Coronavirus Inquiry Backfired On Aussie – China Slaps Tariffs, Warns It Has The Power To Hurt Australia Economy

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May 22 2020
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Australia was, and is still known as the United States’ “deputy sheriff” in the Asia-Pacific region. That perception was reinforced during John Howard administration, when the Australian prime minister became a key supporter of the 2003 Iraq War, a war started by President George W Bush under the pretext that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.


Of course, no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq by the invading forces. Years after Mr Howard left the office, he still insisted his decision to send Australian troops to the Iraq War was not only “justified”, but was not based on a lie. Andrew Wilkie, an independent Australian MP, said the Iraq invasion was responsible for the Bali attack of 2005, which killed many Australians.


Fast forward to 2020, the world is under Coronavirus attack. Unlike conventional warfare, the military superpower U.S. is powerless against the invincible virus. To deflect his own incompetence at home, President Donald Trump instead accused China’s incompetence in controlling the Covid-19 from spreading, despite tons of evidence that the U.S. president sat on his hands for months.

President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping - Awkward Handshake

In fact, Donald Trump has just blamed China’s incompetence for “mass worldwide killing”. But in April 14, epidemiologists Britta L. Jewell and Nicholas P. Jewell wrote that had Trump decisively implemented social distancing a week earlier, the U.S. could have reduced deaths by an estimated 60% nationwide – and as much as 90% if implemented 2 weeks earlier, on March 2.


Trump administration, sadly, started issuing social-distancing guidelines only on March 16, more than 2 weeks after the first Covid-19 related death. And according to a latest research from Columbia University, around 54,000 American deaths could have been avoided if the U.S. government issued a lockdown 2 weeks earlier on March 1 (Trump only declared a national emergency on March 13).


As Trump continues to fan US-China tensions by accusing Beijing of “a disinformation and propaganda attack” that “comes from the top”, a dangerous accusation that pointed at President Xi Jinping, deputy sheriff Australia has similarly invited China’s displeasure when it aggressively campaigns for an international inquiry into the Coronavirus outbreak.

US President Donald Trump and Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison

China has mocked Australia of parroting the U.S. in its call for an inquiry to determine the origins of Covid-19, despite Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s own admission that he had no evidence to suggest the disease originated in a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Trump has said he was confident the Coronavirus may have originated in the Chinese virology lab.


While Morrison administration argues the world needs to understand exactly what happened to prevent a repeat of an outbreak, Beijing is unconvinced, believing that the inquiry call is part of US-led propaganda against China. The relations between China and Australia have taken a hit since the deputy sheriff started its campaign in mid-April.


Not everyone likes the idea – some Australian business leaders have warned of economic damage from a retaliation or boycott by the nation’s biggest trading partner. Corporate leaders have advised against any Covid-19 inquiry until after U.S. presidential elections in November to avoid political blame-game. But the Australian government thought they could handle China.

China-Australia Trade War - Barley Grain

Three days ago, China slapped an 80.5% tariff on all Australian barley grain, sparking speculation of a new trade war between both nations. Later, Beijing moved on to escalate the trade tensions by imposing new customs inspection procedures on Australian iron ore imports. Last week, Beijing suspended imports from four major Australian beef suppliers for 30 days, allegedly over labelling issues.


True, as far back as November 2018, before the Coronavirus outbreak, China announced an investigation into whether Australia was unfairly subsidising its local barley producers or whether they had engaged in unfair “dumping” of its surplus product. But this time, Beijing did not bother to use technical jargons like unfair subsidising or dumping to target Australia.


Two days ago (May 20), Global Times, a mouthpiece for Beijing, warned that China has the power to hurt the Australian economy, but won’t fire the first shot in a trade war. Obviously, the Chinese welcomes the Aussie to retaliate against the deliberate provocations against Australian barley, beef, iron ore and whatnot. The only reason China said it won’t fire the first shot is not to be seen as a big bully.

China-Australia Trade War

Interestingly, Australia’s Agriculture Minister David Littleproud said that his country would not seek a tit-for-tat retaliation against China. The Australian government, in its attempt to downplay the prospect of a trade war with China, has claimed the barley tariff as an “administrative issue” – something that has been brewing for 18 months.


In truth, Canberra cannot afford to add fuel to the fire after Beijing said it had prepared a “hit list” of Australian products – wine, seafood, oats, fruit and dairy exports that could face stricter quality checks, delayed customs clearances, anti-dumping probes or consumer boycotts. Beijing has also threatened to boycott tourism and universities. Understandably, Australia can’t stomach a trade war.


China is Australia’s biggest trading partner – about one-third of “the land Down Under” total exports go to the Chinese, contributing A$135 billion annually and providing thousands of jobs. Clearly the deputy sheriff has overlooked the fact that it depends heavily on China, hence its inability to retaliate the moment China warns of the possibility of a trade war.

