Regardless Of Anwar Ibrahim’s Decision, PKR, DAP & Amanah Must Stay United In Pakatan Harapan

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Jun 19 2020
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We had written the risk of allowing Mahathir Mohamad to again become a prime minister. In a nutshell, he cannot be trusted. Anwar Ibrahim should be made the new Prime Minister, not Mahathir. Exactly why must Anwar be unfairly mistreated after all his sacrifices while the evil Mahathir, who did not even spend a single day in prison, is given the job again for the third time?


Yes, the ideal choice to the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition is for Anwar to be crowned as the 9th Prime Minister. Screw Mahathir! Long live Anwar! But that was “before” Sabah-based Warisan leader, Shafee Apdal, announced that his choice must be the 94-year-old Mahathir. So in reality, even with the entire PH’s 91 votes behind him, Anwar cannot become the next premier.


The best scenario is for Anwar to become the PM and Mahathir’s son, Mukhriz, as deputy PM with the bonus of Mahathir as Mentor Minister thrown in. But such proposal failed to take off. Therefore, the next option is to work with the devil himself – Mahathir – in order to snatch back the government from backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, who is doing all the UMNO dirty works.

Pakatan Harapan - DAP, PKR, Amanah Symbols

The Mahathir-Anwar combo is not the ideal solution, but unfortunately, it is the only realistic workaround on the table simply because Anwar could not convince either Sabah-based Warisan (9 MPs) or Sarawak-based GPS (18 MPs) to support him – pure and simple! Which part of this that Mahathir-haters or Anwar-supporters don’t understand? A perfect and ideal solution is unavailable.


However, when DAP’s organising secretary, Anthony Loke Siew Fook, revealed that both DAP and Amanah are waiting for PKR president Anwar Ibrahim to decide on the tag-team combo, all hell breaks loose. Anwar’s aide, Perak PKR Chief Mohd Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak, has condemned DAP – “Is this how you repay Anwar for a friendship built over 20 years?”


Seriously? Does the Anwar’s aide really want to go there? When Mahathir unleashed Zakir Naik to bark and insult the non-Malays, telling the Chinese to go back to China and the Hindus to go back to India, where was Anwar Ibrahim? Anwar obediently agreed with Mahathir not to extradite the hate preacher. Is that how Anwar repay non-Malays for a friendship built over 20 years?

Zakir Naik and Anwar Ibrahim

Selangor PKR Youth secretary Ahmad Syukri Abd Razab has even suggested that Anwar quit the Pakatan Harapan coalition to teach DAP and Amanah a lesson. Why must PKR go ballistic when DAP was merely asking Anwar not to drag his feet and decide about the Mahathir-Anwar combo? If Anwar and his party do not agree, just say so. There’s no need to threaten.


It’s the childish behaviour of PKR leaders like Mohd Farhash and Ahmad Syukri, as well as Anwar’s indecisiveness that had allowed Azmin Ali to easily manipulate and betray the party in the first place. Only now PKR leaders whined, moaned and bitched about how Mahathir ignored PKR’s recommendation for ministerships, and appointed Azmin as the Economic Affairs Minister.


Had the PKR leaders courageously threatened to quit the coalition (the same way they are threatening DAP and Amanah now) when Mahathir defiantly appointed Azmin with the evil intention of splitting PKR back in 2018, the coup might not have happened. Anwar’s boys knew it 2 years ago, but talked as if Mahathir’s plan of using Azmin as a mole in the party just happened yesterday.

Azmin Ali and Mahathir Mohamad

Fine, Mahathir had caused the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan government. Can DAP and Amanah also naughtily suspect that there’s more to Anwar’s private meeting in April with Muhyiddin than meets the eye? How could Anwar meet so soon the same traitor who had conspired with Azmin and robbed his chance of becoming the 8th Prime Minister?


After uproars over Anthony Loke’s so-called “pressure” on Anwar to speed up his response, PH secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution Ismail said Anwar had travelled to Sarawak, presumably to win over the hearts of Sarawak party leaders. Another source claimed Anwar is even seeking an audience with some Malay Rulers in order to legitimise himself as the PM candidate.


Has Anwar gotten any favourable replies from Sabah and Sarawak, let alone approvals to meet the monarchs? If not, that suggests a huge problem, is it not? Forget Sarawak, which is a harder nut to crack. Let’s talk about Sabah. Did Anwar at least manage to convince Chief Minister Shafee Apdal to support him as the 10th Prime Minister after Mahathir’s exit in 6 months?

Anwar Ibrahim - Premier In Waiting

Like it or not, the fact remains that Anwar Ibrahim, and Pakatan Harapan (formerly Pakatan Rakyat) for that matter, had tried for 20 years to unseat the mighty Barisan Nasional regime without any success – until the alliance with Mahathir. And now the same old man wanted to get rid of Perikatan Nasional regime, a common enemy, but PKR is getting very emotional instead of objective.


