Mahathir-Anwar Combo – The Last Chance To Send Crooks To Jail & Make Full Use Of The Remaining 2 Years

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Jun 17 2020
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Mahathir and Anwar reportedly have agreed to a tag-team combo that will see the former returns as the prime minister for the third time while Anwar is to become his deputy. Like it or not, one of them has to make way or see traitors and crooks – Muhyiddin, Azmin, Najib, Zahid – laugh all their way to the bank. That report by “Free Malaysia Today”, however, cannot be confirmed.


Time is a rare commodity which neither Mahathir nor Anwar has. If both leaders fail to work together to combat their common enemies, not only they might risk going to jail together, the voters who had voted for them will despise the two individuals for putting their ego above the nation’s interest. Their hardcore supporters might even boycott them in the next 15th General Election.


Unlike Mahathir, who foolishly prosecuted only certain UMNO big crooks for corruption and money laundering (and forgave smaller crooks so that they could join Bersatu (PPBM) to enlarge his party), the vengeful former PM Najib appears to have started twisting the authorities’ arm to reopen cases against all Pakatan Harapan leaders – especially Mahathir and Anwar.

Tag-Team Combo - Anwar Ibrahim and Mahathir Mohamad

If Anwar thinks he is safe because he was not involved in the RM30 billion losses suffered by Bank Negara (Central Bank) in foreign exchange speculation during Mahathir’s era, then he’s stupider than he looks. How hard it is for Najib to cook up something and send him to jail again? After all, didn’t Najib send him to jail for sodomising Saiful Bukhari, despite the fabrication of the charges?


Last year, 26-year-old Muhammed Yusoff Rawther (a former researcher of Anwar’s party, PKR) has accused Mr. Anwar of attempting to force him into sex. The case is still fresh. To end Anwar’s political career, the tainted police force, judicial system and Attorney General’s Chambers can easily be instructed to fabricate sexual assault charges and put Anwar behind bars – again.


As both Mahathir and Anwar were wasting time squabbling, the backdoor government of Muhyiddin has released Sabah’s biggest crook – Musa Aman. Do not underestimate the temptation of RM50 million “cash” for each defector in Sabah, a land where its politicians will shamelessly hop like a frog. In truth, the Sabah government under Chief Minister Shafee Apdal is vulnerable.

Musa Aman – Former Sabah Chief Minister - Corruption

When the domino effect starts, even Shafee himself may switch sides and join the devils. It would be game over if Sabah’s Warisan party hops over to the backdoor Perikatan Nasional government, bringing 9 MPs along. That would strengthen Muhyiddin’s current razor-thin majority in the 222-seat Parliament, boosting it from 113 to 122 seats, allowing the backdoor prime minister to rule until 2023.


When Sabah collapsed, it will be too late for Mahathir and Anwar to sing Kumbaya together. Even Azmin Ali, the traitor who was caught with his pants down engaging gay sex at Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Sandakan, Sabah, has been quietly setting up a new party – Parti Keadilan Negara – to house his 10 MPs, some are non-Malay, in preparation for a snap election.


Azmin, upon realising the mistake that his band of non-Malay MPs who had defected from Anwar’s PKR party cannot be accepted into Malay-only Bersatu, quickly set up the new political party. He also realised that there’s no place for him in UMNO. Azmin deliberately named his new party to closely resemble that of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) to confuse PKR supporters.

Azmin Ali - Slaughtered Like A Pig

Disguised as an NGO (non-governmental organization) to serve people, Azmin uses taxpayers’ money to sponsor various types of NGOs throughout the nation to temporarily park his loyalists and to build grassroots – ready to migrate them to the new political party when the right time arrives. The plan was to replicate PKR, and to recruit members from Anwar’s party.


His new party may get slaughtered anyway in the next general election due to his disgusting betrayal. But at least he speaks less and works more. In fact, Azmin and his minions are plotting to bring down the state of Selangor, the richest state in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, while the complacent Pakatan Harapan thought their grip on the state is unbreakable.


True, Anwar-led Pakatan Harapan has the biggest number – 91 MPs. Unfortunately to the PM-in-waiting, Sabah and Sarawak – the two Borneo kingmakers – do not listen to him. Only Mahathir could charm Sabah, and probably Sarawak. It’s too bad for Anwar that his rival Mahathir, despite being left with only 5 MPs, could still influence Sabah’s 9 MPs and Sarawak’s 18 MPs.

