Dividing The Chinese – Clueless Wee Begs Chinese Voters Not To Put All Eggs In One Basket, Threatens Marginalization

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Mar 08 2021
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Since the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) was founded in Feb 1949, it has been a uni-racial political party that comprises only Chinese members in the country – until 2018. It would take the party almost 70 years, and a humiliating loss in the May 2018 General Election, to reluctantly amend its constitution to allow non-Chinese to be affiliate members.


Even then, it would take the ailing MCA more than a year later – early this month – to finally welcome non-Chinese to join the party. But are there any right-minded non-Chinese, especially the ethnic Malays, eager to join the party? Exactly why should the Malays join MCA when they are spoilt with choices, where they can join UMNO, PPBM, PAS, Amanah or even PKR?


Heck, even the Democratic Action Party (DAP), the long time bitter enemy of MCA, has tons of non-Chinese members. Seven decades before MCA opens its doors to other ethnicities, DAP has had within its ranks not only non-Chinese members, but also the leaders. Ahmad Nor became the first Malay Member of Parliament for DAP after winning the seat of Bayan Baru in 1990.

Ahmad Nor - First Malay Member of Parliament for DAP

But even prior to Ahmad Nor joining DAP in 1986, there was the infamous Ahmad Ton, who joined the DAP in 1975, during a time when very few Malays would have thought of joining the Chinese-dominated party. Ahmad Ton, ironically a former UMNO member who was disillusioned with UMNO’s lies and propagandas, had never looked back since he joined DAP.


In the same era as Ahmad Nor, Fadzlan Yahya, P. Patto and Peter Paul Dason, Ahmad Ton established the first “Malay DAP” branch in Batu Pahat, Johor in 1976. Despite losses, he fearlessly fought thrice against a giant, former MCA president Ling Liong Sik. It’s not an exaggeration to say that as a result of the foundation built by Ahmad Ton, UMNO Johor ultimately collapsed in 2018.


In truth, DAP has been a multiracial party from the first day it was formally formed in 1966. Do you know that during the 1969 General Election – the first election participated by DAP – the party had fielded 10 Malay candidates? The 1969 election saw how the Opposition almost topples the ruling Alliance Party, a coalition consisted of MCA, UMNO and MIC.

Ahmad Ton - 1949 – 2019 – Joined DAP in 1975

DAP more than doubled its elected Malay representatives after the 2018 election – to nine elected Malay representatives or six more than the previous election in 2013. In fact, the party which was being called as a “Chinese chauvinist party” for decades by rivals had nominated 10 Malay candidates, and won 9 of them in 2018 – a success that brought back the memory of the 1969 election.


How’s that for a party that is accused of being pro-communist and chauvinism? If DAP is still regarded as a racist party even until today, what do you call MCA, or its previous political master UMNO and current new master PPBM? MCA is more than 40 years late to the party in attracting genuine and sincere Malay leaders like Ahmad Ton, Ahmad Nor, Fadzlan Yahya and Ibrahim Singgeh.


Not only MCA’s decision of welcoming non-Chinese is too little too late, but is seen as a desperate move to stay relevant. The Malaysian Chinese Association claimed it turns multiracial as the people have shown displeasure for racial politics. Was the clueless MCA admitting that the Alliance Party, which later restructured as Barisan Nasional, was indeed a “racist coalition”?

MCA President Wee Ka Siong - 67th MCA General Assembly

Speaking during the 67th MCA general assembly over the weekend, MCA president Wee Ka Siong shamelessly begged the Chinese community – “I sincerely hope that the Chinese community will give us an opportunity by not putting all eggs in one basket but instead, allow a balanced political development between the ruling coalition and the opposition.”


Clearly, it’s both humiliating and entertaining to hear a party that supposedly represents Malaysian Chinese since 1949 is shamelessly begging for support in 2021, more than 70 years later. Mr. Wee should take a long hard look at himself and ask what he has done since his appointment as Deputy Education Minister (2008-2013) under Najib administration.


Has Wee forgotten how he was booed, heckled and jeered by a crowd of close to 10,000 angry Chinese at an event in 2012? Has he forgotten how he narrowly missed a punch from an angry “Uncle” because he failed, or deliberately refused, to solve the issue of shortage of Chinese school teachers, despite being the deputy education minister?

