The U.S. And Australia Threaten To Invade Solomon Islands – Now Who’s The Bully And Aggressor?

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May 02 2022
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Scott Morrison has again attacked China on Saturday (April 30), accusing the Chinese government of interfering in foreign politics. Like the sore loser Hillary Clinton, who had accused Russia of interfering with the 2016 U.S. election, resulting in the stunning victory of Donald Trump, the Morrison administration too is accusing Beijing of trying to influence the Australian election.


With most polls showing Morrison’s conservative coalition headed for a loss in the May 21 election, the Australia’s prime minister is throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, to project himself as a tough sheriff standing up to Beijing. He had to respond after being accused by opposition Labour party of a massive “foreign policy failure” in relation to a security deal between China and Solomon Islands.


Despite Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare’s assurance in the parliament that Solomon Islands would not participate in any militarisation in the Pacific, Morrison’s government was not satisfied. Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews claims the deal was a form of foreign interference in Australia’s election, regardless of Beijing’s denial and Solomon’s explanation.

Solomon Islands-China - Flags

Initially, it was believed that Taiwan, along with Australia deliberately leaked a draft of the security deal to paint China as not only a national security threat, but also a threat to the U.S. military dominance as well as sovereignty danger to every country in the Pacific. It was also done to pressure the Solomon Islands to cancel the deal, which could help Morrison’s re-election.


However, after Australia’s Liberal government and Washington fail to persuade the Solomon not to sign the pact, Beijing is being accused of deliberately timed the revelation of the security deal to jeopardize Morrison’s chance in the coming election. Understandable, Morrison’s campaign has been pressured with questions about his mishandling of the China-Solomon pact.


The deal would allow the deployment of Chinese “police, armed police, military personnel and other law enforcement and armed forces”. It also allows China to make ship visits, provide logistical replenishment and have stopovers and transition in the Solomon Islands, sparking fears among the U.S., Australia and New Zealand about Chinese influence in the region they have been dominating for decades.

Australia and Solomon Islands - Map

After the Pacific island nation confirmed the new security partnership on March 25, saying it was expanding ties with China to combat security threats and ensure a safe environment for investment, Canberra went berserk. Obviously, having Chinese security forces in its backyard, just about 2,000 kilometres (1,240 miles) northeast of Australia, is a humiliation to the U.S. “deputy sheriff” in the Asia-Pacific region.


In what appears to be a coordinated intimidation and threats, the U.S. has warned Solomon Islands it will “respond accordingly” if its security agreement with China leads to a Chinese military presence in the Pacific island nation. The warning was personally delivered to Prime Minister Manasseh during a visiting U.S. delegation led by Indo-Pacific security adviser Kurt Campbell.


Even though the 90-minute meeting, which included ambassador Daniel Kritenbrink (U.S. assistant secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs), did not elaborate the nature of an American response, the retaliation could be an “unprovoked invasion” on the Solomon Islands to topple its government. PM Morrison has warned that a Chinese military base in the Solomon Islands would be a “red line”.

Solomon Islands Riot

Australia news media has basically trumpeted and supported the view of David Llewellyn-Smith, founding publisher of MacroBusiness and former owner of leading Asia Pacific foreign affairs journal “The Diplomat”, that Australia must be willing to invade the island – if that’s what it takes to stop the proposed security pact between China and the Pacific island.


Subsequently, Australia’s Defence Minister Peter Dutton followed up with the threat to attack Solomon Islands, calling for a war preparation with China. Inspired with the West’s initial overestimation of Russia’s military preparedness and prowess, Dutton and Morrison appear to believe that like Ukraine, Australia can easily beat China hence the eagerness to fight the Chinese.


