Agong’s Last Warning – Either Muhyiddin Resigns, Tests His Legitimacy Next Week Or The King Fires Him & Appoints A New PM

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Aug 11 2021
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First, 15 MPs from his own biggest ally – UMNO – withdrew support and abandoned him. Then, 105 Opposition MPs followed suit. Altogether, 120 letters were sent to the Palace, informing King Sultan Abdullah that 120 MPs have rejected the leadership of Prime Minister Mahiaddin alias Muhyiddin. The scoreboard says 120 votes against Muhyiddin’s 100 votes.


After the death of 2 MPs, the now-reduced 220-seat Parliament says to enjoy a simple majority, one must obtain support from 110+1 MPs. Clearly, Muhyiddin is 11 votes short. Therefore, he no longer commands the confidence of the Lower House of Representative. In other words, his Perikatan Nasional government has collapsed and he is now an illegitimate prime minister.


The Math is incredibly easy and the writing is on the wall. To argue otherwise will only show what a sore loser and a pathetic “Malay” leader Muhyiddin is. He should not bring more shame to his own race, not to mention Muslims, Islam and Malay Rulers. The cancer survivor should just resign and spend the remaining days with his family, instead of crazily clinging to power.

Muhyiddin Yassin Prime Minister Office

And you know Muhyiddin has lost when his troops of bloggers, propagandists and cyber troopers, unable to face the truth, has self-proclaimed that the backdoor prime minister has won. This is exactly like how former U.S. President Donald Trump falsely claimed he had won the 2020 Presidential Election. Heck, his fanatics have even claimed that Trump will be reinstated on August 13, 2021.


When the Malaysian premier met Agong (King) last Wednesday, he deliberately lied and insulted the monarch’s intelligence. Despite 11 UMNO MPs withdrawing support from the government a day earlier (Tuesday), Muhyiddin tried to mislead and trick the King that he still had a majority in Parliament. The PM quickly called for a press conference after his audience with the King.


At the hastily arranged press conference on the same Wednesday last week, Mr Muhyiddin, flanked by some ministers, defiantly announced that he won’t resign – even though the King had shown him the letters from UMNO rebels revoking support for him. The PM even announced that his proposal to test his legitimacy through a vote of confidence has been accepted by the Agong.

Muhyiddin Yassin - I Lover PM - Najib Razak

The funniest part of the press conference was when the power-hungry prime minister told his sob story about how the UMNO rebellion started because he refused to interfere in their corruption cases. He was, of course, referring to UMNO president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, former PM Najib Razak, warlords Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim and Ahmad Maslan, who are facing multiple corruption charges.


Perhaps the PM should be reminded of a previously leaked voice recording of himself in May 2020. In the one-minute audio recording, a voice resembling that of Bersatu (PPBM) president Muhyiddin Yassin was heard suggesting that UMNO leaders be bribed to join PPBM with promises of positions in the Cabinet and even GLCs (government-linked companies).


In his lust for power, he was willingly – even to the extent of desperation – offered positions to the world’s biggest crook when he said – “If they know a new government is going to be formed with UMNO, why not tell them to join us now rather than later? I think if we do that … 10, 20 people … Najib and his gang … and we give them positions … if not ministers, then the chairmen of GLCs.”

1MDB Scandal - Muhyiddin Clashes With Najib

Today, after his usual weekly Wednesday audience with the King before the Cabinet meeting, all the lies spewed last week have been exposed for all and sundry. After raising his government’s loss of majority in Parliament multiple times last Wednesday, King Sultan Abdullah has again told PM Muhyiddin today – the last warning – that he is no longer a legitimate prime minister.


In fact, the only agenda today on the royal menu was to raise one issue with the thick-skinned prime minister – Article 43(4) of the Federal Constitution. That was all that Agong talked with Muhyiddin today. And to prevent the dictator wannabe from putting words in Agong’s mouth, the Palace has documented it in a letter and sent it to the Prime Minister Office (PMO).


Article 43(4), which is related to “Loss of Confidence”, specifically says that if the Prime Minister ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the House of Representatives (Dewan Rakyat), then unless at his request the Yang di-Pertuan Agong dissolves Parliament, the Prime Minister and his Cabinet shall tender their resignation.

 Agong King Sultan Abdullah and Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin

Sure, the prime minister can request the King to dissolve Parliament and call a general election. However, under Article 40(2)(b), the King has undoubted power to refuse a premature dissolution of the Dewan Rakyat. This is a classic area in which the Article 40 (1), which says the Agong is required to and must act on the advice of the Prime Minister, does not apply.


Yes, for months, pro-Muhyiddin fanatics have been foaming at the mouth screaming and whining that the King must act on the advice of the Prime Minister, no matter what. That’s only half-truth because the dissolution of Parliament is one of a few powers that the monarch still possesses. Using a page from Muhyiddin’s favourite playbook, the monarch can easily use Covid-19 to refuse to dissolve Parliament.


