Azam Dares Agong – The King Must Fire MACC Azam Baki & Abu Zahar After Losing Confidence Of The Board & The People

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Jan 13 2022
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Defiant MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) Chief Commissioner Azam Baki has decided to dig his heels in, refusing to take garden leave, let alone resigning amid his corruption scandal over the purchase of millions of shares in the stock market. Worse, he actually believed that he was so powerful and untouchable that only the King (Agong) can sack him.


It was already hilarious when Mr Azam offered himself to be investigated only by the same anti-corruption agency that he is currently heading – suggesting one of the dirtiest cover-ups is being put in place to clear the MACC chief. It’s extremely hard to trust that the anti-graft agency would investigate professionally and independently against its own chief.


The simple fact that the graft busters’ chief deliberately misled the country that only Agong can terminate him clearly demonstrates his reluctance to follow the rules. Because he was appointed by the King based on the advice from the Prime Minister, Azam Baki can be similarly fired by the monarch if PM Ismail Sabri advises King Sultan Abdullah to do so.

MACC Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission - Chief Commissioner Azam Baki - Agong King

Therefore, it’s not true that the process of termination must start at the Palace. The prime minister can decide that the highly controversial MACC Chief Commissioner be replaced, or at least put on garden leave, pending a thorough investigation. In fact, to ensure transparency, the police – NOT MACC – should investigate the chief of the anti-corruption agency.


However, it’s very likely that Azam Baki has all the damaging files that could embarrass or implicate every top government officials, including PM Ismail Sabri, for corruption. That’s why he knew the lame duck prime minister would keep quiet. It’s not an exaggeration to say the MACC chief even has files on the monarchs, including Sultans and the King, who actively involve in business deals.


Not only Azam did not bother to show any respect for the prime minister, he has actually dared or challenged the King to sack him – if the Malay Ruler has the balls. Crucially, the MACC chief is testing the water to determine whether the weak Sabri administration or the Palace would take any action against him. Any lack of actions would mean Azam is untouchable.

Ismail Sabri - Clueless

Like it or not, the King appears to have little choice but to take the bold move – terminate the toxic Azam. As turtle-egg Sabri pretends nothing had happened, any further silence from the monarch could be misinterpreted as an endorsement – even approval – to the leadership of Azam Baki in running MACC. Worse, the monarch could also be seen as too afraid of the anti-corruption chief.


It didn’t help that disgraced former PM Muhyiddin, who was responsible for appointing Azam, has cowardly washed his hands. Mr Muhyiddin conveniently blamed Chief Secretary Mohd Zuki Ali for proposing Azam. But should not Muhyiddin administration perform the necessary background checks before appointing Azam as MACC chief commissioner in March 2020?


It’s unthinkable that Muhyiddin was not briefed by the chief secretary Zuki about Azam’s purchase of millions of shares in two public-listed companies back in 2015. Hence, either Zuki was incredibly incompetent (and should be sacked) or Muhyiddin had purposely appointed a corrupted new graft busters’ chief so that he could be controlled or manipulated.

PM Muhyiddin - Sad Face Expression

Of course, Muhyiddin did not wish to get involved in Azam’s scandal because he knew the MACC chief could easily leak information about the RM38.5 million corruption scandal involving dubious renovations in the Prime Minister’s official residence. The project, which was personally approved by Mahiaddin alias Muhyiddin during his regime, could explode if he does not play dumb.


Still, the fact that Muhyiddin has distanced himself from the man he appointed less than two years ago also suggests that Azam is too guilty and toxic to be defended. The public perception is such that not only the MACC chief is dirty based on his attempts to twist and spin stories as well as hiding behind the MACC advisory board, but also has become too powerful and arrogant.


The King should have learned his lesson previously when the people’s anger spread from the clueless and incompetent Muhyiddin regime to the Malay Rulers after economic mismanagement and Covid mishandling. The ball is in Agong’s court. The monarch cannot keep quiet, especially after he was responsible for appointing two incompetent governments – Mahiaddin Yassin and Ismail Sabri.

MACC Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission - Abu Zahar Nika Ujang and Borhan Dollah

MACC Chief Commissioner Azam Baki is not the only man who has lost the confidence of the people. MACC Anti-Corruption Advisory Board chairman Abu Zahar Nika Ujang, along with MACC Consultation and Corruption Prevention Panel chairman Borhan Dollah, should also be fired, or at least demoted, for lying and covering up for Mr Azam.


