It’s Payback Time – China Trolls Trump To Stop “Hiding”, Mocks “Beautiful Sight” Of Looting & Burning In America

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Jun 03 2020
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When Hong Kong was plagued with a series of protests last year, which were triggered by the introduction of the Fugitive Offenders Amendment Bill, it attracted the attention from superpower United States – the champion of human rights, freedom of speech and democracy. First started in mid March 2019, the ongoing protests took a short break due to the Covid-19 outbreak.


Demonstrations in Hong Kong were mostly peaceful – until last year. After months of taking to the streets, the supposedly peaceful protests promoted by the pro-democracy movement turned violent after some hardcore activists clashed with the police. A government’s ban on face masks and police brutality sparked a further escalation of the already tension situation.


Even after the controversial extradition bill was dropped, the anger continued as protesters shifted focus to police abuses, including teenagers being shot by the authorities. Marches quickly morphed into pitched battles, as demonstrators blocked roads, threw bricks, set fires and vandalized subway stations or stores or any properties that they perceived to be pro-Beijing.

Hong Kong Demonstrations - Protester Urge President Trump To Liberate HK

Still engaged in a trade war with China, U.S. President Donald Trump deliberately chose to add fuel to the fire when he signed into law a bill that supports pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. The Human Rights and Democracy Act mandates an annual review – to check if Hong Kong has enough autonomy to justify its special trading status with the United States.


While Beijing was furious at Trump’s interference in the internal affairs of Hong Kong, hundreds of protesters carried Amerian flags as they marched to the United States consulate in the former British colony to express gratitude for the legislation aimed at protecting human rights in Hong Kong. China has claimed the U.S. as the “black hand” in instigating the anti-government protests.


But it didn’t take long for Donald Trump to taste his own medicine. Now, the U.S. is experiencing the same Hong Kong violent protests in its own backyard. Chaotic scenes erupted as peaceful protesters turned violent across major cities in America after the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American who died in Minneapolis police custody.

US Race Riots - Police Officer Derek Chauvin Knelt on George Floyd Neck

Apparently, George Floyd was killed last Monday (25 May), after a 44-year-old white police officer – Derek Chauvin – knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes, despite Floyd pleading that he could not breathe. Floyd was arrested after he was suspected of trying to purchase cigarettes with a US$20 counterfeit bill. Mr Chauvin has since been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.


In a country with history where a single death can spark a revolution, the death of George Floyd couldn’t come at a worse time, especially to President Trump. It was already bad that the black man had lost his job as a security guard because of layoffs in the COVID-19 pandemic. He didn’t just die, but the way he died in what critics said was caused by police brutality.


Pleading for his life, the way Floyd died was captured on video and triggered angry people into the streets across the country – from Minneapolis to Detroit to New York to Atlanta, and from Los Angeles to Kansas City to Las Vegas and other cities. Clearly the nationwide violent protests are more massive than Hong Kong’s. And China happily seized the opportunity.

US Race Riots - Car Overturned

Comparing the widespread unrest in the U.S. to the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, Chinese officials have accused Washington of hypocrisy. Foreign ministry spokesman, Lijian Zhao, criticized – “Why does the U.S. beautifies the so-called Hong Kong independence and violent elements as heroes and fighters while it calls its own people protesting against racial discrimination ‘rioters’?”


Zhao continued – “Why does the U.S. point fingers at the constrained law enforcement by Hong Kong police, but turn a blind eye to what happens at home while using shooting and even the National Guard against the protesters?” Lecturing American politicians, he told the U.S. to eliminate racial discrimination and protect the lawful rights of minorities. But the mocking has just begun.


In 2019, House Speaker Nancy Peloci called pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong “a beautiful sight to behold”. But over the weekend, the same phrase – “beautiful sight” – was trending on Chinese social media, but over the looting and burning of American buildings. China’s Global Times newspaper, ran an editorial entitled – “Watch out! ‘Beautiful sight’ in HK is spreading across the U.S.”

US Race Riots - Carrying American Flag While Buildings Burning

Global Times mocked and ridiculed American politicians’ reaction to Hong Kong protests last year – “Obviously, they didn’t expect such a beautiful sight to expand so fast that it could be seen now from their own windows. The protests in the U.S. are like a mirror that reflects the shame and disgrace of U.S. politicians as well as the deep-rooted political dysfunction and chaotic values in the U.S.”


Editor Hu Xijin sarcastically wrote – “I highly suspect that Hong Kong rioters have infiltrated American states. Attacking police stations, smashing shops, blocking roads, breaking public facilities, these are all routine in their protests. Vicious HK rioters obviously are masterminds of violent protests across the U.S. Let’s wait and see which country will encounter more chaos.”


But the mocking and ridiculing didn’t stop there. In response to Trump’s tweets about the Secret Service protecting the White House (and rushed him to bunkers) as protests spread to the official residence of the U.S. president, Mr. Hu tweeted – “Mr. President, don’t hide behind the Secret Service. Go to talk to demonstrators seriously. Negotiate with them, just like you urged Beijing to talk to Hong Kong rioters.”

