well DONE, Ketuanan Cina!

Coming straight after the Alaska meeting where the Chinese dished out a nice load of verbal bashing to the Yanks, that “shut up” does have a great feel of deja to it! The Yanks should still be smarting from the invited verbal assault in Alaska from Team China! Then there was that encounter at Tianjin where the Chinese did their best to show they didn’t appreciate the ugly face of the miserable Sherman creature, the meeting went horribly wrong for the Yanks.

The latest dish from the Chinese menu and served cold was the emperor of Ketuanan Cina Xi Jinping telling Sleepy Joe Biden in Biden’s phonecall a summit with Almighty Ketuanan Cina that Sleepy begged for, is not on the card as far as the emperor was concerned. It must have been a low value prepaid SIM card the US side used, the Chinese are are well aware the US will run out of money by October – and the US would like a big war or two to, hopefully, survive poverty.

Anyway, the moral of the story is the US had better learn to be more civilised, it cannot talk down to Ketuanan Cina no more, the table has turned, the equation has changed, and the Yanks will need to put up with more and more of the contemptuous and “rude” treatment from Ketuanan Cina – and having to politely take it all in the groin like they will have to, Ouch!

Btw, Chinese folks, except for the species in Malaysia, are usually polite, but the Yanks with their ketuanan hillbilly manners got what was long time coming for them. Even if that “shut up” was misplaced, it still serves nicely to keep the Yank monkeys in check in case they dare piss Ketuanan Cina off.

I would enjoy the Chinese serve more dishes from their “Shut Up!” – and maybe even their “Fcuk Off!” MENU, MSG no problem.

Ahh…Paul Wolfobitch…seriously you have me in stitches, hahaha, in particular, the way you mowed down that fugly Wendy Sherman and that Deader-Than-A-Corpse Kissinger …. thought he dieded ages ago

Anyway, there’s one Chinese we ought to salute more, his name is Chen Weihua, a Chinese media official, who had a ‘nasty’ exchange with a US senator not too long ago :

Senator Marsha Blackburn on Twitter : “China has a 5,000 year history of cheating and stealing. Some things will never change.”

ChenWeihua replied on Twitter : “This is the most racist and ignorant US Senator I have seen. A lifetime bitch.”

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