Unimpressed with Washington’s threat and  Canberra’s warning of an invasion, Solomon government has criticised the Western’s hypocrisy and double standard. In his response over the issue of lack of transparency, PM Manasseh slammed Australia over its AUKUS security deal with the United States and Britain, saying he only learned of the agreement through media reports.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and US President Joe Biden

If indeed Australia must be consulted in the name of transparency, then the Pacific too “should have been consulted to ensure the AUKUS treaty is transparent, since it will affect the Pacific family by allowing nuclear submarines in Pacific waters”, argued PM Manasseh. Even Senior Labour MP Tanya Plibersek admitted that Solomon Islands’ security pact happened due to “years of neglect” by Australia.


Pacific expert Tess Newton Cain of Griffith University said Australia’s leaders need to better understand the region’s culture and customs. A 2019 research says people across the Solomons, Vanuatu and Fiji expressed frustration over difficulties obtaining visas for Australia to visit family and friends. They are asked for “huge amounts of personal information”, including a guarantee they will not overstay.


How could Scott Morrison pretend as if the Aussie and the Pacific nations are one big happy family when unlike travellers from many countries, Canberra does not really trust the Pacific Islanders and discriminated them with intrusive process just to enter Australia? Does not Solomon Islands, as an independent nation, have the right to make its own sovereign decision?

Solomon Islands-China Relationship

More importantly, the U.S. warning and Australia’s threat of an invasion demonstrate the behaviour of an aggressor or a bully, the same way Joe Biden has described Vladimir Putin. If Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is being called an unprovoked and unjustified attack, isn’t Australia’s threat to topple the Solomon government through invasion is also an unprovoked attack?


The U.S. and Australian government were extremely panicked at the possibility the Chinese could establish a military base just 2,000 kilometres away. But if Morrison can argue that a Chinese military base in the Solomons is a “red line”, Beijing also can argue that the American military base in South Korea, which is just hundreds of kilometres from China, is a much “bigger red line”.


In fact, U.S. military presence in South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Singapore and Guam are just some of more than 800 military bases across the globe. Do you know the U.S. has 80 bases in South Korea alone? There are over 53,000 US troops operate from 120 military bases in the Asian nation. China, on the other hand, has only one official base in Djibouti, located in the Horn of Africa.

Australia Panicked - China Military Base in Solomon Islands

Despite surrounding rivals China and Russia with hundreds of military bases, the U.S. and Australia went ballistic when the Solomon Islands sought helps from Chinese security forces. Exactly what type of democracy the Western powers are practicing when they threatened to launch coup d’état against a defenceless Solomon government for being friendly with rival China?


Had Australia succeeded in preventing the 3-day riot in November 2021, the violence and destruction targeting Honiara’s Chinatown district would not have had happened. It was the incompetence of more than 200 peacekeepers from Australia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand in preventing Chinatown from attacks that the Solomon government has considered Chinese security forces.


Understandable, the presence of Chinese naval forces in the Pacific island will have a significant impact on the balance of security in the region as it would complicate Australia’s ability to move ships, submarines, and aircraft along its eastern coast. In addition to militarized artificial island bases in the South China Sea, Beijing will be watching and spying Australia from nearby Solomon Islands.

China Navy - Warship and Submarines

The Chinese military presence in the Solomon Islands will enable Beijing breaks through the encirclement by U.S. armed forces that are currently present in the region such as in Guam, Japan, and South Korea by positioning the Chinese forces behind them, therefore outflanking America. The U.S. has to think twice (constantly watch its back) about an intervention if China invades Taiwan.


Besides sandwiching the U.S. forces, China may use Solomon Islands as a deployment and a refuelling hub to deny the American forces the ability to project power by threatening their logistical supply lines. However, Australia has no one to blame but itself. Its reckless decision to get nuclear submarines and establish AUKUS with the U.S. and U.K. has forced the Chinese to set up a base in Aussie’s own backyard.


But even if it’s true China would establish a base in Solomon, there is no reason for the U.S. and Australia to panic, let alone threatens to invade the small island of 700,000 people. Unlike Russia, the Chinese’s top priority has always been trade and commerce. Aside from some border disputes, China had never colonized another country, unlike the Americans, Europeans and Japanese.

