Gong Xi Fa Chai – MCA & Najib Calling Your Parents, Bribing & Begging For Votes

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Feb 16 2018
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Don’t be surprised when your dad or mom happily tells you that Prime Minister Najib Razak had called to wish them “Gong Xi Fa Chai”. As Malaysian ethnic-Chinese, like the rest of Chinese around the world, prepare for a family reunion dinner, Najib regime didn’t waste whatever little time left soliciting for votes from the Chinese community.


Of course, Mr. Najib didn’t personally call your parents. Even if he did, it’s hard to believe he was sincere. After all, this is the same person who had vowed to bathe his keris (Malay dagger) with Chinese blood. The so-called Najib’s private calls were from part-time workers paid by his propaganda team taking advantage of the Chinese Lunar New Year.


However, Najib’s propaganda team isn’t the only people trying to suck up to the ethnic-Chinese. MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association), one of 13 component parties forming Barisan Nasional (National Front) coalition, has similarly shifted into top gear. While Najib’s team sends Chinese Lunar New Year greetings, MCA was entrusted to do some heavy-lifting.

Liow Tiong Lai - Najib Razak - Rosmah Mansor - Chinese New Year Huat Ahh Greetings

MCA is taking advantage of senior citizens, claiming that as a MCA member, they are entitled to free RM100 cash “angpow (monetary gift in red envelope)” as well as free general insurance protection. Your parents may bang their head against wall and beat themselves up, as they couldn’t remember they had ever joined the political party.


Still, your parents are required to go to MCA office such as Wisma MCA to get the goodies. Chances are they would be forced to attend some sort of brainwashing talks or photo ops for propaganda purposes. MCA also hopes that the bribes could entice some greedy and ignorant Chinese into registering as new member of MCA, and in the process increase its supporters.


The Chinese-based MCA party is often seen by the Chinese community as a lapdog of UMNO, a Malay-based dominant political party of which Mr. Najib is the president. As a running dog willing to do anything just for some crumbs, MCA was abandoned while opposition DAP gobbled as much as 90% of Chinese vote bank during election 5 years ago.

Wee Ka Siong and Liow Tiong Lai

Wait a minute!! How did Najib Razak and MCA get hold of your parents’ contact number? Isn’t that an intrusion of privacy? Apparently, those folks from Najib propaganda team and MCA marketing team possess all the confidential data – including your parents’ identity card information, job or occupation, and even their old home address. What privacy?


It appears that Najib administration has failed to rally ethnic-Malay voters, even after the prime minister conspired with PAS (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party) to bring ancient Hudud Law to the country. Abdul Hadi Awang, president of PAS, was allegedly bribed RM90 million to leave the now-defunct Pakatan Rakyat coalition to split the opposition parties.


Without solid Malay voters behind him, Mr. Najib has no choice but to fall back to a plan he doesn’t really enjoy. Dressed in Chinese traditional costume, he was forced to act like an idiot beating Chinese drum welcoming Lunar New Year. That drama, performed 5 years ago just before the 2013 general election, had won him several Oscars for being the dumbest and silliest leader from even his circle of supporters.

Najib Razak Beat Drum - Chinese New Year- 2

Najib Razak Beat Drum - Chinese New Year

With the 14th general election around the corner, Najib Razak has once again repeated the stunt. But he had learned his lesson well. This time, he didn’t beat any silly drum, but he still beats around the bush, claiming that he was grateful to the Chinese community for its role in nation-building, and has even given his assurance that no Malaysian will be left behind as Malaysia grows.


As he shamelessly talks about the Chinese tradition of reunion and the important roles played by Chinese brothers, sisters, sons and daughters in the economic growth, Mr. Najib conveniently forgets how he had unleashed Malay extremist and racist Red Shirt movement to intimidate the Chinese, even demanded the abolishment of vernacular schools – SJKC Chinese schools.


Heck, the Red Shirt thugs had threatened to terrorize Malaysia Chinatown – Petaling Street – if not for the timely intervention of former China’s Ambassador to Malaysia Dr Huang Huikang, who deliberately paid a short visit to the Chinatown, sending a message to Najib regime that China would not tolerate violence, let alone bloody racial riots targeting the Chinese community.

UMNO Red Shirts Rally Charming Message - Eliminate Chinese SJKC Vernacular Education

Chinese Ambassador Huang Hui Kang and Wife at Petaling Street Chinatown

The disgraceful MCA, on the other hand, could not even prevent the Red Shirt gangsters from threatening Chinatown, let alone protecting the Chinese community that it claims is representing. The same MCA had also played dumb when its boss PM Najib worked together with radical and extreme PAS to amend Act 355, otherwise known as Islamic Hudud Law.


Early this year, the impotent MCA and Gerakan (another component party of Najib administration) launched a joint assembly, a drama so rare that it gave rise to rumours that both struggling parties were testing water about a possible merger. Both parties begged the Chinese voters to wake up and not be fooled and cheated by opposition DAP.


Amusingly, MCA is still clueless that the Chinese voters have woken up since 2008 (12th general election). MCA President Liow Tiong Lai, whose wife was gifted a controversial RM600,000 Toyota Alphard MPV bearing registration number WSB 15 back in 2009, hopes that his party’s offer of RM100 cash and free insurance plan could prevent his party from going belly up.

Wee Ka Siong Crying in 2009 and Today

Wee Ka Siong, the MCA’s Deputy President who was booed, heckled and jeered, and narrowly missed a punch from  an “angry Uncle” in 2012, also hasn’t learned his lesson. Mr. Wee accuses Penang state government of corruption, when in fact he was involved in the PKFZ’s RM12 billion corruption scandal. Wee was caught crying like a baby when he lost in a coup against Ong Tee Kiat in 2009.


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I will VOTE for “Bee eNd”, no need ANG POW, no need GONG XI greeting, no need eTAKE, no need BRIBE or UNDER TABLE $$$$,
Will vote dem, for “FREE” based on these conditions:

-if I am STILL citizen,
-if I can STILL walk to mai “designated” polling booth,
-if I am still INSIDE Malaxia,
-if I am STILL alive on polling day,

cos I want future generations to DIFFERENTIATE the subtle differences between “MALAYA” and “MALAYSIA’.
MALAYA got MERDEKA in 1957,
MALAYSIA no MERDEKA since 1963!

did mai message get through?
never mind lah………..

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