And for months, Muhyiddin cheerleaders also chanted like a broken record that once appointed, the prime minister is not removable, even by the King. That is also half-truth because a prime minister can be removed – if he loses the confidence of the majority of the members of the Dewan Rakyat (Lower House). Muhyiddin has now fallen under this category.

Agong - King Sultan Abdullah of Pahang - Desk

The King does not have to listen to any of Muhyiddin’s advice the moment it was established that he has effectively lost his support, which was last Tuesday, after UMNO president Zahid quietly sent the letters to the Palace. And “turtle egg” Deputy PM Ismail Sabri’s silly drama – announcing only 31 out of 42 Barisan Nasional MPs support the PM has lent more credence that Muhyiddin was toast.


Not only Agong can fire a prime minister if he loses the confidence of Parliament, the monarch can forcefully sack a prime minister if he fails to secure the King’s consent to a dissolution, and yet refuses to step down. This means it won’t work if Muhyiddin’s childish plan is to chain himself to his “Iron Throne” in the event the monarch refuses to give him his toy – dissolution of Parliament for a nationwide election.


But what if the sick and evil Mahiaddin locks the Parliament and throws the keys away? No problem, thanks to Najib Razak’s coup. The “Zambry vs. Nizar case” during the 2009 Perak Constitutional Crisis has laid down that the members’ loss of confidence can be expressed by informing the Sultan outside the Assembly of their lack of confidence in the “Menteri Besar (Chief Minister)”.

Muhyiddin Yassin - Illegitimate Prime Minister

Essentially, if Mahiaddin stubbornly and shamelessly locks the Parliament just to cling to power, he will be digging a deeper hole for himself. All the 120 MPs, comprising 105 Opposition MPs and 15 UMNO rebellious MPs, can express their loss of confidence in the prime minister outside the August House, which they had already done with their letters to Agong.


That’s why the premier had called for a high-level meeting of Perikatan Nasional party leaders on Wednesday (August 11), even before his weekly meeting with Agong started. He knew his lies have backfired spectacularly. By knocking Mahiaddin’s head with the Article 43(4), King Sultan Abdullah was basically telling him that either he resigns or brings forward a vote of confidence to next week.


The alternative is more humiliating – become the first prime minister to be sacked by Agong. On the brink of a total collapse, it appears the premier has little option but to hold a vote of confidence next Wednesday (August 18), instead of next month as announced earlier. The lack of smile from top guns of the backdoor government after an excruciating 2-hour meeting today at the PMO suggests everything is not well.

Layoff Retrenchment - You're Fired Letter

If indeed the Malay Ruler had agreed to the prime minister’s so-called proposal to hold a vote of confidence in September, there was no need to fly top party leaders from Sabah and Sarawak for the urgent meeting. The only reason is to recount chicken before a vote of confidence next week. And an earlier Parliament session also means Muhyiddin had again lied and misled the King last week.


Sultan Abdullah needs no reminder of the consequences of agreeing to a sudden dissolution of Parliament. The royal house will get 100% of blames in the event a snap general election triggers new mega waves of Covid-19 infections and deaths, which certainly will happen. After all, the decision to dissolve Parliament is in the hands of Agong (King), not Muhyiddin.


In the same breath, pro-Muhyiddin bloggers, propagandists and cyber troopers should stop barking like a mad dog, cooking up conspiracy theories involving the Palace to overthrow the clueless and incompetent regime. When the King appointed Muhyiddin last year without any proof of support, they applauded the monarch. Now that Muhyiddin is proven to have lost his support, they curse the monarch.

Muhyiddin Yassin and Zahid Hamidi

It is silly and hilarious to blame the Opposition, especially Pakatan Harapan coalition, for the leadership crisis faced by the treachery prime minister. It was UMNO-Malay crooks who are trying to topple the Malay-centric Perikatan Nasional government. Was it not Muhyiddin, who happily invited Najib and Zahid – to the extent of offering them bribes and positions – to form the current backdoor government in the first place?


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No need to write rubbish long long. Just say I want DAP
back in govt. Simple. Democracy is about wish of majority.
Tough luck. Live with it. Or go find one small island in Pacific
and live there lor. We will try not to miss you. Haha@

The truth hurts, eh?

Request King to dissolve parliament and let people decide on new decide on new leaders.

All is well if everything goes as expected in a positive manner
….everyone agrees and happy about it…. And the real problem lies in the aftermath….!!!!!!

I don’t think it is a wise idea to remove a sitting PM.

Stupid PM Niamahaidin is glued to his throne and is still still battling to take control of his faulty back door sprinkler. Removing him when his “Malay first” liquid gold is on free fall is mighty dangerous. Anyone attempting to do so will suffer from the fallout. As it goes right now, it may not be good counsel to go with the flow.

There is flow, alright. But the situation is when the flow is fluid, you might get caught by Niamahaidin’s free venting of his wrath. Then again, if you oppose, Canute-like, the flood gets you.