Portuguese Conquest of Malacca - Melaka

Portugal was the first European power that started the first phase of European colonization of Southeast Asia with the conquest of the Sultanate of Malacca in 1511. The Netherlands and Spain followed and soon superseded Portugal as the main European powers in the region when the Dutch East India Company took Batavi (now Jakarta) in 1619 while Spain began to colonise the Philippines in 1599.


Britain, in the guise of the British East India Company, began the colonization in the region when Captain Francis Light founded the settlement of George Town in Penang Island in 1786. American colonization of the Philippines – spanning 48 years – began with the cession of the Philippines to the U.S. by Spain in 1898 and lasted until the U.S. recognition of Philippine independence in 1946.


The last colonial power was Japan during the World War 2. From the 1500s to the mid-1940s, colonialism was imposed over Southeast Asia by seven major colonizers. In comparison, in the 1400s, China possessed the greatest naval fleet in the world, up to 3,500 ships at its peak (the U.S. Navy today has only 430). China could easily colonize the entire Southeast Asia, but it didn’t.

Chinese Zheng He Explorer Ships

The Chinese military expansion is largely to protect and defend its national interest and to prevent from being invaded or colonized again. As the world’s second largest economy, it’s vulnerable to threat from foreign powers without a strong military force. However, its increasingly military prowess is being seen as a challenge to the U.S. global dominance instead.


China’s economic power is bringing the nations from Central Asia to the Middle East and Africa under its influence, tilting the balance of global power. While President Xi Jinping believes the West is waning and the East is rising, the U.S. and its deputy sheriff Australia are simply jealous and flabbergasted of the rising super power, so much so they would do anything, including bullying Solomon Islands.


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There were talks that in the November 2021 riots, the ‘peacekeepers’ protected everyone else but did little to protect the Chinese businesses and people in Solomon. That was the straw the broke the camel’s back.

Obviously, there will be many versions of this story, but set against the background of the open hostilities of Scott Morrison and team towards China, it became more believable.

Malaisesia needs a PM, in fact, anyone who can stand up to the Western powers and let loose a mongoose up their arses. Compared to the PM of the tiny Solomon Islands, our politicians pale into deject insignificance. From the same aboriginal race as those islanders, our ketuanan has none of the qualities of their nearest cousins. When the Solomon PM talks, the world pays attention.

When our fcuked up ketuanan talks nobody gives a shiite – nobody would be able to the least understand what our ketuanan monkeys say anyway – even in our Aboriginal-speak. The communication ability of our “supremacists” is zero and so is their supreme lack of charisma or even a little commanding presence. When those monkeys stand up to speak they always appear they are incapable of at least hiding the fact they are on a drip feed of gross inferiority complex.

Even before they utter a word, their body language reveals all. And when they start their cock talk, we get very fast confirmation of their utter lack of any substance, and we get definite proof our savages is the end of civilisation. When they put on their suits, they all look an eyesore, the suits look poor tailoring or stolen, the colours are something else..! When our ketuanan appear for anything, they always look like they only wear their foreign-style non-ketuanan suits to look suitably respectful in front of judges who are going to read them their death sentence. Mind you, if they put on their loud pink, red, orange, or purple ketuanan outfits, they should receive their death sentence – even without them doing any pantomime of waving a keris in the air.

Just see how fast and how riled up those in the US and its usual accomplices get when the natives want to have their own way and want to be independent. Suddenly, Australia, a country with a long racist history gets so freaking worked up when a mere native speaks his mind and says the right thing, all hell is let loose! How dare them natives talk to the massahs like that!

