Should Pakatan Harapan Continue To Work With Untrustworthy Old Fox Mahathir, Again?

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May 25 2020
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Very few people wanted Mahathir to lead the opposition – again – and bring back the legitimate government of Pakatan Harapan (PH). Some think Mahathir cannot be trusted to lead the opposition, but is welcomed to join the Opposition benches. Most people wanted Mahathir to retire, for real, because his 22-month horrible leadership was responsible for the collapse of the PH government.


So, the biggest question being argued now is should the now-collapsed Pakatan Harapan government continues to work with a 94-year-old fox called Mahathir, who actually has never denied his evil intention of leaving the PH coalition (so that he and his son Mukhriz could rejoin the corrupt UMNO party after getting rid of some crooks). It was about the right timing to leave.


To the people who wanted Mahathir to go fly kite and play marbles in Pakistan, and never shows his face again, obviously they have lost their trust in the old man. The fact that this group of people is still frustrated with the former premier goes to show how unpopular Mahathir has become. But write off the man at your own peril. Nothing is impossible in politics, especially UMNO-Malay politics.

Mahathir Mohamad - Solemn Sad Facial Expression

To the people who welcomed Mahathir to join the party, but with the condition that he cannot be allowed to lead the oppositions, let alone become a prime minister again, most of them are supporters of PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, who has taken back his job as opposition leader. But can Anwar lead the Opposition when he could not even manage his own party’s internal affairs?


To the people who wanted Mahathir to lead the Opposition again, believing that only he can wrest back the government from backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, who had betrayed and toppled his own PH government, they either do not trust Anwar’s leadership or they are “old birds” who knew the simple meaning of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”


In the May 18 Parliament session, where PM Muhyiddin cowardly and shamelessly locked down the central institution of democracy from allowing a vote of no confidence motion against his government, it was revealed that the backdoor leader has only razor-thin 113 out of 222 MPs support in the loosely glued “Malay-only” Perikatan Nasional government.

Parliament - Muhyiddin Yassin - 1-Day Session

On the same day, the opposition showed it has 108 MPs, excluding opposition-friendly Independent Baru Bian. Mahathir-Muhyiddin’s internal power struggle saw Mahathir’s faction comprises his son Mukhriz, Syed Saddiq, Amiruddin Hamzah and Maszlee Malik fights tooth and nail to control Bersatu (PPBM) party. The faction, consists of only 5 MPs, may look pathetically small and useless.


On its own, Mahathir’s faction is like some harmless mosquitoes. However, armed with 9 MPs support from Sabah-based Warisan plus UPKO (1), Parti Bersatu Sarawak (1) and Independent Baru Bian (1), the old fox’s bloc commands 17 MPS. And together with 92 MPs (DAP 42, PKR 39, and Amanah 11) from former ally Pakatan Harapan, the bloc is lethal – 109 opposition MPs.


That is why Muhyiddin’s top secret mission is to buy and bribe Shafie Apdal’s Warisan party. If Sabah collapses, all the 9 MPs will most likely switch sides and Mahathir, and opposition PH for that matter, is game over. It certainly doesn’t help that Sabah politicians possess muscular, long legs, providing the super ability to leap and jump at extraordinary speed (figures of speech, of course).

Shafie Abdal - Parti Warisan Sabah

Likewise, Mahathir’s personal mission is to persuade at least 3 MPs from Muhyiddin’s government to switch sides and voila, the backdoor government is game over. Therefore, it’s more damaging for Muhyiddin to lose 3 MPs than for Mahathir to lose 9 MPs. And it appears Muhyiddin had made a terrible mistake by discharging Riza Aziz, stepson of crooked Najib Razak.


Capitalizing on the release of Riza of money laundering charges linked to 1MDB scandal, where former PM Najib’s stepson is required to return just US$107.3 million out of US$248 million as part of a settlement, allowing the crook to keep the remaining of the loot, the furious Mr. Mahathir, despite his advanced age, has promised “very big trouble” for Muhyiddin administration.