US Race Riots - President Donald Trump Walks Passed Vandalism

“I can’t breathe,” – wrote Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for China’s Foreign Ministry, in a tweet on Saturday – a reference to the final words uttered repeatedly by a handcuffed George Floyd while gasping for air as white Police Officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck. Her tweet was in retaliation at her U.S. counterpart, State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus.


Morgan Ortagus had earlier posted a tweet condemning Beijing’s plan to impose a national security law on Hong Kong – “This is a pivotal moment for the world. It will go down in history. Freedom loving people around the world must stand with the rule of law and hold to account the Chinese Communist Party, which has flagrantly broken its promises to the people of Hong Kong.”


Trump has announced that he would strip Hong Kong of its special privileges over the Hong Kong security law. But with protests in at least 140 cities across the U.S., China Daily said – “Better give up that dream and come back to reality. Violence is spreading across the US … US politicians should do their jobs and help solve problems in the US, instead of trying to create new problems and troubles in other countries.”

US Race Riots - Protests At White House - Justice for George Floyd

Joining the party were Russia and Iran. Hitting back at the U.S. who often criticises Russian deplorable human rights, Dmitry Polyanskiy, a Russian diplomat at the U.N. in New York, has accused America of double standard – “Why US denies China’s right to restore peace and order in HK while brutally dispersing crowds at home?”


Similarly, Iran also highlighted the U.S.’ hypocrisy. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, posted to Twitter an edited screenshot of a 2018 statement by American officials criticizing the country’s protests – “Some don’t think #BlackLivesMatter. To those of us who do: it is long overdue for the entire world to wage war against racism. Time for a #WorldAgainstRacism”.


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A lot of the lying and false accusations about China are done by the immoral Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Most Americans are not like him — a disgrace to humanity.


We should not believe a word this crook says.

Look like the US of A is inflicted with a new virus, the H. Kongrona Virus, named after Hong Kong. It has spread to more than 30 cities in the US, more virulent and violent than its Corona cousin. Together with Covid 19, it’s a double whammy. The H. Kongrona Virus, spread and supported by the west in Hong Kong has come back to them in a full circle. You reap what you sow.


Beautiful sight indeed!

A hundred and more times better too!

And it’s caught our nodding monkeys off-guard, pants off they are bereft of words to describe that beauty because Western MSM have not fed them the appropriate words to describe it all.

No irony here, our noddies fail to see the same difference in what’s happening in Yankland – and in so many cities, and what’s happened, and still happening in Hong Kong.

Our noddies are totally useless when they have not been fed the appropriate fodder to describe the beautiful in Yankland, they can only slavishly parrot what Western MSM tells them to for Hong Kong.

I don’t know what to say about the beautiful – is it Karma?

The boomerang the West hurl at China came back – fast, to hit Yankland Bang! between the legs. I am reeling from that beauty!

Talking ’bout boomerang, didn’t the Aussies get it between their legs too, their reporters got whacked properly for being “mates” with the Yanks – that’s how Oz media describes their mutual love – except that the Yanks don’t think about reciprocating Aussie love and devotion to their masters. I have to call that beautiful too!

We see the beauty extending all over the world too – aren’t there plenty of protests worldwide that show up the Yanks better than Hong Kong’s blackshirts stirring it up here and there in a few capital cities – and got whacked by Chinese worldwide for their trouble.

Trump’s got a handful more than a bible (or was that a Huawei tablet?), he’s suddenly have more on his grotesque fat body than he can carry, for all his macho talk and posturing he looks very depressed. Ain’t that beautiful?

Even Trump’s closest buddies are sneakily distancing themselves from him, never mind any corona social distancing! Trump’s defence chief Esper has just hinted social distance from his boss.

All over Yankland, police chiefs are busy getting on their knees to at least side with the protesters for now. Some are even voicing dissent at Trump, one police chief told him to “shut up”. There’s been National Guardsmen going on their knees too, if these and the police and the mayors and governors go against Trump in a big way, it would be the beginning and the nasty end for Trump. Ain’t that beautiful as it is already?

Just as bad, religious leaders, Christians at that, are voicing anger at Trump for his dumbfcuk stunt pretending to be Christian outside that church he used as a prop. Shed loads of scorn has been dumped on him for that gross stupidity.

Plenty more to laugh at, but ain’t it all beautiful this far?

There’s no sign the protesters – and the rioters and looters are backing down, there’s yet to be a showdown few in Yankland have the stomach for.

To stir it up for Hong Kong, sit back and enjoy the “beautiful” is one thing. To be at the receiving end of what is hundreds of times better is something else.

Hey! Where’s that Pompeo worrying for the “beautiful” in Hong Kong now? What about that “China virus”?

The pompous twat has gone all quiet, there’s been questions on Yankland media asking about the all too visible and all too noisy fat bitch, he must be still be hiding in some underground bunker until the beautiful show is over, the hapless opportunist “Christian”..!

Come on, guys! Let’s sing “Oh, beautiful for spacious skies… America! America! … From sea to shining sea.”