And the US, another racist country, wants to decide for the natives, save the natives from the Chinese. One of the many times the white invaders of America saved their natives, many millions of them got wiped out. Australia is no different, it too had a long history of genocide against the native Aboriginals. Not just that the reduced population of natives were systematically neglected, their “reservations” even used for nuclear tests. At one time “Abo bashing” was even a sport in Australia, natives were picked on and bashed up for the white former Brit convicts’ bit of fun. Before then, burying Aboriginal kids up to their neck and kicking their heads to see who could kick them farthest was the entertainment. If you think I am telling tales, do your own research and find out, you little deculturalised colonial monkeys!

The islands in the Pacific were largely ignored by the Yanks and the white colonialists of the region. Last the Yanks ruled, the Philippines had its most brutal period in history, hundreds of thousands of them were slaughtered. Mind you, when Chinese migrants took an interest in the spice trade, they too were massacred six times all with the approval and blessing of the Spanish Catholic Church and full papal knowledge.

The white world obliterated native history, looted resources and even native arts and crafts despite their lack of “civilisation”. All of a sudden, the Aboriginals of the Solomon Islands becomes of touching concern of the racists in Oz! Suddenly, the Oz pug of the Yanks Morrison sees the “Abos” of the Pacific as “family”. Fancy that, the way them pinkies in Australia treat their Aboriginals! Still the old convicts see the world from the eye of the old colonialists and missionaries, they have to think for the “damn natives” or teach them how to think.

It’s great the “damn natives” are not having any of the old shiite, won’t be long they would jolly fcuking well stage an uprising across the Pacific “family”, such has been the trend across the former colonies of the Caribbean who are asking out of the commonwealth “family” and telling Queenie Windsor to fcuk off. This is the time our “supremacists” make a show of their mettle and shine for the “chosen race” – at least for the Aboriginal bros across the Pacific.

The Snake Pharaoh tried many times to make his impression in the world – but always either got ignored – or got fcuked upside down, he took on the darling grandpa and Massah of our “opposition” Soros, and Soros fcuked the kampong klown making the Snake Pharaoh surrendered and crawled in deep reverence to the part-time Yahudi.

Successive Oz leaders and politicians have made it a sport slagging off Malaisesian PMs especially the Memali Monster in well-deserved and contemptuous manner but with thinly-disguised racist topping .

Now is the best time for Ketuanan to speak out for the Ketuanan errr master race. It will not just be the somewhat closed-minded noise for the “chosen wans” of Malaisesia for just little Malaisesia but the Aboriginal blood bros of the whole world. Times have changed, just watch how yesterday’s bullied Ketuanan Cina tells the West to fcuk off, now even tiny Solomon Islands behaves the same! Malaisesia should follow suit, make its mark in world politics and make ketuanan kampong great again – or at least once!

Every time our ketuanan speaks, the big players in world politics tell Malaisesia to fcuk off. Even Singapore which is even tinier than any of the Solomon islands tells Malaisesia (especially the Snake Pharaoh) to fcuk off – in English, Chinese, and even Aboriginal Malay, wtf!

Not just for the brotherhood reason that Aboriginal Malaisesia should come up in very loud and vocal support for the Solomon Islands, a lot of Solomon Islands’ industry and businesses are Malaisesian-owned. Malaisesians have been there long before China’s Chinese appeared, and were very active in converting the lush forests into deserts.

It would be great to see a nice showdown between at least the Australians and the Chinese, wasn’t long ago that the Chinese navy beamed a laser at an Australian military aircraft shadowing it in international waters. But then again, the naughty Chinese navy did the same to a Yank military aircraft spying at a Chinese base in Djibouti. When the Yanks protested, the Chinese ignored that. Shows you the Chinese do not give the shiite about the Yanks. We can expect more of the same and even better in and around the Solomon, I just can’t wait to see the Chinese test their railgun and accidentally sink a US or Oz warship. Shooting down an aircraft or two would be great too, the Chinese have plenty of different missiles waiting to make their mark in serious use. We need action now, for Australia it will be a long wait before its nuclear submarine can dash into an underwater “mountain”. And too long too for the Australian special forces to massacre Chinese kids as they did Afghans…