Even if Mahathir has no intention of stepping down after 6 months as promised, one thing is pretty sure – he desperately wants to send UMNO crooks like Najib Razak, Zahid Hamidi, Tengku Adnan, Bung Moktar and Azeez Abdul Rahim to prison. If PKR thinks it’s not worthwhile to even see these spectacular fireworks, then reject Mahathir’s proposal. Just be decisive!


But besides waiting for the next 15th General Election, which may not happen after all until 2023 because the backdoor government of Muhyiddin is no longer under threat thanks to the failure of Mahathir-Anwar combo, what else can PKR and PH do? Has anyone noticed the return of the old UMNO regime with government critics increasingly being charged with sedition?

Lim Guan Eng with Anwar Ibrahim and Mat Sabu

We’ve also published previously that there’s no right or wrong answer as to whether PH should work again with Mahathir. It depends on how desperate PH wants to take back its legitimate power – immediately or wait until the next general election, which is about 3 years away. At the end of the day, if Pakatan Harapan value principles more than politics, then continues as the Opposition.


The most important part is for all the component parties – PKR, DAP and Amanah – to stay united. If PKR decides to let Muhyiddin rules and plunders until 2023, then DAP and Amanah should abandon the plan to work with Mahathir again and close ranks to prevent Pakatan Harapan from a total collapse. But get ready to accept that what is happening to Hannah Yeoh will continue for the next 3 years.


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Warisan gets to veto allowing Anwar to become the PM. Warisan only has 9 MPs

PKR has 39 MPs, so PKR CANNOT veto??

And when PKR vetoes, you blame Anwar, but NOT Warisan?? And we all know that Warisan is whose lackey, give me a break, don’t insult your readers’ intelligence

Your lecture above about can’t get your ‘ideal choice’, why didn’t you tell that to Mahathir and Warisan??

Any double standards here??? Just saying

Dude, it’s Anwar who wants to become PM, not Warisan … You want Anwar to veto Warisan for vetoing his candidacy for premiership? …

Anwar needs Warisan to become a PM, Warisan does not need Anwar to become a PM …

DAP & Amanah just let the cat is out of the bag!

Mahathir is NOT in the way of Anwar becoming PM. The Sabahans and Sarawakians are!

Anwar could only garner 96 seats at most. Even Mahathir supports him! But 96 is only enough to be the “Prime Minister of the Opposition of Malaysia”!

But I suspect that this will not deter diehard Anwar supporters from blaming Mahathir.

The ball is in Anwar’s court now! Is he magnanimous enough to accept that he simply does not have 112; and take a very big step for the country by accepting Mahathir instead?

Again, I suspect not! Anwar’s life purpose is to be become prime minister of Malaysia, everyone else does not matter.

So, as the backdoor government continues to reverse everything into the BN days, the road to ‘salvation’ is blocked by Anwar Ibrahim!

Who’s going lost out at the end? 30 million Malaysians!

Pakatan Harapan is NOT about Anwar Ibrahim!

Pakatan Harapan is way bigger than Anwar Ibrahim!

Pakatan Harapan is about bringing new hope to 30 million Malaysians!

One reason — and ONLY ONE reason — used by those who are desperate to see Anwar gives way to Mahathir to become PM9, is the argument that if not, Najib and Co would go free. So, let Mahathir come back asap for 6 months, so that these people would be convicted and sent to jail. That’s the GREAT URGENCY

Putting aside the open promises by Najib and Zahid NOT to request that the govt drop their cases (like what LGE and Musa did, remember LGE???), even if these people are not lawyers (they sure pretend to be!), there is such a thing called APPEAL, you would know that if you watch enough law and crime TV and movies

So, for those looking at ONLY 6 MONTHS, my question is, what happens AFTER THAT?? Let’s say Najib is sentenced to jail within the next 6 months, can he not APPEAL?? AND APPEAL??? Remember how long Anwar’s appeals took, before he went to jail, for both Sodomy 1 & 2??? At least 2-3 years. And after that, even if Najib loses ALL his appeals, he could STILL be pardoned!!

So, getting Mahathir back for a 6 MONTH GIG will NOT make sure that the crooks won’t go free!! So please don’t be so NAIVE and IGNORANT anymore

Indeed, IF Mahathir (and his lackeys Warisan) REALLY wanted to make sure that the crooks go to jail AND STAY IN JAIL, they would have supported someone else from PH to become PM9, AND MAKE SURE he’ll STAY as PM for LONG after Mahathir hits 100.

So, Mahathir trying to become PM9 is NOT fully about seeing the crooks go to jail, and is definitely NOT about KEEPING the crooks in jail POST-PM9, get real

So, all of you PH supporters out there (and Warisan and all the rest of the MPs who allegedly want Mahathir as PM9) who insist that Anwar must support Mahathir is PM9 are actually INDIRECTLY ENABLING the crooks to go free AFTER Mahathir stops being PM9 (whether it’s 6 months or not)

You want the crooks to STAY in jail?? Well, start thinking 6 YEARS, NOT 6 months. Duh!!

You mean like how the High Court refused to hear review of Riza Aziz discharge?

Dude, there’re more than sending Najib to jail. How about stopping the police harassment on PH politicians using sedition as a start?

