Muhyiddin Now Begs For Opposition’s Support In Exchange Of Money, Positions & Reforms – Here’s Why The “SCAM” Must Be Rejected

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Aug 13 2021
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The emergence of a letter from House Speaker “Art Harun” Azhar Azizan Harun dated August 3 to the King Sultan Abdullah, informing the Palace that Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin had only support from 106 MPs, was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. August 3 was the same Tuesday UMNO president Zahid Hamidi announced the withdrawal of support for the PM.


Including UMNO MP Shamsul Anuar Nasarah, who had earlier resigned as the energy and natural resources minister before Zahid’s announcement, at least 12 UMNO MPs have quit. They are Zahid Hamidi, Najib Razak, Azalina Othman Said, Abdul Azeez Rahim, Noh Omar, Nizar Zakaria, Ahmad Mazlan, Tengku Razaleigh, Ramli Mohd Nor, Ahmad Maslan and Ahmad Nazlan Idris.


Exactly how the despicable and corrupt Speaker Harun arrived at the 106 figure is quite a mystery because “106+12” is 118. But the ruling Perikatan Nasional government had never possessed 118 MPs in the Parliament. Because there were 107 Opposition MPs, the government had only 113 votes at most, after the death of 2 MPs in the 222-seat Parliament.

PM Muhyiddin - Sad Face Expression

If the genius Speaker calculated 106 MPs “before” Zahid’s announcement, it means the regime had collapsed much earlier. If he got the number “after” Zahid’s announcement, it means the Speaker had lied to Agong (King). Either way, the prime minister effectively lost his simple-majority as early as August 3 – some ten days ago – therefore, he must resign.


In short, the power-hungry Mahiaddin alias Muhyiddin has been walking around as an illegal and illegitimate prime minister for the last 10 days. That’s why the Palace had sent another letter to the House Speaker on August 9, seeking confirmation from the Lower House of Representative (Dewan Rakyat) again in regards to the latest support possessed by the prime minister.


However, the latest numbers are worse. The scoreboard says at least 120 votes against Muhyiddin’s 100 votes. Clearly, Muhyiddin is 11 votes short of the magic number. With the referee – the King – having flashed the red card numerous times, it’s getting harder, if not impossible, to bribe and buy Opposition MPs to switch sides and join the sinking ship.

Palace Letter To Speaker Art Harun - Muhyiddin Lost Majority - 1

Palace Letter To Speaker Art Harun - Muhyiddin Lost Majority - 2

Even Federal Territories Minister Annuar Musa, the loudest cheerleader of the backdoor PM, appears to be ready to jump ship. Annuar has urged Art Harun to clarify the letter, which the House Speaker has refused to either acknowledge or deny. Instead of defending his boss, Annuar said if the letter is authentic, then Muhyiddin has lost support and must resign immediately.


The letter dated August 3 from the Speaker also means the disgraced prime minister had deliberately lied and insulted the King on August 4 when he insisted that he still commands the support of a majority of Members of Parliament. Exactly how could he claim to have the support in Parliament when his own appointed Speaker confirmed he had only 106 votes a day earlier?


In what appears to be the clearest evidence that he has indeed lost his legitimacy, Mr Muhyiddin has today (August 13) offered some “cheap candies” to the Opposition, in exchange for their support so that he could continue to cling to power. The offers of money, positions and reforms clearly demonstrate both bribes and the desperation of the backdoor prime minister. The proposal includes:

Prime Minister-in-Waiting – Anwar Ibrahim

  1. Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim will be given a Senior Minister position
  2. Implement “Undi 18” to allow a lower voting age of 18
  3. Opposition MPs to chair half of the Special Parliamentary Select Committee
  4. Pass laws to limit a prime minister’s tenure to two terms
  5. Table an anti-party-hopping law to prevent elected lawmakers from switching sides
  6. An equal allocation of funds to all MPs, including the Opposition
  7. A commitment to consult with MPs before the tabling of bills


If Mr Anwar, armed with the powerful 88 MPs in the Pakatan Harapan coalition, decides to blindly accept the proposal, then he is stupider than he looks. If Muhyiddin was sincere and not power-hungry, why not he resigns and supports Anwar as the next premier, and in return, Anwar promotes him as a Senior Minister with a commitment to execute all the reforms, plus a bonus to lock up Najib?


In fact, the proposal was so ridiculous and insulting that only a retarded person will care to consider it. As a Senior Minister, not only Anwar will be on the same level as four other Senior Ministers, he will have to report to “turtle egg” Deputy PM Ismail Sabri. Heck, Anwar may even have to indirectly report to Senior Minister Azmin Ali, who betrayed Anwar and his PKR party last year.