The only way the West is going to beat them Chinese is to out-invest them. There is no way the West can beat the Chinese military without suffering massively. And don’t think even about trying. All the big talk and posturing in the waters in and near our region have not impressed the Chinese one tiny bit. The West should dig hard and deep into their pockets and really spend big in the region, the good old days of easy systematic plunder and looting are over, nothing is for free, the natives of today can bite back if they don’t get their goodies, and only the Chinese uncles can spend on the goodies, cash is king…

There’s plenty our politician monkeys can learn and copy from the Solomon folks. Firstly, grow at least one of the normal pair to the size of a decent coconut to speak out against the kaypoh uncles of the West. Our bankrupt “opposition” monkeys may find the task of being independent of the West impossible – they are, as revealed by their Western masters, stooges of the Yank neocons and assorted foreign handlers, how traitorous and lowly.

Our “opposition” traitors were praised by the massahs for their role in fomenting friction against China. Our traitors would punish and waterboard us by having to drink palm oil they can’t sell to China five times a day for a lifetime and beyond – the beyond where we also have to dispense the holy jiz to the 72 virgins and the multitude of lovely boys (for the men only who want to make Jennah their second home).

So forget about urging our hapless, useless and worthless politicians to take a principled stance for our country. One bunch of the monkeys would make clowns of themselves when they open their big ketuanan mouths to find the right words or even right tongue to use against foreign ketuanan and their god-given right to interfere with Bolehland. Remember our Ketuanan themselves sold their black niggah souls to their Western masters during the colonial days (and after), how ketuanan can our fcuking ridiculous monkeys be?! Our corrupt and thieving Ketuanan even park their loot in Mother England! Fancy what the West can do to those assets when our Ketuanan do not disconnect from Russia, for instance.

This is the time for our lacklustre inept ineffectual politicians to shine in international politics. This is the exact right time for our ketuanan to grab glory and fame in world. All our hapless, clueless, and worthless ketuanan “supremacists” need to do is study the form of the Solomon PM and duplicate him. Several decades to grasp a respectable command of Manglish would help, so would a commanding presence, too often our kampong longkang politicians look the double between working as a daytime roadside pisang goreng fryer artist and a parliamentary decoration of piss poor quality and no use.

For over half a century we’ve never had any ketuanan species of even a half decent quality even for a kampong audience – no one would turn out to watch any performance if it costs even a few sen, there have always to be bribes and free gifts. On the international scene no one ever notice our politicians, if they do, it is just to piss on them and laugh them off.

The Snake Pharaoh M for Memali Monster, as usual overrated himself, tried to do quite a noticeable number of international grandstanding. The results were worse than if old Kerala curry fart had controlled his big primitive immature ego, shut his big mouth, stayed home to be adored and worshiped by his coterie of devout DAP Playmates at his devil’s hooves. His bids to be the biggest mouth in the Muslim world flopped repeatedly. He tried to be a hero to the Palestinians using his stooge Matthias to take the bullet, that failed every time – most Palestinians do not know where Malaisesia was or is, and, with the kind of Muslims we are blessed with, want to know either!

Even in our part of the universe, the Snake Pharaoh got fcuked by Lee Kuan Yew, him of the tiny glorified airport-sized country. Lee’s sport and entertainment was making the Memali Monster look a bigger arseh*le than his usual size. And Lee made the Snake Pharaoh totally conscious of his inferiority permanent and indelible, to this day the Kerala Krait still has that gigantic chip on his shoulder from being made the object of humiliating contempt and ridicule by Lee.