China-Australia Trade War - Iron Ore

The Aussie’s export of iron ore to China in 2018-19 was worth a jaw-dropping A$63 billion, not to mention A$17 billion of natural gas and A$14 billion of coal. Australia’s iron ore export constituted 66% of China’s total import. To teach Australia a lesson, Beijing could easily swing to Brazil (or even the U.S.), who is currently exporting 21% of iron ore needed by the Chinese industry.


With the so-called new customs inspection procedures in place, it is believed that Chinese officials would make life difficult for the Aussie, demanding unnecessary extra “quality” checks on Australian iron ore, delaying the commodity from passing through while at the same time allowing imports from other competing countries to “sail through”.


In terms of agricultural products, Australia earned A$9.5 billion alone in beef export, followed by non-beef meat (A$5.2 billion), wool (A$3.8 billion) and wheat (A$3.7 billion). As the world’s biggest consumer of beer, China is the largest export market for Australian barley. The Chinese imported over 2.5 million tonnes of Australian barley in 2018-19 – more than half of Australian total barley exports.

China-Australia Trade War - Aussie Beef

The latest tariff could cost Australian barley grain industry a whopping A$500 million per annum. And the new tariffs are to be imposed for a period of 5 years, starting from 19 May 2020. That’s A$2.5 billion over the next 5 years. To make matters worse, some Australian farmers are addicted to China because it pays high prices for specially-bred types of barley especially for the Chinese market.


Of course, Canberra can always complain to the World Trade Organization (WTO). In fact, it’s likely Australia would win its case against China. But an official complaint can drag on for years. A prolonged investigation, possibly over the 5 years during the tariffs is in effect, will create enough damage to Australian farmers by the time Beijing is to be found guilty.


Still, Beijing can always argue that it has to stop buying from Australia because China pledged to buy an extra US$200 billion of American agricultural products and other goods and services over 2 years as part of Trump’s “Phase One” trade deal. So, deputy sheriff Australian should instead blame the U.S. for taking away its market share.

China President Xi Jinping - Toast a Drink

Besides, China can always retaliate by lodging counter-complaints over Australian anti-dumping duties on Chinese steel. For now, the Australian government will most probably keep trying to persuade the Chinese government to cancel the tariffs. But Beijing has been playing hard to get, refusing to schedule “ministerial level discussions” to resolve the disagreements.


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Social distancing wasn’t even a thing in late January 2020.
Some US states are now classifying all death that has the virus
under cov19. If you’re not sure what that means,
it means if you die from falling down the bloody Klang river
and you’re C19+, you died from covid19.
Anyways, not sure why are you so pre occupied with
US and Australia….
We are just some sheet hold country anyways.

China, Praise Be!, is, of course, right to suspend Australian beef import over the issue of “labeling”.

Some may say it is in retaliation for Australian politicians swimming in the shiite concocted by them Yank politicians stirring it up with China when the good ole US of A failed completely at doing what it should have – or failed doing anything at all to contain the horrific spread of the noble virus in what should now be called just another sh*thole turd world country. Australian politicians have been cawing slavishly the chorus like fcuking kookaburras to the tune of whatever rot their Yank massahs order.

If you think the Chinese are teaching the Croc Dundees a good and great lesson, then the “retaliation” is a proper Sun Tzu – a good hard knee between the leg in response to the wagging of the chin.

The Chinese do not want to do any amiable chinwag in response to the Australian politicians shooting the blanks with their mouth cannons, them Kung Fu Pandas just hit below the belt under them massive beer guts of them Dame Edna Everages.

The Oz tosspots had thought the Chinese would ask “Where’s the beef?” or have a beef with whatever the Ozzies might toss up in convict chain gang subservience to Yank interests.

Of course, it could all be a misunderstanding, the Chinese might not be able to understand anything the Oz politicians or media say, the Ozzies do speak rather a peculiar and gruff tongue, presumably their ancestors, the mass murderers of the Aboriginals were illiterates and hempen homespuns, ruffians and riffraffs the Brits chucked out of the old homeland as their society’s garbage.

That was the then mass migration of the convicts to help Blighty colonise the Aboriginal homeland.

So looking for the beef or having any beef with any meal is all a rather moo point for the Chinese, they just make sure the convicts get it in the guts – the good old meaty belt below the One Belt One Load, not the “beef”.

If it is really about the beef, the arrogant convicts hadn’t realised the Chinese can always get quality Wagyu from Malaysia’s NFC – National Fried Chicken, wan good beef nobody else ever seemed desperate for. Like everything else the Chinese old housewives’ gomen shop for, they just squeeze the sellers’ rambutans until they turn papaya seeds, and the price becomes next to kiasu free. We all know about how the Chinese buy – or rather, not buy our palm oil, birds’ nests, belacan, durians… they wait till those of us who pig on food to get so fed up with over-feeding, they don’t want to dream or see even another teaspoon of palm oil or another bowl of belacan, they even want to give them all away for next to nothing, maybe plus two free gifts.