Shafie Abdal - Parti Warisan Sabah

Anwar should ask himself why he could not swing Sabah, let alone Sarawak, to his side. If he could influence both states, he can tell Mahathir and his five leftover MPs from Bersatu to fly kite. If Anwar can somehow convince Sabah and Sarawak to join his force of 91 MPs, he will command 118 MPs and can become the new prime minister. The key is Sabah and Sarawak.


Mahathir has in his pocket 9 MPs from Sabah. But even the 94-year-old man finds the Sarawak-based GPS a tough nut to crack. Without Sarawak, the Agong (King) will have an excuse to dissolve the Parliament as the Pakatan Harapan Plus is as unstable as Perikatan Nasional, hence paving for a general election – something that both Mahathir and Anwar do not want to happen.


Sure, Mahathir cannot be trusted. In fact, he is so untrustworthy that he should not be allowed to own fish as pets. But now is the time for Anwar to place his bet, regardless how risky the gamble is. The worst outcome is that Mahathir suddenly resigns – again. If this happens, Anwar still gets to become deputy PM for 6 months. At least, people would not blame Anwar for being selfish.

Mahathir Mohamad - Hypocrite

The slightly better one would be Mahathir’s reluctance to hand over after 6 months as promised, cooking up excuses and insisting to continue until 2023. The old fox might even challenge Anwar to prove that he commands the majority in Parliament. Anwar can pull out and let the government collapse, or continues as deputy PM for the remaining 2 years until the next election.


The best outcome of Mahathir-Anwar combo is a smooth transition after 6 months. Anwar would then have the remaining 2 years to govern and prove that he’s worth his salt, and that Mahathir has been wrong in the past with regards to his choice of successors. Anwar can show that his 2 years of administration are better than Mahathir’s second stint of 22 months.


Therefore, the consolation prize is that Pakatan Harapan Plus will have the remaining 2 years to govern (or to screw-up) and to prove the critics wrong. Anwar’s gamble will either see him as deputy PM for 6 months at worst or PM for 2 years at best. However, the tricky part is the formula to ensure Sabah and Sarawak continue to support Anwar in the event Mahathir keeps his promise and leaves in 6 months.

Pakatan Harapan Flag

Of course, Mahathir can always send Anwar to jail using Yusoff Rawther’s allegation of sexual assault as an excuse. But so can Najib if he is allowed to make a comeback. It’s worth noting that Mahathir is no longer as popular as before the 14th General Election, with diminishing support from his own Malay community. His reputation has taken a serious hit.


Provided Anwar can still keep his remaining 38 PKR MPs intact and his allies DAP and Amanah loyal to him, he has a weapon to trigger the collapse of Mahathir’s government anytime if the old fox tries to be funny. More importantly, there’s only about 2 years left before the next general election must be called so whatever risks or gains are halved.


Perhaps Anwar should sign legally-binding agreements – in black and white – with not only Mahathir, but also allies DAP and Amanah that Mahathir will honour his commitment to quit after 6 months. It would certainly be helpful to publish the agreements for the public’s consumption. That should be able to test the sincerity of everyone.

Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim - Pakatan Harapan

In the same breath, a brainstorming session is necessary to find out exactly what Mahathir plans to do within the 6 months. Put that in black and white and signed by everyone. If Mahathir’s priority is not aligned with Pakatan Harapan’s reform and good governance agenda, kick the old man out. Do not insult the voters’ intelligence. Betray the voters at your own peril.


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I see you have finally come round to the fact that the old man is the better person to take out the trash for Malaysia because Anwar just does not have it to be able to do so.

Don’t worry about the old man hogging the post because human life expectancy plays a part.

The more important point is whether Anwar has the capability to perform a Prime Minister’s job if he takes over. Track record shows Anwar is a catastrophic loser. Of the big important projects that he led over the past 20 years, ALL failed. To name just 3:

1. GE 11, he failed to lead opposition to win government. OK, maybe nobody expected the opposition to win anyway.
2. GE 12, he failed again. Stupidly, he didn’t even sorted out Sabah and Sarawak in his election strategy. If in a company, he would have been sacked immediately.
3. Kajang Move, he failed to become menteri besar Selangor, and wasted millions of Ringgit to force a totally unnecessary by-election. That millions could have fed hundreds of thousands poor Malaysians.

Do we really want a loser to lead Malaysia? Why short-changed ourselves?

If you think Anwar Ibrahim is such a great PM material, please share his past success stories, including the benefits to Malaysians if his successes. Malaysians have a right to see Anwar’s curriculum vitae for the position of prime minister.

The position of prime minister is not for anyone to inherit, not Anwar’s. Candidates must prove the qualifications to Malaysians.