Wee Ka Siong Booed & Jeered – Missed A Punch (2012)

The 2008 General Election, which marked the first time since the 1969 election that the Barisan Nasional coalition did not win a two-thirds supermajority in the Malaysian Parliament, was a “wake-up” call. But MCA chose to play its role as a subservient party to UMNO in exchange for projects and positions, refused to defend one of the most important matters – Chinese education.


The 2008 General Election wake-up call was followed by a warning in 2013 Election, where for the first time in history, Barisan Nasional won less popular vote than the Opposition. Eventually, the coalition was defeated by the 2018 tsunami. The Chinese community had actually given MCA at least 3 opportunities – in 2008, 2013 and 2018. But the corrupt MCA did nothing until it was too late.


Wee was the sole survivor in the 2018 General Election after winning his Ayer Hitam seat, a Malay-majority constituency, with a slim 303-vote majority. And now Wee is asking – shamelessly – for the fourth opportunity because the illegitimate Prime Minister Muhyiddin is about to call for a snap election. Perhaps the MCA president thought the young generation of Chinese were dumb and could be hoodwinked.

Wee Ka Siong Begs Chinese For Opportunity - Cry After Lost Power

In the same 67th MCA general assembly, Mr Wee also lied through his teeth, claiming that MCA and Barisan practices multiculturalism, moderation, and inclusiveness. Where was Wee when UMNO, the dominant party in Barisan, repeatedly told the Malaysian Chinese to go back to China and threatened to close down all SJKC vernacular schools?


More importantly, why did MCA join the current backdoor Malay centric Perikatan Nasional government in March 2020, where extremism, racism, radicalization – even Talibanization – are being practised by Muhyiddin regime? And where was Mr Wee when his colleague, Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal, similarly insisted that SJKC vernacular schools must be closed?


At the same time, Wee also appeared to be threatening the Chinese, arguing that the Chinese community will be marginalised if they are not represented in the government. He talked as if Perikatan Nasional or Barisan Nasional will surely win the next 15th General Election and only MCA can represent the ethnic group. The clueless Wee had forgotten that such threat is not new.

UMNO Red Shirts Rally Charming Message - Eliminate Chinese SJKC Vernacular Education

Under the previous leadership of Chua Soi Lek, MCA had issued a similar threat – not to join the Cabinet after the 2013 General Election if it fared worse than the 2008’s. The Chinese voters, not concerned whether MCA is represented in the Cabinet or not, delivered a massive defeat to the party. It won only 7 parliamentary seats out of 37 contested, and 11 state seats out of 90 contested – hence mocked as a “7-11” party.


Of course, the Chinese voters did not lose sleep over zero ministers in the Cabinet after the 2013 election. Instead, it was a bunch of MCA leaders who could not live without power and positions. In a drama in May 2014, then-PM Najib invited the MCA to rejoin the Cabinet. Then-MCA president Liow Tiong Lai and his deputy We Ka Siong happily accepted the offer after passing a resolution in an EGM to do so earlier.


If the scare tactic didn’t work before 2013, what are the chances that it will spook the Chinese, especially the younger voters, in 2021 and beyond? In reality, MCA president Wee is trying to divide the Chinese votes, of which up to 95% had gone to DAP in the 2018 election. Even if he could get a small chunk of the vote bank, he could brag about reviving the party.

Liow Tiong Lai and Wee Ka Siong - Won 2013 MCA Party Election

However, Wee made a silly mistake when he attacked the previous Pakatan Harapan government, which collapsed after Muhyiddin betrayed his own government and worked with Barisan Nasional crooks and PAS extremists to form the backdoor Perikatan Nasional government. He claimed that under Pakatan, the country’s economic development stagnated and many mega-projects were terminated.


Under current Perikatan Nasional, unemployment rate has skyrocketed to 4.8%, foreign direct investments (FDI) has dropped by 68%, some 32,000 small-and-medium-businesses have closed down, Fitch Ratings’ has downgraded Malaysia’s credit rating from A- to BBB+ and economy – GDP – has plunged by 5.6% – the worst contraction since the 1998 Asian Financial Crisis.


So, which part of economic mismanagement under the current incompetent and illegitimate government that Wee Ka Siong fails to understand? Perhaps the genius Wee could explain the pathetic performance of his government, where Malaysia only managed to attract 2.3% of total FDI (foreign direct investment) in the Southeast Asia last year.

