Was Master Strategist & Manipulator Mahathir Really Betrayed By His Own Party & Blue-Eyed Boy Azmin?

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Feb 25 2020
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When six leaders of Bersatu (PPBM), PKR faction aligned with Azmin Ali and oppositions UMNO, PAS, Sarawak-based GPS and Sabah Warisan were granted an audience with the Agong (King) on Sunday (Feb 23), it immediately sparked speculations of a coup – the forming of a new government comprising existing premier Mahathir and opposition parties.


Naturally, it screams betrayal of the highest order. After all, Mahathir had previously met and rub shoulders with crooks from oppositions UMNO and PAS – multiple times. And the 94-year-old prime minister was particularly proud about those meetings, as if it reflected his popularity, and even said that he enjoyed meeting everyone, including the Opposition.


It was only last month that he told all and sundry that he does not hold grudges, and can work with anyone – except Najib Razak. That means he could even work with UMNO President Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, a crook who has been slapped with record 87 criminal charges, not to mention PAS President Hadi Awang who was bribed with RM90 million by former prime minister Najib.

Najib Razak and Hadi Awang - Opposition Break-Up and RM90 Million

The only strange thing about the Sunday’s jaw-dropping political maneuvering was Mahathir’s absence at the Sheraton Hotel in Petaling Jaya where he was supposed to issue a stunning announcement of the formation of a so-called new “Malay only” government, an idea which has been trumpeted for months by pro-opposition bloggers, propagandists, cyber troopers and news media.


But even then, his absence could be easily explained by the possibility of the King’s disapproval of a backdoor government. Heck, even his stunning “betrayal” was not really a surprise considering that he had been flip-flopping about the actual date to pass over the leadership to prime minister-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim – from initial 2 years to 3 years when asked by journalists.


So when Sheraton Hotel was invaded by a whopping 130 Member of Parliaments, including despicable Zahid Hamidi and disgraced Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, all of them as happy as a lark, naturally people were extremely disgusted with the “traitor Mahathir”. After all, only the prime minister could mobilise those warlords to the Palace to meet the King.

Coup New Government - PAS and UMNO Leaders at Sheraton PJ

A night after the crooks were seen happily dined and wined at the Sheraton Hotel, as if they were about to be part of a new government without going through the ballot box, and after rising public anger, PKR President Anwar Ibrahim and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said that Mahathir was not part of the coup. And they only found out after paying the old man a visit for clarification.


Apparently, Mahathir’s resignations as prime minister and chairman of his own party Bersatu (PPBM) were because he refuses to work with UMNO. Long story short, Bersatu President Muhyiddin Yassin and PKR traitor Azmin Ali had been plotting behind Mahathir’s back to topple the Pakatan Harapan government so that a new Perikatan Nasional government could be formed.


Are we supposed to believe that a master strategist and manipulator who has outfoxed opponents for a total of 24 years during two stints as prime minister suddenly was outmanoeuvred by his blue-eyed boy Azmin Ali and a not so clever Muhyiddin Yassin? Didn’t Mahathir chair an extraordinary Bersatu meeting on the same day the coup was launched?

Mahathir Mohamad and Muhyiddin Yassin - Dispute

Surely he knew that several surprise political meetings were also being held on Sunday, which led to talks of the formation of a new political alignment involving oppositions UMNO and PAS. Just several kilometres away, PKR deputy president Azmin Ali’s camp also had a meeting at a hotel, as did a “special meeting” by UMNO Supreme Council members at PWTC.


If Mahathir disagreed – even despised – with the idea of a new government involving UMNO crooks, all he needed to do was to simply tell the journalists who were waiting for his comments. That would cripple the coup. He zipped his mouth and went home instead. In addition, Mahathir already knew about Azmin’s secret dinner meeting with UMNO last November, did he not?


Therefore, to blame Azmin for working with UMNO behind his back without his approval was rather lame. Mahathir trusted Azmin so much that when the (former) Economic Affairs Minister was plagued with gay sex video, the prime minister was quick to defend him, even indirectly blamed Anwar of orchestrating the scandal to destroy Azmin’s bright future.

Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali

Interestingly, only Mahathir had resigned from the party he founded. His son Mukhriz is still attached to Bersatu and didn’t quit. The latest meeting by the party’s supreme council has rejected Mahathir’s resignation as chairman. In fact, they also decided to fully support him as prime minister. It appears that the traitor Muhyiddin Yassin has lost the plot and his career could be over.


However, it could also mean that the whole coup circus was a Hollywood drama to make Mahathir indispensable. Now that the King has accepted Mahathir’s resignation as prime minister, but at the same time appointed him as the interim prime minister, of which there’s no time limit attached to the position, the old man can appoint cabinet members at his discretion and rule until the next general election – if he likes.