On the contrary, Anwar Ibrahim has not demonstrated, let alone inspired, that the fighting spirit is still burning bright in either his party or himself. Perhaps he was demoralized and is still licking his wounds, after his crown was snatched by Muhyiddin. As he runs around the stadium with his “opposition leader” trophy, it was Mahathir who proactively and aggressively pushed for a no confidence vote.

Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali

Heck, left with only 39 MPs after the defection of 11 MPs aligned with former PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, it would be a miracle if Anwar can keep his party intact without any more defections until the next general election. Anwar is partially blameable for overly depending and trusting Azmin over the years, looking the other way as his trusted lieutenant sweet-talked him.


Like it or not, without Mahathir’s bloc of 17 MPs, the Pakatan Harapan coalition’s strength is only 92 MPs – short of 20, the minimum 112 seats required to form a simple-majority government. To make matters worse, thanks to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng’s big mouth, the coalition had offended Sarawak-based political alliance of GPS, which has 18 parliamentary seats.


It’s all about the game of perception. If the opposition is split between Mahathir’s faction and Pakatan Harapan without any common ground to cooperate, it will create a perception that the backdoor Perikatan Nasional is stronger and undefeatable. Hence, it will make it easier for Muhyiddin and Azmin to bribe more opposition member of parliaments to cross over.

Anwar Ibrahim and Mahathir Mohamad

On the other hand, if Muhyiddin government is seen as unstable and under pressure of a collapse, the reverse is true. In actuality, there’s no right or wrong answer as to whether PH should work again with Mahathir. It depends on how desperate PH wants to take back its legitimate power – immediately or wait until the next general election, which is about 3 years away.


If PH wants to wrest back its power now, it has no choice but to work with what appears to be a very angry Mahathir who has declared war on Muhyiddin. With this option, it will be back to the square one if the former PM could redeem himself – miraculously topples the backdoor government and reinstalls the previous government. At the very least, PH could perhaps see Najib being sent to prison.


What does Pakatan Harapan have to lose working with the devil again, since Mahathir is doing all the heavy lifting? Call Mahathir whatever you like, but the damage has been done. There is no point crying over spilt milk. The egoistic old fox will not admit his mistakes. How much more damage can he do that he had not already done on PKR, DAP and Amanah?

Muhyiddin Government - Azmin Ali

If PH likes to see Muhyiddin government struggles with Coronavirus pandemic, which is a “value meal” that comes with free toys like economy recession and unemployment, then it has to do nothing but lets the corrupt regime screws itself. Considering the pandemic may stay for 2 years, tonnes of unemployed Malays, the vote bank of Perikatan Nasional, would be left very angry.


Pakatan Harapan does not necessarily need to work with the devil again if they are not in a rush to snatch back its power. But even if it chooses to work with Mahathir in the next general election again, it has to make sure PKR, DAP and Amanah grab all the winnable seats so that they can win enough seats to form a government on their own. Any extra from Mahathir is considered as a bonus.


Against a devil like UMNO-PAS-Bersatu (faction of Muhyiddin), you need a bigger devil like Mahathir. While Anwar likes to win the beauty contest fairly, Mahathir is a ruthless man who does not play by the rules. The old man cheats and is willing to burn down everything to ensure no one gets what he could not get. UMNO-Malay politics recognises no principles, only power and positions.

Pakatan Harapan - Opposition New Pact

At the end of the day, if Pakatan Harapan value principles more than politics, and is happy to remain as opposition until the day where a sizable of Malays wake up to the reality that racial and religious politics have made them inferior in every aspect, a day that might never come, the coalition can safely ignore Mahathir and leave him alone to rot.


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If the Snake Pharaoh M for Monster makes a Turd Coming, he won’t be any different from what he’s always been – a fcuking old Spawn of Satan devious Macaivillain snake.

Malaysia is a big country, there are more garbage from the big rubbish bin to dig up and use than just the same old same old old old politicians.