I don’t think for the Chinese not buying beef from the convicts has got anything to do with greenhouse gas, cows’ farting, ozone layer, or climate change – it is all about getting a heck of a lot of change from any purchase of anything. It is all about being good housewives, and a deep understanding of home economics.

And being about as kiasu as their Malaysian sifus.

Coupled with the need to educate the Ozzy loudmouth stooges of the Yanks, it is like teaching M for Monster a damn good basic lesson on the buyer is the boss and your Grandpa when it came to adjusting prices for the East Coast Railway, blah blah projects the Chinese were building that they did not want to give any cut to the Snake Pharaoh’s friends.

We all know what M for Monster got for his famous roti canai stall lecture on “debt traps” was a big penalty of free money for the Chinese if Malaysia spoke with forked tongue over any agreement it cannot be kiasu about.

Plus, of course, the Chinese suddenly discovered drinking palm oil five times a day is not at all healthy – no Chinese want to look like sassy Teresa Kok, Malaysia should feel free to host its idol the racist “religious” bigot Fakir Baik, let him do his chapati tossing against the Chinese race. The Chinese, it seems, can do without our great exports – or wait until the price hit below rock bottom, the angmohs can eat all the durians we can’t sell to China, thank you.

And the greatest result of the Chinese boycock of Malaysia’s greatest exports is they managed to make M for Monster look like a big fcuking no class moron cock-tokking roti canai flipping artist whom only his DAP running dogs worships. Essentially, and effectively, the Chinese told M for Monster and his hench creature Anything-for-a-Dime to fcuk off even after the two tiga sukus crawled all the way to China to threaten the Chinese.

That was no Sun Tzu.

Our twats can only go and terrorise the Chinese if the conditions are there. First, the Chinese must be desperate for our contracts. Secondly, the Chinese must be bigger kampong idiots than us. Thirdly, they kowtow to us, they crawl all the way here to us – not the udder way round. Fourthly, the Chinese have the time and bother for the “big show” our morons want to perform for our nation of village idiots who think Malaysia is bigger, better – and even two percent as clever as China.

Failing any of those conditions, the Chinese won’t bother give any clear answer or any answer at all. They have not till now said they were going to definitely give us any discount, plus two free gifts.

They never will.

What the Chinese have done was “giving back” Malaysia one thing, and craftily taking another ten. The zookeeper only let the monkeys think they “won”.

The Chinese calls the Oz tosspots one “giant kangaroo”. I suppose they mean as running dogs of the Yanks, the convicts are one bunch of hopping kangaroos slavishly doing the biddings of their Yank massahs. The true colour of the convicts do stand up and shine, they just can’t hide the roots of their “cultural” depth – the old racism that has always been there finds new ways to express itself, “China virus”, beating up and verbally-abusing and physically assaulting Asians, and all that. Australia has always sent its military to fight for the Yanks against brown and yellow folks, recently it has also being provoking China in the South China Sea, something it won’t dare do alone and without being ordered to by the Yanks.

Being funny with the Chinese is not same or easy as any good old “Abo-bashing” for the convicts.

Unknown to (yes, the convicts can be fcuking thick numbskulls!), and unfortunate for the convicts, the Chinese think of the convicts as their cultural inferior (not difficult). They strongly believe Ozland is just one big culturally backward backyard of theirs needing the Chinese to tame and civilise. I have to say the Chinese are not far wrong, the Ozzies are indeed rather kampong in their mentality, rarely cultured, half-awake noddies, don’t be fooled by their “Opera House”, it was near impossible work teaching Joan Sutherland to sing foreign while doing the coarse native tongue at the same time. Bless her, Joan used to belt out a few good numbers (they call them “arias”) but do look out for any interviews where she spoke Australian.

So, this is going to be the same for the convicts, they are sure going to get it great and good what the Chinese dished M for Monster when he did his kampong grandstand stirring it for the Chinese with his big mouth. The convicts are going to send their own dcikheads from their “Clowncil of Elders” to cut alternative deals with their Imperial Majesties – and get nowhere too, all just like Snake Pharaoh and that Spare me a Dime fella.

Still, I would like to be fair to them convicts, they are a rather slow lot, I’d advise them dimwits, keep at it, keep mouthing off, convicts, show yourself good hopping kangaroos of the Yanks, don’t surrender! Your integrity is at steak, get the beef?!

The Chinese are gonna win totally not long from now, hands down and grabbing your beef for cheap kiasu free, they are not now even going to buy half a steak till the cows come home, you silly chain gang losers. For worse, the Chinese may jolly well turn to their massahs, buy Yank beef, barley, etc instead!