And do note that many Malaysians voted Pakatan Harapan in the last general election because they believe Tun Mahathir can help defeat BN. Tun Mahathir was the factor that helped Pakatan Harapan to get the necessary marginal votes in many areas in order to get majority. I am one such voter.

Anwar was not even a winning factor to be considered. He was in jail, whilst others were toiling day and night campaigning.

So, don’t betray voters trust by simply handing over PMship to someone without looking at his curriculum vitae.

Here’s the possible worst case scenario.

DM becomes PM9, regains control of PPBM.
Kick out MY. Retains the rest including AA.
Put 5-6 UMNO big guns behind bars.
Pull PPBM out of PH, works with UMNO
-5 and PAS + MCA + MIC to form new government. See

You have made a U turn from your post on June 13. What happened to you??

To reply to your points:

~Mahathir and even Muhyiddin himself had signed an agreement to support Anwar as the PM after Mahathir, AND it had been published for the whole world to see!! So?

~There’s no such thing as a ‘legally binding’ political agreement. All Mahathir had to do was to say was to ask Anwar to get enough sworn declaration from Sabah Sarawak before Mahathir would resign, otherwise Mahathir would stay. Mahathir can then say that it was not HIS fault for not handing over, ask Sabah Sarawak

~If Sabah Sarawak will support Anwar as PM, the proof of the pudding is NOW. Install Anwar as the PM and let Anwar do what Mahathir wanted to do. Your idea of a Minister Mentor is the best compromise

~Do you think it is THAT easy for PKR to just pull out of the government, causing it to collapse? One, power is intoxicating, nobody would relinquish easily (just look at how DAP is SO desperate to get back into power). Two, Bersatu and UMNO could then step in to shore up Mahathir’s new government, and we’re back to square. And three, PH supporters will blame Anwar for triggering the collapse of the government, just like now (for not allowing Mahathir to use him AGAIN)

~What will happen when GE15 comes?? PH can no longer rely on Mahathir to be the PM candidate, someone has to step in or else the people cannot see that PH has a future. The plan in GE14 was, Anwar would be that future, giving him enough time to show the country what a new type of governance could be. Mahathir returning as PM again will only bring more uncertainty (like pre-February 2020), as he has already done for 22 months. Everyday of a rerun of Mahathir is weakening PH’s future. And GE15 may be called ANYTIME. Is there any other PH leader who could lead PH post Mahathir, if not Anwar?

Whether you could see it or not, Mahathir continues to poison PH and undermine PH as a viable political alternative UMNO BN

So, your calculus is incorrect. The only sure beneficiary will be Mahathir, and those who would have to gamble their future away their future are not just Anwar, but also the future of the entire country. Mahathir, the selfish Mahathir, only cares about his own agenda and vengeance and not about the future of PH or the country

If anyone should be magnanimous and sacrifice himself for the country, it’s finally Mahathir’s turn, by supporting and strengthening Anwar as the new PM and PH as a coalition

Unless, as I said, you have a better alternative to Anwar to lead PH into the future?

Robert, your comments are stupid, pardon my French

Just 2 points are enough:

~Only ‘winners’ can become PM candidates

Wow, what a genius. Based on your impeccable logic, who are the ONLY qualified candidates to become PM in the next election??? Let me see…

1. Muhyiddin
2. Najib
3. Abdullah Badawi
4. Mahathir

The rest of the pretenders to the Crown can just go fly kite then, huh??

And thanks to your logic, very soon (when all 4 former PMs kicked the bucket), we’ll have no ‘winners’ left to become PM candidates!! Hallelujah!!

Your comment is just as brilliant as saying, Only those who have become father before are qualified to become father again!! What a load of crap

~Anwar IS ‘entitled’ to become the next PM. That’s according to the mandate given by the voters to PH, because that was what was promised by PH during the last election.


~I wished there is someone other than Anwar too. But the fact is, other than Anwar, there is no other PH leader who could lead PH into the next election, which could be anytime soon ~ and it CANNOT be a 95+ plus anymore, it’s a suicide note

Sign a an agreement and publish to the whole world, my ass

Since you’re much smarter than everyone else who has a law degree, I’m sure you KNEW this already, right? So, there’s no need for me to say “I told you so”???

Arrogance + Ignorance is one hell of a DEADLY combo. Just look at Donald J Trump

Lawyers: Pakatan’s plan for six-months power transition contract won’t be legally binding

Tuesday, 23 Jun 2020


all three agreeing that such a move is NOT valid under the Federal Constitution.

So, what did your lawyers tell you??

“… Since you’re much smarter than everyone else who has a law degree”

That’s not a smart opinion.

A law degree does not make anyone smart.

Least of all lawyers with Malaysian law degrees.

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