George Floyd : I can’t breathe

The whole world : We can’t breathe

Read this great piece by Andre Vltchek :


‘The World Can’t Breathe!’ Squashed by the US, a Country Built on Genocide and Slavery

By: Andre Vltchek for VT

[Original blocked by Face book]

More than two centuries of lies are now getting exposed. Bizarre tales about freedom and democracy are collapsing like houses of cards.

One man’s death triggers an avalanche of rage in those who for years, decades and centuries, have been humiliated, ruined, and exterminated.

It always happens just like this throughout the history of humankind – one single death, one single “last drop”, an occurrence that triggers an entire chain of events, and suddenly nothing is the same, anymore. Nothing can be the same. What seemed to be unimaginable just yesterday, becomes “the new normal” literally overnight.


For more than two centuries, the country which calls itself the pinnacle of freedom, has been in fact the absolute opposite of that; the epicenter of brutality and terror.

From its birth, in order to ‘clear the space’ for its brutal, ruthless European settlers, it systematically liquidated the local population of the continent, during what could easily be described as one of the more outrageous genocides in the human history.

When whites wanted land, they took it. In North America, or anywhere in the world. In what is now the United States of America, millions of “natives” were murdered, infected with deadly diseases on purpose, or exterminated in various different ways. The great majority of the original and rightful owners of the land, vanished. The rest were locked up in “reservations”.

Simultaneously, the “Land Of The Free” thrived on slavery. European colonialist powers literally hunted down human beings all over the African continent, stuffing them, like animals, into ships, in order to satisfy demand for free labor on the plantations of North and South America. European colonialist, hand in hand, cooperated, in committing crimes, in all parts of the world.

What really is the United States? Is anyone asking, searching for its roots? What about this; a simple, honest answer: The United States is essentially the beefy offspring of European colonialist culture, of its exceptionalism, racism and barbarity.

Again, simple facts: huge parts of the United States were constructed on slavery. Slaves were humiliated, raped, tortured, murdered. Oh, what a monstrous way to write the first chapters of the country’s history!

The United States, a country of liberty and freedom? For whom? Seriously! For Christian whites?

How twisted the narrative is! No wonder our humanity has become so perverse, so immoral, so lost and confused, after being shaped by a narrative which has been fabricated by a country that exterminated the great majority of its own native sons and daughters, while getting insanely rich thanks to unimaginable theft, mass-murder, slavery and later – the semi-slavery of the savage corporate dictatorship!

The endemic, institutionalized brutality at home eventually spilled over to all parts of the planet. Now, for many decades, the United Stated has treated the entire world as full of its personal multitude of slaves. What does it offer to all of us: constant wars, occupations, punitive expeditions, coups, regular assassinations of progressive leaders, as well as thorough corporate plunder. Hundreds of millions of people have been sacrificed on the grotesque U.S. altar of “freedom” and “democracy”.

Freedom and democracy, really?

Or perhaps just genocide, slavery, fear and the violation of all those wonderful and natural human dreams, and of human dignity?


Then one single death of a man whose neck got crushed by the knee of a ruthless cop. And the country has exploded. Hundreds of thousands of pro-democracy fighters and activists are now flooding the streets of Minneapolis, Washington D.C., New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and other U.S. cities.

The death of Mr. George Floyd is a symbol, really, as black people get murdered in the most despicable way, almost every day. From January 2015 to date, for instance, 1,250 African-American citizens have been shot and killed by the police, in our democratic U.S.A.

In the “Country of Freedom”, 2.3 million human beings are rotting away alive in the increasingly privatized prisons. The U.S. prisoner rate is the highest in the world. Holding people behind bars is big business. Minorities form a disproportionately high percentage of the detainees.


And that is not all. Actually, the entire world has already become one huge prison. Look around: the whole planet is now being monitored, policed in that very special and thorough U.S. way; policed, brutalized, and if it dares to protest – pitilessly chastised.

Essential terms are all being twisted. The country abusing its own people, as well as the entire world, is defined by its own corporate mass media and propaganda system, as “free” and “democratic”. Those nations that are defending their own people against the brutal diktat of the empire, are insulted, called ‘regimes’ and ‘dictatorships’.

I have already described this madness in my 800-page book, “Exposing Lies of the Empire”, after witnessing some of the deadliest trends being spread by the United States in some 160 countries.

The murder of George Floyd unleashed resistance; it opened many eyes. In the United States, and everywhere else. Mr. Floyd, African-Americans, Native Americans and other oppressed people in the United States are brothers and sisters of those billions of men and women who are to this day, colonized, brutalized and murdered by the Empire, all over the world.

Let this be the beginning of a new wave of the global liberation struggle!

Now more and more people can finally see what few of us have been repeating for years: The entire world has its neck squashed by the U.S. boot. The entire world “cannot breathe”! And the entire world has to fight for its right to be able to breathe!

If you don’t want to be monitored and policed by US criminals, get Huawei. 🙂

The whole world must stand up against this US regime and its puppet United Nations Of Oppression. Stop trade, close down manufacturing plants in the US. Stop trading in US dollars. Disregard US sanctions

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