When Professor Edmund Terence Gomez resigned from the MACC’s Consultation and Corruption Prevention Panel in protest of inaction against the MACC chief, Abu Zahar lied that Gomez did not send any email to him. Borhan, on the other hand, also lied when he said emails from Gomez were not related to any wrongdoings committed by MACC chief Azam Baki.


But the biggest reason the King should terminate advisory board chairman Abu Zahar is because the board has effectively lost confidence in the chairman. After Zahar unilaterally told a press conference on January 5, 2022 that Azam Baki had been cleared of any wrongdoing, apparently his decision was “unknown” to all the six fellow board members.

Professor Edmund Terence Gomez

Abu Zahar has claimed that the Anti-Corruption Advisory Board held an internal inquiry last November 24 and cleared Azam of any wrongdoing, including Azam’s story that all the shares which he bought in 2015 had been transferred to his brother Nasir in the same year. But in a joint statement on January 8, all the 6 board members revealed that Azam’s share trading scandal was not discussed at all.


It means all the six members – Ismail Omar, Azman Ujang, Akhbar Satar, Hamzah Kassim, David Chua Kok Tee and Mohammad Agus – did not even realize there was a board meeting that eventually cleared the MACC chief. Obviously, Abu Zahar has abused his power and thus must be terminated by the King in order to restore the integrity and reputation of the board.


Amusingly, it was only after all the six board members openly exposed their chairman’s lies that Abu Zahar finally admitted that the board did not possess the power to conduct its own investigations into criminal activities involving any MACC officer, let alone clearing them of any wrongdoing. So, how and why did Abu Zahar clear his friend Azam Baki in the first place on January 5?

MACC - Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission - Logo and Office

Instead of apologizing or resigning for misleading the public, the despicable advisory board chairman whined, moaned and bitched that his colleagues had backstabbed him. As part of damage control, Abu Zahar had wanted to use a closed-door meeting with the board members to convince them to agree with his earlier fake story that the board was satisfied with Azam’s story.


No matter how Abu Zahar spins his story, the fact remains that he has essentially lost the confidence of the board. Not only he lied, but has also obstructed any further investigations by falsely claiming that an investigation had been conducted. After all, he did not dispute the Board’s’ revelation that it did not elaborate Azam’s stock purchase at all.


Even if all the six board members are being pressured and warned not to issue any remarks or statements now, the King cannot allow Abu Zahar to continue leading the advisory board. With the reputation and integrity of both Azam Baki and Abu Zahar being questioned by the people and the advisory board, the King has to proactively do the right thing – terminate both despicable chiefs.

Agong King Sultan Abdullah - White


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At a first glance at the article, anyone would have had the impression the graft-busker Half-baked Half-Baki had gone bananas bringing up the name of our Ruler in his steadfast quest to make himself (and dear bro) look even more stupid while he hopes to clear and maybe clean his name (and brother’s). He needn’t – and shouldn’t have gone this far.

After having had a double dose of tongkat ali in the morning needed to put up with the the amazing circus of the retard monkeys in gomen, I am of the conclusion Half-Baki has indeed gone bananas, maybe bomoh coconuts too.

Is our ahlong arm of the law graft-busker Maccdonno boss stark raving mad? Instead of rather contemptuously and arrogantly bringing in the name of our Ruler into his little storm in his brother’s teacup, couldn’t he just leave it to his personal developmental maturity, and the integrity required of his position of high office, dealt with the matter of a massive loss of trust in him and his loss of face, like a big boy?

Has he not the power of ketuanan which trumps everything? Conjuring up that would have been more than enough for the highly embarrassing situation, no need to also bring in the name of the Agong. A dose of supremacist hallucination plus a healthy sprinkling of self-righteousness would put to end to any hint of amazement or surprise the conjuring up of the name of our earthly almighty may raise. Evidently, the haloed name of bomoh Hardly Awank is not enough, the graft-busker simply must drag in the name of our Ruler, what cheek, all four of them!

With our homegrown scum of the nightsoil, ketuanan, quite unlike the Almighty Ketuanan Cina, the typical answer to any paranoid perception of a supposed attack, is to self-obstruct if not self-destruct. Ketuanan Cina has a nice way of describing this strategy – lifting up a huge rock and dropping it on wan’s own feet. How apt for the apes walking on their knuckles!