Responding to the author of this post~

The target of your persuasion should be Warisan (and Mahathir, behind them), not Anwar PKR. If Warisan REALLY want to stop the rot, then they should not spoil the game, having only 9 MPs

Why haven’t you tried to persuade Warisan (hence Mahathir, and Sarawak) and attack them for being so stubborn?? That’s a double standard right there
(Not allowing some outsiders to veto, is not “vetoing their veto”, that’s a strawman / false equivalence, and you know it)

About Rizal, you STILL haven’t answered me about appeals.

Yeah, it’s REALLY about more than just sending the crooks to jail, thanks for agreeing. So Mahathir and his fans can just stop insulting the public’s intelligence

So, IF Warisan, Sarawak (AND Mahathir) TRULY want the best for the country, please just be magnanimous, hold your noses and support a PH leader as the next PM, just like how we held our noses to vote for Mahathir in 2018 (and will hold our noses AGAIN for Anwar to be PM9, if PH really has nobody else), because JUST LIKE like what the author of this post said,

~You CAN’T always get your ‘ideal choice’
~Just grab the power FIRST!


Had answered you about the issue of “appeal” … If you can’t comprehend the message, it’s not my problem.

“The High Court refused to hear review of Riza Aziz discharge?”

Try to replace Riza Aziz with Najib Razak and replace discharge with conviction …

Did you read about 96 votes of support for Anwar to become PM? Those votes included Mahathir’s 5 votes. So, Mahathir actually supported Anwar as PM.

The issue here is Anwar fails to get Warisan’s support, let alone Sarawak GPS. Isn’t it Anwar’s job to persuade Warisan to support him? Or you expect everyone else to do his job and give him the PM post on a silver platter?

Did you also hear how the Sarawak GPS refuses to entertain Anwar upon his arrival at airport tarmac? Again, is it Mahathir or everyone’s job to force GPS to support Anwar?

Has it ever occured to you that Sabah and Sarawak don’t trust Anwar at all?

Salim, let me show you what is DOUBLE STANDARDS and BLIND SPOT. Watch and learn…

Mahathir could only garner 130 (assuming Maszlee Blackshoes was correct) – 39 (PKR’s) = 91 seats at most. Even not all Bersatu MPs support him! But 96 is only enough to be the “Prime Minister of the Opposition of Malaysia”!

But I suspect that this will not deter diehard Mahathir supporters from blaming Anwar.

The ball is in Mahathir’s court now! Is he magnanimous enough to accept that he simply does not have 112; and take a very big step for the country by accepting Anwar instead?

Again, I suspect not! Mahathir’s life purpose is to be become prime minister of Malaysia AGAIN AND AGAIN, everyone else does not matter.

So, as the backdoor government continues to reverse everything into the BN days, the road to ‘salvation’ is blocked by Mahathir and his lackeys!

Who’s going lost out at the end? 30 million Malaysians!
Pakatan Harapan is NOT about Mahathir!

Pakatan Harapan is way bigger than Mahathir!

Pakatan Harapan is about bringing new hope to 30 million Malaysians!

~Get it now?

Your comment about avoiding a repeat of Riza case, make sure Najib goes to jail AND STAYS there, prevent police harassment using sedition, etc etc

Dude, you wanna do that for JUST 6 MONTHS, or 6 years?? Yeah, it’s more than just sending them to jail but you only talked about doing WHAT but you haven’t answered my point about FOR HOW LONG, 6 YEARS OR 6 MONTHS?

Dude! Answer that

Dude, the investigation and trial is over, is it not?

The High Court will decide in July, is that not true? So you don’t need 6 years to send Najib to jail, is that not true?

~Dude, you clearly DON’T understand what is an Appeal

~Everything you criticized about Anwar, could be easily turned around and applied to Mahathir and his lackeys Warisan. Try wearing the shoe on the other foot

~GPS refused to entertain Anwar, this is extremely crucial this whole debate. Sarawak parties refused to support Anwar for 2 reasons:

A. They won’t support Anwar as PM. BUT, they have NOT said so openly, meaning they haven’t burnt this bridge yet

B. They’ll NOT support flip flopping leaders. This they have said so OPENLY, after they had supported Muhyiddin as PM. And a self proclaimed genius like you would know that they were referring to Mahathir, not Anwar

C. They’ll never work with DAP, it’s a NON STARTER. And THIS, they have said so OPENLY

Therefor, your target should be aimed at DAP the big mouth, not (just) Anwar or PKR

Which proves that it’s NOT TRUE that

~Mahathir would get GPS support to return as PM, bcos GPS doesn’t want to support flip flopping leaders like Mahathir, AND bcos they’ll never work with DAP

~Mahathir will successful hand over power to Anwar, bcos GPS support will stops once Mahathir steps down (assuming that GPS now flips flops ~ like the author of this blog ~ and decides to support flip flopping leader like Mahathir AND work with DAP

So, the GPS story only goes to prove that this attempt to let Mahathir return as PM9 would only end up with more than 6 months of Mahathir, and won’t result in a PH govt for the rest of the term

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