Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner Drama – How MCA Screws The Chinese Before Pretending To Fix The Problem

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Feb 08 2021
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It’s the same old pathetic drama that has been used for more than 60 years. First, the government would take away something from you using some of the silliest excuses or justifications. Then, upon public backlash, which they had anticipated, they would return it to you and voila, people would applaud the government for being kind and considerate.


Exactly why should the people be grateful to a government for returning something that belongs to them in the first place? It was like a pickpocket who stole your money, but when caught red-handed, offers to return the cash and in return expect praises. Such psychology game worked marvellously in the 1980s, before the emergence of social media and the internet.


It’s funny that MCA – Malaysian Chinese Association – thought it could still twist and spin the old propaganda game to win over ethnic Chinese voters in the coming Chinese New Year 2021. The disgraced political party must have thought that in the year of the “Ox”, it could insult the intelligence of the Chinese community, thinking they are as dumb as a cow.

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner Flip-Flop - MCA President Wee Ka Siong

On Sunday (Feb 7), MCA president Wee Ka Siong thanked his boss – backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin – for listening and understanding the sensitivity of the issue of “Reunion Dinner” plaguing the minority ethnic Chinese. Wee was trying very hard to make Muhyiddin a hero, despite the fact that the issue was started by the same incompetent government itself.


Heck, Mr. Wee, who is supposed to protect the Chinese community, has even rained praises for his clueless colleagues, Senior Minister “Turtle Egg” Ismail Sabri and National Unity Minister Halimah Mohamed Sadique. Why should the MCA president be grateful when it was they who insisted that there were nothing wrong with the Chinese New Year SOP (standard operating procedure)?


Apparently, Wee Ka Siong, famously known in the community as a running dog of the government, is happy and glad because the government has made a U-turn and released a new revised SOP. Now the flip-flop government allows not more than 15 people living within a 10km radius to attend the reunion dinner. Worshippers are also allowed to pray at temples, despite some silly rules.

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner - Ismail Sabri Screw Up

Earlier on Thursday (Feb 4), Senior Minister Ismail Sabri announced a set of SOP for the Chinese New Year, included that a reunion dinner must be held only at home and are limited to family members living under the same roof. The SOP appeared to suggest that the same family members had been eating separately at four corners of the house for the entire year until the coming reunion dinner.


The half-baked SOP essentially means even children who live next door, or in the same apartment, or even within the same village, which is obviously within the 10 kilometres radius restriction as per current MCO lockdown SOP, were disallowed to join their families for the reunion dinner. In fact, they can’t even visit their elders, let alone having the important get-together meal.


To rub salt in a wound, prayers at the temples were not allowed except for five of the temple’s committee members. However, pasar malam (night markets), supermarkets, barber shops and whatnot are widely opened. The screw up saw Malaysian Chinese condemned the government, not too much because they could not enjoy the reunion dinner, but more due to the illogical reasons.

National Unity Minister Halimah Mohamed Sadique

To save face after the uproar, the clueless Senior Minister Ismail Sabri said he was “puzzled” and claimed it was not his fault. He quickly passed the ball to the National Unity Ministry. National Unity Minister Halimah Mohamed Sadique then conveniently blamed some 21 Chinese-based organizations, claiming the SOPs were prepared after having discussions with them.


However, none of the 21 religious bodies, Chinese cultural associations and Chinese chambers of commerce was told of the final decision, as they attended the meeting only to give their views. Besides, it did not make sense that the 21 Chinese-based organizations had no idea that the reunion dinner actually happens on Chinese New Year’s Eve, which is Feb 11, and not Feb 12 or 13 as indicated by the SOP.


It appeared that either Minister Halimah was ignorant and racist, or deliberately and arrogantly shoved the dubious SOPs down the “second-class” Malaysian Chinese’s throat. Here’s where the cheap propaganda drama gets really hilarious. Ti Lian Ker, the MCA leader who has been actively criticising the SOP, is also the Deputy National Unity Minister.

Ti Lian Ker - Deputy National Unity Minister

Mr Ti posted on Facebook – “Someone has screwed up totally here. This SOP must be quickly withdrawn and rectified! This is not an SOP, but a forbidden city.” As the deputy minister of the same ministry that lied about 21 Chinese-based organizations agreeing to a half-baked SOP, has Ti Lian Ker been sleeping on the job until the backlash from the ethnic Chinese?


Yes, the entire drama smells fishy the moment Deputy National Unity Minister Ti Lian Ker pretended to be a Chinese hero and criticised his own ministry. Did not his boss, Minister Halimah, ask for his opinion about the SOP prior to making it official? Has Mr Ti no dignity and honour for staying as the deputy minister if his advice isn’t needed at all despite being the ethnic Chinese representative?


More importantly, why did MCA president Wee reduce himself to a pariah, thanking Turtle Egg Senior Minister Ismail Sabri and National Unity Minister Halimah for screwing and disrespecting the minority Chinese? Or did Wee and Ti together with Sabri and Halimah purposely screw the Chinese before pretending to fix the problem to create a fake perception of a caring backdoor government?

Muhyiddin Yassin - Illegitimate Prime Minister

Interestingly, the backdoor PM Muhyiddin only agreed to relax the Chinese New Year SOP after heavy criticisms from two ex-prime ministers – Najib Razak and Mahathir Mohamad. It also came after an online movement by Malaysians, especially ethnic Malays, urging the Agong (King) to implement 5 measures to ease peoples’ hardship due to Covid-19 pandemic, failing which Muhyiddin must be fired.


Still, there’s a problem with the latest flip-flop SOP allowing up to 15 people living within a 10km radius to attend the reunion dinner. Is this rule – “only two people” from one household in a car still applicable? So, the silly regime expects a family of five who live under the same roof needs to make 4 road trips just to attend a reunion dinner with their elderly parents and grandparents?


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dear sirs.

There’s no need for harsh words. It’s the new year.
Whatever it is is nobody’s. fault.
Nobody wanted thing to be this way.

Whatever unhappiness can be made to be resonable happy if we do not harp and make mountains out of a molegill.

We can still be happy as we greet each other a gery happy new year.

We are family. Whether Malay, Chines, Indian or Borneo natives we have been family and shall stay family.

And this is what keeps us going

Kong Hee Fatt Choy

You can’t really blame the MCA for screwing the Chinese. The DAP is excellent for the same natural ability too.

Malaysian Chinese are predominantly from coolie, peasant, and mine digger stock, and have zero cultural attainment, intellectual cultivation, basic civility, or minimal personal integrity.

While the longkang “supremacist” monkeys screw our longkang politician Chinese, our longkang politician Chinese screw each other – and other Chinese.

Our longkang Chinese would stoop to a worm’s level, fight each other to grovel to kiss the arse of their “supremacist enemies” – while lording it over their “own kind” (moron Chinese voters).

The demise and downfall of the Chinese Malaysians are caused by themselves, in particular, the longkang politician Chinese – and, frankly, jolly well-deserved.

Malaysian Chinese are great at making themselves victims and then out of their duplicity and treachery blame themselves and others.

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