Anwar Ibrahim and Mahathir Mohamad - Who Will Be The New Prime Minister

Would it not be easier and wiser to join forces with Mahathir last June, and becomes the Deputy PM, rather than make one big round only to end up as a Senior Minister now? Which part of Math that says Sabri with 31 MPs can become Deputy PM, but not Anwar with 88 MPs? Even now, Anwar can easily become Deputy PM by offering the “Iron Throne” to Sarawak-based GPS.


Even if the de-facto Opposition leader is dumb enough to accept the proposal, what is there to prevent Muhyiddin (who betrayed his own democratically elected Pakatan Harapan government last year) from breaking his promises? Will sucker Anwar cry and run to the Palace, complaining to the King that he no longer supports the liar PM and asks for justice again?


If Muhyiddin has no problem tricking and scamming – dozens of times – even Agong and his nine brother rulers, you don’t need a rocket scientist to tell that the entire proposal screams “SCAM”. It was already a red flag when the illegitimate premier said those reforms will only be implemented if the vote of confidence for him is passed – suggesting that he could refuse to honour the promises thereafter.

Undi 18 - Voting Age 18 Protest

In truth, reforms like lowering voting age to 18, limiting prime minister’s tenure to 2 terms and passing anti-hopping-party law can be done even without the Opposition joining the government. They would gladly vote for those reforms from the opposition benches. To use the reforms as bargaining chips only exposes the lies and hypocrisy of the regime, who had claimed previously that they cannot be done.


The simple fact that Muhyiddin is offering the “bribe” now, only after his regime has collapsed, speaks volumes that the Perikatan Nasional regime needs the Opposition more than the Opposition needs the backdoor government. Without the Opposition, it’s game-over for the regime. But that does not necessarily mean the UMNO crooks will automatically be back in the driver seat.


Therefore, it’s hilarious when the desperate PM said that it was critical to ensure that the group of “kleptocrats” does not return to power. Muhyiddin conveniently forgot that it was him, who happily invited the UMNO crooks – Najib and Zahid – to the extent of offering them bribes and positions in order to form the current backdoor government. Why did Mahaiddin sleep with the “kleptocrats” the entire year of 2020?

Ex-Prime Minister Najib Razak - World Biggest Crook

But the most pathetic part of the drama was when he claimed that he cannot resign as no other MP can prove they have parliamentary majority support. He said – “If I resign now, according to the Federal Constitution, the whole Cabinet has to resign too. This means that the Perikatan Nasional government will fall. As no other MP has the majority at this time, a new prime minister cannot be appointed,”


“If a PM cannot be appointed, then the Cabinet cannot be appointed and a new government cannot be formed. What will happen if the political crisis prolongs? Who will ensure the vaccination program runs according to schedule?” – said Muhyiddin, who bragged as if his super bloated Cabinet of 73 ministers and deputy ministers had ever done any meaningful jobs at all.


Who is he to say and assume that other Member of Parliament cannot prove they have majority support in the Parliament? It’s beyond his scope and expertise to worry about that. For now, he has lost the majority of the August House so he must resign. It’s the King’s job to decide and appoint an MP whom he believes command the majority support in Parliament as the prime minister.

Agong - King Sultan Abdullah of Pahang - Desk

Muhyiddin’s blabbering on the TV looked exactly the same like former PM Najib Razak, who claimed after the stunning defeat of the Barisan Nasional government in May 2018 that no party has won enough seats to form a federal government. But at least the crook admitted that it would be up to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King) to decide who will be the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia.


If Muhyiddin is so cocksure that no other MP has a bigger majority than his backdoor Perikatan Nasional, there should not be any problem for him to resign, and get appointed again by the King, right? Yes, pro-Muhyiddin fanatics have been whining, screaming and bitching till foaming at the mouth that even with 100 MPs, Muhyiddin still has the biggest majority.


Therefore, they happily claimed, Muhyiddin will still lead a so-called minority government or caretaker government, whatever that means because there isn’t such a provision in the Constitution. If that’s true, then why the need to burn midnight oil and start pulling hair about the inevitable collapse? Would it not be great pleasure to resign, only to get appointed as prime minister – twice?

Malaysia Lawan Demonstration - Kerajaan Gagal Protest - Muhyiddin Yassin

More importantly, if the Opposition foolishly agrees to the proposal, they would essentially be sucked into the orbit of the “Kerajaan Gagal” (failed government) – forever tainted with the clueless, incompetent, U-turn, flip-flop and double standards regime. Surrounded by 73 clueless ministers and deputy ministers, there’s very little Senior Minister Anwar – a lone ranger – could do.


Crucially, the Opposition – Pakatan Harapan – will indirectly recognize or legitimize the backdoor government if they swallow the hook, line and sinker. They won’t be able to explain to their voters why they corrupted themselves with a bunch of monkeys who only open the zoo’s gate now after 17 months of mishandling Covid-19 pandemic and mismanaging the economy.