Tiong King Sing and Wee Ka Siong

PKFZ Scandal - How Cost SkyRocket To RM12 Billion

Crooked Wee also conveniently forgot that it was him, as the backdoor Transport Minister, who abused his position by unfairly terminating the RM6.6 billion Klang Valley Double Tracking (KVDT2) project. Obviously, it was to get kickbacks from a new deal. Perhaps Wee thought people had forgotten how he worked with Tiong King Sing – the Bintulu Mafia – in the RM12 billion PKFZ scandal.


Hilariously, the moron Wee has also accused the Pakatan government of selling the country’s assets, ignoring the fact that it had to be done to pay RM1 trillion national debt, RM50.75 billion of 1MDB debt, not to mention a whopping RM24 billion to bailout Tabung Haji (Hajj Pilgrims Fund) and Felda – all caused by the previous Barisan Nasional government.


Someone should remind Wee that it was his former boss – Najib Razak – who exposed the sale of TH Plantations assets even under the current government. And there was the sale of 21-storey MIDF building to Singapore-based JD Hospitality Sdn Bhd cheaply at RM140 million. In addition, the Boustead-owned Royale Chulan Bukit Bintang 4-star Hotel has been sold to Singapore-listed Hotel Royal Ltd at RM177 million.

MCA Malaysia Chinese Association - Empty Basket Without Eggs

It’s not DAP’s fault that MCA’s basket is empty without eggs. Had MCA leaders like Wee Ka Siong stood up against UMNO’s decades of corruption, racism, discrimination – and even oppression – against the Chinese community, they would not have had lost any eggs today. If they still hadn’t figured out why they lost their eggs in the first place, no amount of whining and bitching can help MCA.


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mca (no capital letters please) is irrelevant and is history. Just ignore mosquito wee. No sane Chinese will listen to him.

It is perhaps not too late for the MCA to pirate the DAP strategy of letting into essentially ethnic Chinese party of Malays and “using Malays to fight Malays”.

All the Chinese need to do is follow Josef StaLim Guano Eng’s crafty idea of pretending his father and grandfather are not Chinese but of the “Malaysian race. Josef StaLim has always makes it a point to forever make known his grandfather Atuk is not Chinese but an Indian zombie fakir pretending to be Malay.

The DAP can have its eggs in the basket because free eggs have been chucked at it by Chinese folks pissed off with it. Given their opportunity, the Malays would also love to chuck eggs at the DAP.

To be real both the MCA and the DAP have let down more than badly Chinese Malaysians. Both have consistently had fcuking useless clown arseh*le politicians of the unimaginably worst order there is and can be only in Malaysia.

Mind you, with an equally hopeless Chinese retard sheep electorate that can be easily misled and led by the fcuked up in the MCA and the DAP, I have to say the Chinese thoroughly deserve those fcuked up undead politicians.

I don’t disagree with your analysis.

Just wish to flag that DAP is faring no better today. Chinese worked so hard to vote DAP into government, hoping they can make a change. Instead, DAP blew it all simply because they were and still are obsessed with the agenda to make Anwar Ibrahim prime minister.

Sure, blame Mahathir, it’s convenient and popular, but still doesn’t deflect from reality that DAP today has lost its plot The only way for DAP to deliver is to make a difference is to be part of government, not opposition.

The party no longer champion the ordinary Malaysians. Instead, the obsession to make Anwar prime minister has gripped the party and DAP seems extremely comfortable to continue to be opposition. And don’t we all know, as opposition you just need to complain and not be bothered about implementation and results, it’s really a good place to be.

Meanwhile, the ordinary people continues to suffer.

If MCA is smart enough to reinvent itself AND deliver results, DAP will be in a bad place.

“The party no longer champion the ordinary Malaysians.”

The DAP never was, but no one can easily forget how its leadership monkeys fall over each other to defend and bitch for old Robber Kuok when that RPK fella said something naughty about the poor old codger!

If ever there was a more colourful bunch lapping up the arseh*le of the rich !

Fancy, that unelected old monkey foisted into the secretive cabal of “elders” to think for Malaysians, and none of those DAP elected had the testicle or pussy to object to the Snake Pharaoh Dr Monster, on behalf of the voters!

Malaysia doesn’t need a military industrial complex to line the pockets of politicians, those in the DAP are happy to be fcuking running dogs free and for their religious devotion to the rich.

Vote those running dogs, and the fleas come as free gift!

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