There’s at least a method to the ahmadness of our ketuanan – if you commit suicide as a response to an imagined onslaught, who can then kill you? There’s also an alternative version of this which is more popular, and this is playing dead whenever wan feels he is pressed to give a response. Examples of this are seen all the time when wan is obliged to say or do something, for example, to provide an appropriate and timely action during, say, a flood, or a gomen, police, etc situation. You either see a fossilised lack of response where the monkeys bury their heads in pig shiite and play dead, run around like headless chickens not knowing what to do, pretend they don’t exist, gone abroad on holidays, go on a deranged counterattack and run amok, enforce censorship against perceived criticism, call in the police to terrorise the public, etc, etc.

Using the name of our head of the country is rather brazen – and, actually, rather novel too. In the case of Barking-mad Baki, it is more kamikaze than kami-come-help-me. But when the head of the country is under no obligation to simply jump to attention and do anything some barking-mad entity may be deluded that his ultimate boss should, it is an entirely new and different ball game requiring a different stake – a stake to stick the head of some scum of the nightsoil on. I won’t recommend any wan play for such stake, simply depending on wan’s brother, and ending up eaten like a bad Malaysian wagyu steak is a more sensible escape route.

Really, it is the job of Sabrina Lowyatkob as a PM to address the issue of public unhappiness and anger – and that of Half-Baki’s. Unfortunately, and as usual and expected, our half-baked kampong longkang garden variety ketuanan has not got Half-Baki to dodge the public, even temporarily reassigned to chewing garden leaves but left him on a lurch to feign for himself (and brother). While, of course, Half-Baki cannot play the Sabrina Ace of Spade card, and has to cry out loud about getting the Agong to pay attention to him and kick him out of Maccdonno.

Let’s see what happens now, the dinosaur ball is in the Ruler’s court. The Palace may have to say something, Sabrina Lowyatkob, him of the use-once magic spade definitely needs to say something even if he has to dig himself out of the blessed heap of pig shiite he’s disappeared into. The buck stops at the PM’s two left foot but Sabrina Lowyatkob is imbued with the supreme spirit (non-alcoholic) of ketuanan, he’s got all the right substance to extricate himself and Half-Baki (and bro) out of the misery they have inflicted on themselves – and the rest of the country.

Frankly, Half-Baki’s got to go. The chief patty flipper at Maccdonno has got to go. As Ismelly Sabrina Lowyatkob runs the chain, he’s got to go too as his outfit the gomen is poisoning the atmosphere and the customers, We, the Rakyat. My kind advice to all of these clueless, hapless, useless, and worthless lumps of blessed ketuanan pig shiite is a polite fcuk off. Before going, make sure too, Niamahaidin is not sitting inside the Maccdonno loo still playing soft, loose, and slow, tending to his non-stop flood of never-receding ketuanan-first liquid gold.

Half-baked Half-Baki has really got to zap up his image, as much as his act (and his brother ‘s). As a public servant he looks like a low-ranking samseng from the lower-ranked Chinese mafia.

First, he’s got to get rid of his poorly-sprouted moustache wannabe thing – it doesn’t look ready for movie star status.

Then he should get rid of his perms. They are unnecessary for a law-enforcer’s image, look like Half-Baki is more busy looking at the mirror than very busy chasing after criminals and not managing his bro’s borrowed stock trading (and maybe everything else) account.

If Baki really must rig up a “tough’s” look, he should consult old Jean-Rachid Nasri. Nazri is actually quite an affable character but his almost-Kojak look makes him Sum Huat scary second-ranking extortion collector for the Yee Sang Kee triad (and restaurant). He’s also good buddy of Josef StaLim Guano Eng, which is more commendable than the possibility of tokong junior as a bosom pal of Half-Baki.

Image is everything in public perception. We can’t have Half-Baki looking like a fairy pondan effeminate Chinese roadside wayang star cum underground 4D marketing executive. And, btw, nor can we have tokong junior looking like abacus-operating Chinese bookie. Tokong senior Khat Siang is pretty good with his image as a retired but still active Yakuza elder and strategy advisor. But neither can beat Jean-Rachid Alain Ahlong Delon Nazri’s style as a backalley thug, bravo!

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