What wan needs to do is Tai Chi and not Thai boxing. But even so, it is not entirely sensible to go with Niamahaidin’s flow.

Ketuanan has been unable to come up with any idea to remain the guiding philosophy of the supremacists of the land. In fact, for the last sixty years it has not come up with anything of any use or any sense that would get the enlightened wonders of the bankrupt ideology anywhere but back to Stone Age caveman “society”. “Malay first”, of course. And off course.

Even if the Stupid PM gains control of himself, he cannot take control of the the situation, ketuanan always had a suicide mission to wipe itself out, and all its disciples guarantee that. You can’t run a gomen or even a nasi lumak stall if you have a daft delusionally hashed philosophy born of caveman ignorance and arrogance to hide gross inadequacy, insecurity, and inferiority. And you cannot survive by reciting the mantra you are the “chosen” blah if you ain’t got the goods to back glorious ketuanan up.

It is only a matter of a short time, Malaysians with the attention span of a fruitfly lose interest in the chest-thumping, kris waving, and screeching war cries, and get thoroughly fed up, yawn.

And Malaysians ain’t scared no more, laugh their sarongs off when threatened with all sorts of consequences, extreme and all, not to question the concocted piles of giant bollocks of “exclusive” and “exceptional” rights. If anything it is excruciating for the intelligent and even the least clued up of the land, a pile of big bollocks is a pile of big bollocks, ketuanan is hollow, the emperor has no clothes.

It is time we give up on Ketuanan, let it die its rightfool natural death than let its fcuking moron proponents make it die a rightful unnatural death.

Reading this should cure Stupid PM Niamahaidin of the need to desperately cling onto his diarrhoea-splattered flag, surrender gracefully with his bunch of diarrhoea-loving dumbfcuk retards and half-baked jokers with “jokes” no one should laugh at. We are only laughing at the profound stupidity of the oversized bunch of prized clueless, useless, and worthless dumbfcuk retard monkeys, give up killing more people and destroying the country.

And for the love of common of decency, don’t think of replacing ketuanan with ketuanan, try Every Race first. Now wash your left and right hand, get off walking on your knuckles, walk like you’ve got a stolen spine, and rejoin the human race! Ugh ugh…

Please, meanwhile, as you struggle to ponder over what to do that you can’t anyway, get the pathetic retard babies among you clown monkeys to lay off sending the boys round those tight blue uniforms to shore upyour fcuking fragile huge egos, willya..?!

“Just say I want DAP
back in govt”

Zulhisham Nodding,.

Can’t do that I’m afraid.

When Taiko Lim started shagging for his son’s atuk, the slippery and slimy Snake Pharaoh M for Memali Monster and tried that con about the talking snake’s “repentance”, I lost trust or much interest in the Devious Arseh*le Party.

Worse than that I got pissed off when Taiko Limbo Khat Sial started shagging off about the joy of Jawi and forced Khat on Malaysians.

It got to sheer prostitution and absolute crawling behaviour when the Dog Arse Party sent a bunch of unbelievable ccokscukers to sit like salivating lapdogs at the hooves of the Snake Pharaoh in the cheap version of Playmates show lust at Hugh Hefner. Just how low can arse-licking sink?

But that does not mean for wan sec I think Brand Ketuanan should be the choice bunch of filthy retard monkeys to lord it over even a dish of stale char siew sausage. Far from it!

Brand Ketuanan simply hasn’t got any substance to impress anyone. For sixty years the bunches of leading fcuking clown retard monkeys have been only forcefully showing how fcuking clueless, useless, and worthless they were. And they are still trying very hard again and again they are nothing but that in the incredibly amazing belief that if they try many many times – like forever, they would magically get a different result and pigs will fly, we can dump the magic carpets and fly with winged oinks and not winged donkeys.

As for “… find one small island in Pacific
and live there lor”, are you an Orange Asli?

If not you should not usurp the reality of the rightful claim of the real owners of the land, you should balik Taiwan, the motherland of our “majority” fake sums of the nightsoil.

And why the “Pacific”?

Like the motherland Taiwan, the region is also where our aboriginals have dispersed. The pretender to the legacy of Jose Rizal, the neocon running dog Anwar Ibrahim, claimed the vast region of the “Malays” includes the “Pacific”.

Anwar has always been a ketuanan rabble with the typical trademark of moronic stupidity and incredible ignorance, he never knew his idol and the illustrious hero whom he elected himself to be heir to, is of Ketuanan Cina stock, specifically, a Hokkien!

But all is not lost.

Only our “opposition” filled up with assorted bunches and individual Western traitorous and treacherous running dogs would hail Anwar as the yet another fcuking ketuanan messiah, Alhamdulilah!

Btw, who tf are you to tell anyone to go anywhere “small” or large?

Not another boring typically uncivilised and uncultured fcuked up retard monkey from Team Ketuanan, I hope!

Give ku li and tok mat hassan a chance to become our PM and DPM until GE15.

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