Muhyiddin Has Only 92 MPs Against Opposition’s 107 With 21 Neutral – The King May Interview Every MP To Call His Bluff

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Aug 02 2021
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Dictator wannabe Muhyiddin is fighting a losing battle against Agong King Sultan Abdullah, and he knew it. With his popularity of less than 20%, he is easily the most hated prime minister in the history of Malaysia. Even dictators Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, despite their corruption and brutality, were more popular – until they were overthrown by a U.S.’ military intervention.


Mr Muhyiddin does not need any foreign intervention to be toppled. The regime’s latest acts of treason against the Malay King have added another sparkling trophy to its long list of spectacular achievements – Coronavirus mishandling, economic mismanagement, policy flip-flops, SOP U-turns, double standards in enforcement, incompetence, treachery, hypocrisy, and whatnot.


With Agong and nine Malay Rulers not in his favour, as well as more than 1-million Covid-19 infections and death toll of 10,000, some 777,500 people unemployed and up to 580,000 businesses (representing 49 % of the micro, small and medium enterprise sector) at risk of closing down by October, the government is basically clutching at straws to stay afloat.

Muhyiddin Yassin - Sad

The power-crazy Muhyiddin has done a magnificent job in self-destruction – killing 10,000 people, especially its critical Malay vote bank, not to mention sending them to poverty and starvation simply because his clueless backdoor government had no idea how to run the country during the pandemic. And it’s because of these reasons that the monarch was forced to intervene.


If the Perikatan Nasional government dared to lie, insult and betray the same Malay Rulers that it claimed would defend and protect, chances are it could have also lied about the Covid-19 cases from the beginning. And if it dared to usurp the powers of the King by lying and faking the revocation of the Emergency Ordinances, chances are most of the RM800 billion may have gone missing.


Yes, despite having spent an eye-popping RM812 billion – various stimulus packages totalling RM490 billion and RM322 billion allocation for the national budget – the general public simply did not feel any direct or spill over economic effect. And that’s why the nine monarchs had raised the doubts about the trustworthiness of the Mahiaddin government on June 16.

Malay Rulers - Malaysia Monarchies - Sultans - Conference Meeting

Why do you think the Malay Rulers issued the decree after their extraordinary emergency meeting on June 16 that the Parliament must reconvene to debate about Emergency laws and the National Recovery Plan? Even the sultans did not believe the government had spent so much money while producing almost zero effect on the economy and employment.


And why do you think the corrupt and disgraced government, comprised primarily of UMNO, Bersatu and PAS, refuses to allow any vote of confidence to be tabled in Parliament? In the event the backdoor government collapsed, the prime minister and his close confidants may be investigated for the missing of hundreds of billions of Ringgit. By hook or by crook, it cannot lose power.


However, it did not expect the King to put up a fight, not especially after the Prime Minister Office (PMO) issued a press statement on the same day (July 29) to counter the monarch’s public denial that he had given his consent for the cancellation of the emergency laws. Muhyiddin’s reminder that Agong must do as he says saw a stunning royal retaliation on the same day.

Agong King Sultan Abdullah vs Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin

It was absolutely thrilling that on the same day (July 29), the King exposed the regime’s web of deceit and lies, only to see Muhyiddin fought back with a press statement, but was immediately greeted with a 4-page letter of decree that exposed more of the regime’s lies and acts of treason, before the monarch insists that the revocation of the emergency laws must still be tabled and debated.


Trapped and panicked, the sinking ship began to make silly mistakes. The premier hastily ordered the Parliament to be closed and locked indefinitely under the pretext of Covid-19 infections, which suddenly appeared. Takiyuddin Hassan, the lawmaker who had lied in Parliament on behalf of Muhyiddin, was suddenly admitted to the hospital the next day (July 30) due to heart problems.


But the biggest mistake was the use of police force to intimidate, suppress, and oppress the freedom of speech. On Saturday (July 31), battalions of traffic police, plainclothes police, drones and helicopters were mobilized to intimidate the peaceful demonstrators – numbering between 500 and 2,000 – in Kuala Lumpur. The protesters demanded the resignation of PM Mahiaddin alias Muhyiddin.

Malaysia Lawan Demonstration - Kerajaan Gagal Protest - Muhyiddin Yassin

Roads around Merdeka Square, where National Day parades have been usually held, were ordered to be sealed off as protesters, armed with black flags and dressed in black, took to the streets. More importantly, the demonstration was organised by a coalition of youth and civil society groups, called the People’s Solidarity Secretariat (Sekretariat Solidariti Rakyat).


Adding anger to the demonstration was a story shared by Sarah Irdina Mohammad Ariff, co-founder of “MISI: Solidariti”. The 20-year-old youth activist shared on social media how she was detained for 11 hours and forced to strip naked down to her underwear over her role in the “#Lawan (fight)” protest, something the government conveniently labelled as an anti-government demonstration.