I can’t wait for the Convicts of Australia, and the Yanks to bitch (and panic) when they discover the Chinese have sited missiles in the islands, and then the elder white brothers can certainly do some proper bitching, frothing at the mouth, bang their goolie in genuine righteous anger. Malaisesia should offer itself for a missile site or two or three. There’s Malaya, and more importantly and of great strategic value, Sabah and Sarawak. Malaisesia can do well leasing our land for some regional solidarity – and nice sums of money. We can grab the money once our monkeys learn sleeping on the job is not helpful in running radar stations.

Btw, this is another (very recent) hair-raising story about yet another Malaysian Accidents Sistem flight…
“How Did EVERYONE Miss THIS!? | Malaysian Airlines Flight 134”

Say, how is it those in the Solomon Islands can speak English and carry themselves in suitable style for the diplomatic world? Has our ketuanan failed yet again, the islanders are blood Aboriginal bros, entirely same species, etc, but yet so so different and definitely effectual while our ketuanan is so fcuking useless and rubbishy – yet admire themselves for their “superiority”?!

The Brits are the best in the world for propaganda work, including disinformation and fake news. That’s due to the English language spreading across their erstwhile empire, and then across the rest of the world. Hence, the best way to reach out in order to rule, and to sell the junk of the empire, the Brits need only to use the language they have established. Because of the reach of the English language, all others rely on it to communicate, sell, make propaganda, and so on.

To give ketuanan a pride of place and presence beyond the kampongs, Ketuanan must sell itself in English, or at least good Manglish. Next to nobody can decipher the gobbledegook that is our weird rojak gutteral, or gives a shiite about it. Waving kerises in the air, wearing red t-shirts and screaming, thumping the chest to make Ketuanan look “superior” and “supremacist” won’t work, they just make Ketuanan excessively silly.

So is getting on any international podium and making inaccessible noises in our “strange tongue”. Worse still, using our plentiful weirdly pronounced and weirdly spelt English words, our “supremacists” would appear like badly-corrupted software – and totally hair-tearing useless. To be relevant in this here world, our monkeys simply must use English or Manglish, be realistic about international reality, even be better in English than the English – or, at least be half as good as those in the Salomon Islands. If the same race, same species blood bros there can be so good in speaking England, so can our Ketuanan Aboriginals.

There’s absolutely nothing at all wrong with being able to do English/Manglish as well our Aboriginal tongue – a lot of our Chinese, Indians, and our assorted bumi non-ketuanans can manage that plus their own tongues very very well. I’ve come across not too few “natives” in Sabah and Sarawak spoke very good Iban/Bidayuh, Chinese, English, and Malay. Some can manage one or two Chinese dialects on top, they can distinguish between the Aboriginal Malay of West and East Malaysia – and the Indon Aboriginal Malay, wtf! And wtf, I often come across “natives” who can speak fluent Chinese (also meaning they don’t have the funny accents of local Chinese) while the banana Chinese pretend-angmohs around them can’t speak any Chinese, wtf!

Please note Malaisesia is not the size nor has the clout, standing or prestige of Alamighty Ketuanan Cina. When they gave a big mouthful and talked down to the Yanks (Alaska) – in Chinese!, the Yanks all sat quietly and attentively listened to the Alamighty bollocking from the Chinese. Malaisesia can’t do the same to any country, its Alamighty Ketuanan is just a fcuking sick joke. And it’ll be doubly worse if our Ketuanan tries it on in the international arena in our Aboriginal tongue! Just how many enterprising interpreters would want tf to handle our pidginspeak?!

My humble and polite advice to our fcuking half-baked ketuanan is stop being such a fcuking big joke, zap up your rubbish act, stand tall, go out and outshine others by doing England even better than what others can do! (Wtf!)

I think our country should sign a secret pact with our big bro Ketuanan Cina, I really can’t believe our ketuanan can defend us even from a little Singapore invasion in the event of a petty dispute – yes, petty is our style. A pact with big bro Cina would definitely make the Yanks and Australian convicts really worked up – and start noticing the existence of even our midget-brained ketuanan klowns, wtf!

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