Like it or not, the Opposition needs a clean start, or at least leads the government, instead of being led by the same group of clowns. With about 1½ years before the 15th General Election, it’s better to let UMNO rebels clean the shit, if they could miraculously maintain the current fragile Perikatan Nasional government, than for the Pakatan Harapan to recklessly jump into the toxic waste.

Muhyiddin Yassin - Gloom and Doom

The problem with Mahiaddin is not only his unforgivable treachery and hunger for power. It’s his untrustworthiness hanging around his neck. It was bad enough that he had betrayed and stolen the people’s mandate in the “Sheraton Move”, which triggered the collapse of his own government so that he could become a prime minister. It becomes worse when he could even lie and usurps the powers of the King.


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That is why Allah told me ketuanan does not work.

Stupid PM Niamahaidin should not be greedy and held on to the money, should have spoken the only language our despicable traitorous and treacherous fcuking frogs of fcuked up retard scumbucket politicians understand that – bribery and money.

It is too late now to dangle money, but then again, you never know, our frogs are always quick to sell their mothers, daughters, grandparents, second and turd wives, mistresses, and sex slaves, depending on whose bribes screams the loudest. The game of seducing our frogs will be played not just by Niamahaidin. And it will not just be seduction by money, our kiasu greedy will go after everything plus two and money more free gifts, Junket, they grab power, position, perks, more perks,.more power, more money, more, more and more of everything and everything else.

Consider too durians. Maybe even palm oil. Some politicians may go for arseh*les – even after collecting wives, second, turd, fourth wives, mistresses, sex slaves, maids, maybe even fcuking goats..!

I feel kinda sorry for Stupid PM, it’s not been a fair fight for him. But then who in kampong longkang slime pond politics fight fair?

Poor Niamahaidin (I don’t mean as in money poor), he has to fight one hand plugging his leaky backdoor sprinkler from his kitchen – I mean loo cabinet. This is like fighting with one hand tied. Look at it another way, Stupid PM should be considered a hero – he’s like the boy who stuck his finger in a dike and saved Holland.

Niamahaidin could well save Malaysia, “Malay first”, of course, there’s no reason for ketuanan to save anything else than “Malay dignity”, and rights, and privilege, and special position – and I don’t mean that of fingers up the keyhole of the back door while positioned on the throne in the PMO loo.

I don’t like Tony Bucktooth Pua, like I’ve lost respect for the now meaning of the Dogs Arseh*les Party, the scums of the earth have become prostitutes to prostitute the Snake Pharaoh M for Memali Monster. Apart from its bunch of grovelling ccokscukers at the hooves of the Snake Pharaoh, the whore meaning of the sorry despicable Taiko Limbo Khat Sial is to remain in limbo like Taiko Limbo’s never made it anywhere than just attained two great achievements : lecture on the delight of Jawi, and the joy of Khat.

The danger of supporting the Dogs Arseh*le Party is: you vote them, you get the Snake Pharaoh M for Memali Monster, Taiko Junior’s fcuking atuk.

A “different” gomen to the Stupid PM’s will be the same – if ketuanan plus our other incredibly moronic politicians are involved, we’ll only get another Niamahaidin in place – and for another short period.

We cannot fcuk about in this very critical and fatally dangerous time of Covid. Any replacement of Niamahaidin would be a replacement of another Niamahaidin. So Bucktooth is right – even if he’s just and another of our diseased fcuked up arseh*le politicians.

We can’t have that has-been kampong longkang slime comedian Anwar either. Bringing the loser into gomen is entirely a matter of letting the US gomen run run Malaysia! Although Anwar is a has-been and never-was in politics, he’s always and only been a tried and tested stooge running dog for the West, in particular, the US. Anwar doesn’t know anything else than being a fake mullah, and a real barely intellectual or intelligent comedian.

Anwar’s spent. He’s best years was as a rabid Ibrahimmler to the dictator Adolf Mahitler.

The pressing question is can Malaysians wake up and think about the alternatives to the sick, tried, and overtired, spent and overspent bunch of same old same old old old fcuking clueless, useless and worthless politicians?

Would Malaysian genius call for yet again raising the zombie Snake Pharaoh for the long dead?

All coalitions have proven to be fcuking disasters. If there’s going to be yet another of such brilliant and amazing configuration as hatched by our dumbfcuk treacherous retard monkeys, it will be another of our famous self-begged disaster.

How long should our proven ignorant fcuking Great Unwashed put up with their own endless bitching complaining, moaning, groaning, etc, and all the time?

Now sit back and watch yet another disaster in the making, yet another made in Bolehland famous miracle, Alhamdulilah!

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