It’s puzzling that Muhyiddin administration haven’t learned anything from the previous corrupt Barisan Nasional government. Former prime ministers, Abdullah Badawi and Najib Razak, had tried the same trick of suppressing, bullying and intimidating peaceful protests namely the “Bersih” rallies, only to backfire with hundreds of thousands more people joining the demonstrations.

Merdeka Square Marching To Parliament - Opposition Leaders Demand Muhyiddin Resignation

Today, a whopping 500 police officers were mobilized to intimidate 107 Opposition Members of Parliament, who decided to march from Merdeka Square to the Parliament. Apparently, the despicable PM Muhyiddin, too afraid to test his legitimacy, had ordered the police force to erect barricades on roads leading to the Parliament main entrance.


It was a tactical blunder that has given free publicities to the Saturday’s peaceful demonstration, and again to the Opposition today. It makes more youngsters join the bandwagon against the bully regime, as well as uniting the divided Oppositions. For the first time since last year, Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and former PM Mahathir Mohamad were sharing a microphone, condemning the regime.


After all, there were only 107 Opposition MPs at the Merdeka Square today, less than 113 MPs who allegedly supported the prime minister. So, exactly why is the government so paranoid and terrified of the opposition parties that the prime minister had to tell all and sundry that he was suffering a bout of diarrhoea, and subsequently hid himself at home since Monday?

Muhyiddin Yassin - Prime Minister Legitimacy In Question

The only logical explanation is that Mr Muhyiddin actually possessed less support than all the opposition parties combined. According to insiders who told FreeMalaysiaToday news portal today, there were only 19 MPs from Barisan Nasional who had turned up for a meeting with the newly promoted deputy prime minister “turtle egg” Ismail Sabri Yaakob.


It means Mr Sabri, who is incredibly grateful to Muhyiddin, has also lied when he screamed until foaming at the mouth that 40 MPs from Barisan Nasional have pledged their undivided support for the premier. Now it’s crystal clear why the government has resorted to locking the Parliament again, despite the turtle egg minister’s chest-thumping declaration that it has more than 110 MPs.


Essentially, it means Perikatan Nasional under the leadership of Muhyiddin has only maximum 92 MPs compared to the Opposition’s 107, while 21 MPs from Barisan Nasional remain neutral or abstain. It makes perfect sense why the 21 MPs has distanced themselves from Muhyiddin with a 10-foot pole after the latest confrontations and clashes with the Palace.

UMNO and Bersatu PPBM Flags

The 21 MPs, presumably all are from United Malays National Organization (UMNO), might have been forced to support the prime minister. But the tensions between Muhyiddin’s administration and King Sultan Abdullah provide the perfect excuse for them to stay neutral. Here’s the interesting partthere are 9 MPs from UMNO who are full Cabinet ministers, and another 8 who are deputy ministers.


Based on the strong support for PM Muhyiddin expressed by UMNO MPs who is neither a minister nor a deputy minister, namely Tajuddin Abdul Ramli, Nazri Aziz and Shahidan Kassim, as well as Tengku Adnan, who was recently cleared of corruption charges despite overwhelming evidence, there should be 23 Barisan MPs, including 2 MPs from MCA and MIC (not 19 MPs) in Muhyiddin’s camp.


That means at least 4 UMNO MPs – either ministers or deputy ministers – are not supportive of the premier. To make matters worse, Muhyiddin’s coalition also depends heavily on 18 MPs from GPS (Gabungan Parti Sarawak). In the event it’s clear that Muhyiddin only has 19 Barisan MPs, hence the inevitable collapse of the regime, GPS will be the first to quit.

Gabungan Parti Sarawak GPS

Curiously, while UMNO warlords, divided into several camps, are fighting tooth and nail over who controls the majority of the MPs, there isn’t similar enthusiasm or commitment from the Sarawak-based GPS to demonstrate support for Muhyiddin. The dictator may think he can cling to power until 2023 by locking the Parliament or refusing to allow any vote of confidence.


However, there are many ways to skin a cat. The King, after a consultation with his brother rulers, may decide to interview each of the 220 lawmakers to determine whether Muhyiddin still commands the support or otherwise. If the backdoor prime minister is found to have cooked up his support, the monarch may demand that he resigns, and subsequently appoint a new prime minister.


PM Muhyiddin’s support could be as low as 74 MPs only, if Gabungan Parti Sarawak tells Agong that they too would remain neutral and support any coalition that could form the next government. Worse, the traitor prime minister could see his support plunge to just 64 MPs, if his blue-eyed boy Azmin Ali unexpectedly jumps ship, offering the support of his bloc of 10 MPs to the highest bidders.

Traitors - Azmin Ali, Muhyiddin Yassin and Hamzah Zainudin


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