Frankly, a choice of the best of the worst garbage there is in Malaysian politics is still a choice of freaking garbage.

Why not think outside the bin, find some fresh old stinking garbage?

Maybe even find something else than garbage you just can’t let go of?

We should not sink so low and be forever grabbed by the short and curly by a dying old zombie, there is such a thing as perpetual destruction of Malaysia, perpetual humiliation and perpetual sucker for punishment.

Moo would possibly be no different from the Snake Pharaoh M for Monster, in time he would have all the opportunities to turn into another snake pharaoh.

A choice of a snake is no different from another choice of a snake.

Garbage whether one pile is “different” or familiar to another pile is still garbage.

Choosing garbage and choosing snakes is no choice.

If Malaysians are so bankrupt in morality, there is no reason Moo cannot be chosen over the Snake Pharaoh either.

If Malaysians think choosing garbage should be their meaning of life, they should not think choosing aged antique stinking garbage twice used and proven bad belacan would miraculously turn into perfume.

But don’t run away with the idea of belacan, some of you do really like swimming in it, I know.

You can use aged soiled underpants instead, there’s no reason either you shouldn’t worship those.

I beg to differ! The whole Sheraton Move saga came about because Anwar Ibrahim has been getting his cronies like William Leong and Wong Chen to pester Mahathir to step down. The facts are extremely clear throughout the years that Mahathir, regardless how people say bad things about him, has managed to deliver development and wealth for Malaysians over his 22 years as PM.

On the other hand, Anwar Ibrahim, for all the halo over his head, has been a catastrophic loser. He failed miserably in 2 general elections. He only knows how to talk and is absolutely clueless how to do anything successfully, forget about running the country.

I’d rather go with an old fox who could deliver me from the corrupted people, than a rat who only knows how to make backdoor deals that failed!

However thrilling khalwat with a corpse may be to some, it is nevertheless still necrophilia, not a nice thing to be involved with.

Malaysia should have a law that limits that to max twice in a life or death time – at least with the same corpse or zombie.

PH celebrated death winning the last election with the Second Coming of the Snake Pharaoh M for Monster.

The Snake Pharaoh brought death to PH in gomen, he will bring death to whatever is left with PH itself.

Well, he’s kicked himself out of his PM post by resigning, he’s lost the gomen for his worshipers in the PH Cult of the Dead, he’s now a loser.

The Snake Pharaoh brings death to anyone or anything that cums near him.

And any day soon, he may do Malaysians a big favour, trip over that bucket, keep a real six foot distance for coronavirus.

So there’s not much point screwing the last bit of death out of the Snake Pharaoh however much Malaysians simply cannot discard any old old rubbish, hang on to that for dear errrr life.

“Mahathir, regardless how people say bad things about him, has managed to deliver development and wealth for Malaysians over his 22 years as PM.”

I would be really hard up to say anything about the old Snake Pharaoh M for Monster which are not “bad things”

If only I could see whatever of what he “has managed to deliver development and wealth for Malaysians over his 22 years…”

I can only see massive losses of the citizens’ money from all those loony gigantic projects of the megalomaniac all there for the rakyat to bail out forever.

I can see during his first dictatorship, the evolution of massive corruption, cronyism, abuse of power which affect the rakyats till today – and for decades onward, if not forever. M for Monster is the Father of Corruption of Malaysia.

But then, if crumbs from under the table is what you are happy to lick up, if the two giant penis Petronas buildings and the tall thin penis with a flag on it are what make you happy, then I am also happy for you.

To make you happy, I think Anwar is another piece of sh*t.

All just like that piece of sh*t I just praised.

I think there is hardly any point talking about a choice of a piece of sh*t and a choice of another piece of sh*t.

Malaysians ought to stop thinking sh*t is all they should get, think outside of the coconut shell rubbish bin.

Your remark “I’d rather go with an old fox who could deliver me from the corrupted people…” is weird – the Snake Pharaoh is the One who would take you straight to the corrupt people!

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