The coup also saw how Anwar Ibrahim appealed to Mahathir to stay as prime minister while Lim Guan Eng said DAP has pledged to nominate the former premier to become prime minister – again. It seems Mahathir will break the world record once again. Not only he will remain as the world’s oldest prime minister, he will essentially become the premier for 3 times.

Mahathir Mohamad - Grinning

In the same breath, oppositions UMNO and PAS have been made suckers – played left, right and centre – after hallucinating and bragging at the Sheraton Hotel that it would be a matter of hours before they return to the federal government. They were incredibly convinced that Pakatan Harapan is doomed and a new government will be taking over soon.


Perhaps Mahathir was using the coup to flush out moles and traitors within the Pakatan Harapan coalition government. Perhaps there was a last minute change in strategy in the formation of a new government on Sunday. But to say the master strategist hadn’t a clue that Azmin Ali and Muhyiddin Yassin were plotting without his knowledge is an insult to the people’s intelligence.


Besides, there were reports that the coup failed at the eleventh hour because UMNO got greedy and started making unrealistic demands, including appointment of corrupt leaders like Zahid Hamidi and Tengku Adnan as senior ministers in the new government. UMNO also demanded that former defence minister and cousin of Najib – Hishammuddin Hussein – be made a deputy prime minister

Mahathir Mohamad and Azmin Ali

To suggest that Mahathir wasn’t aware that UMNO crooks were included in the new government also means IGP (Inspector General of Police) Abdul Hamid Bador, formerly director of the Special Branch of the Royal Malaysian Police, was sleeping on the job. The 94-year-old former premier has access to all the military intelligence at all time, mind you.


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Other than having more hot dinners than doing anything about our rapidly worsening economy and degenerating society, does any of our useless garbage utterly corrupt political crooks and conmen have anything that really matters to the rakyat to do?

Other than wishing our dying Number 1 Failed Politician return yet again for haunting us with Zombie 3 End of Malaysia, we won’t be doing wrong in wishing all our garbage politicians do us the great favour, die soonest.

Fancy, the garbage of society having endless hot dinners for their devious foreplays – while the nation rots and burns!

Only in Malaysia!

And only Malaysian politicians!

Yes, the good takeaway is now rakyat can clearly see who had betrayed the Pakatan Harapan pact.

I hope those who betrayed PH will suffer similar like those in the 2009 Perak constitutional crisis – those 3 MPs who betrayed Pakatan Rakyat are no longer found in the political scene.

The coup success was so near, yet so far away. I believe Mahathir has his fingerprints written all over this development. He did say that he was willing to work with anyone except Najib. Remember Najib did say that he signed the SD but with conditions. And a few days later he quickly retracted and said that he did not sign the SD. The reason why this coup failed was that UMNO got too greedy and wanted Najib to be given a out of jail ticket. But the animosity between Mathathir and Najib was so strong that the failure of Mahathir to be present and declare the new coalition at Sheraton Hotel and his resignation as the PM and from his own party, Bersatu sealed the fate of this coup.

So what men proposed, God dispensed is so clear of divine intervention. Look at Donald Trump’s ordeal: the Democrats tried their best to unseat him even before he become the President. Even worse the deep state cooperated with the Democrats to investigate and impeach him. Even with the mainstream media and the liberal intelligentsia so much against Trump, everything is working in his favour. If left to human reasoning and logic Trump would be toast by now.

Dear David and to whoever who believed Azmin and Muhyiddin secretly planned a coup and committed “treachery”. Don’t be naive, stop being so oblivious. No way in a billion years would either of them even gather enough guts to go backdoor against BOTH Mahathir and Anwar. Only one person has the power, the influence, the guts and the tactics to pull off this coup, and it is none other than the mastermind himself. He even managed to get both sides to pronounce him as the “good guy” and endorse him to be the PM. Absolute genius. Oh, and let’s not pretend that we don’t know this mastermind isn’t in favor of passing the torch to Anwar. Oh, such coincidence that the new “coalition” would completely eliminate Anwar!

No matter how good and inteligent mahatir is in his planning and strategy, he forgot that rakyat do not work for him. The politicians whom he has the control over, are totally useless to do any thing . Their self serving agenda in the guise of undying love for the country are really empty rhetorics and neither could Mahatir help them when rakyat goes bersek in being fooled. This country has been held to ransom for far too long by the few infamous leaders and anytime the patience of the rakyat will snap as the snowballing of economic miseries are a common objectives and not any more wedges from those scumbag politician could drive in to stirr and create a communal disagreement.

Hi John, I didn’t say I didn’t believe Dr M didn’t have a hand on this – I agreed with what article said.

But to me, the treachery comes mainly of these points:
1) Betrayed PH
2) Betrayed rakyat
3) and some betrayed their own party.

Those are the ones that we can see clearly who they are clearly now.

“God dispensed is so clear of divine intervention.”

What unhinged bollocks!

Got tutelage from that Ayatollah Hardly Awank, then?

An AMG version of a big engine Merc falling out of the sky, next?

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