They may even get your kangaroos when they stop “eating bats” you say they do!

Yes, watch the Chinese give it back and give it good, fair deal, fair dinkum, watch all the subservience to the Yanks backfire on the Ozzies!

Hang around this space, all ye Ozzies with that old Brit convicts’ mentality, it ain’t half started yet!

And, I’ll sing as I watch, and as I wait for the billy to boil, Matildas, Croc Dundees, Edna Everages, I am brewing a few nice cuppa Oolong Wollongong, wait it out for the Big Kangaroo to turn biltong, too!

Folks.. the writer is a communist chima agent

Sure, as were news media like Guardian, Reuters, AFR, DailyMail, FT, Fortune, Al-Jazeera and whatnot who also published the same news … They’re all Communist agents …

“Anyways, not sure why are you so pre occupied with
US and Australia….”

Malaysian should be more international in outlook.

Not all that good living a world that’s the size of a coconut shell.

The Snake Pharaoh M for Monster tried terribly hard making himself an international figure.

He failed miserably, he was either totally ignored or he gets shot down.

But we still need to be among the world of nations, kampong primitive cave entities as we may be.

We cannot live forever in the shadow of Singapore, Indonesia – and every country else. Right next door to us we had Lee Kuan Yew making a local and international ass out of M for Monster – even after he died Lee could still make a zombie ass out of our Monster!

The internet age means the mountain should come to Ali, we need make ourselves international fools to folks we can never keep up with.

“…who also published the same news … They’re all Communist agents …”

These days “Communist agents” is too old hat, Cold War nonsense…

No, those are the mouthpiece of Yank and Anglo-Yank imperialism (whatever is left of that) – and propaganda.

The Chinese did a brilliant Sun Tzu with Western capitalism.

The Chinese sat it out letting Western capitalism think they can use them forever, cheap labour, huge mouth-watering market… and all that.

When the Chinese made enough money from seemingly stringing along with Western capitalism, they started to build themselves, strengthen themselves, turn themselves into an economic, political and technological powerhouse.

They did not just sat under their coconut trees dreaming and singing about ketuanan Cina.

They made themselves a screaming success there and beyond. They achieved sheer brilliance in their effort, and within a short span of time which the West thinking no Asian can succeed, being Asian.

For the “Chinese communists”, it is today Malaysia, tomorrow Mars!

You want to ask where is the Yank’s 5G for the Chinese to steal and for other countries to buy. You want to ask why Yank automobile industry is going down the pan while the Chinese one is fast conquering the world market. Why is Huawei chopping up Apple’s market? Among many other questions why Chinese business is winning worldwide.

The Chinese did not turn into plantation niggahs to serve others permanently. They used Western capitalism to serve them. On many fronts the Chinese have overtaken the West.

Now Western capitalism is mighty angry.

The “Chinese communists” are comparatively more successful than the West and in such a short time.

Wan can say they are even better at capitalism than the West.

And they are!

Chinese capitalism lifted countless millions out of poverty.

While Yank (Brit and other) capitalism let its citizens die during the pandemic.

You go to China, you see everything smart, new, etc all like Malaysia isn’t. They can equip everything nicely while we (and the Yanks) can’t.

Well, where is Malaysia in all these?

The “Chinese communists” uncles came and saved Proton, which until our saviours came, was a fcuking hopeless perpetual loss-maker on a gigantic scale. Our brilliant capitalists couldn’t do anything with their asses as their brains.

Proton, like anything the Snake Pharaoh M for Monster cooked up, was a fcuking nightmare horror story of Dracula sucking up all the blood of Malaysia. Proton was on a permanent dripfeed of blood.

The “Chinese communists” saviours came, they saved M for Monster’s badly-neglected and badly brought up spastic “child”, even taught Proton’s canteen how to cook kangkong, something its staff could not eat a spoonful of before without throwing up..!

Malaysians might do jolly well being “Communist agents”.

When Malaya and Malaysia were Brit colonial agents (stooges, running dogs), the Brits were carting off endless amount of money with the help of their agents, our local collaborators and traitors!

Ahhh, “Chinese communists”, Praise Be!

Fact is China needs Australia now more than Australia needs China. China is experiencing food shortages and banning Aussie beef is just shooting themselves in the foot. And the US is currently having meat shortages. So no problem for Australia, just export those beef that China banned to the US! Solved.

More importantly, Australia can retaliate by banning export of milk powder. I guess those Chinese children will just have to start drinking their local scandal ridden milk powder then…

I suggest you stop reading Chinese propaganda… And you will realize that China is in deep Shit now and digging it’s own grave deeper and deeper.

“Fact is China needs Australia now more than Australia needs China”

You kidding?!!!

“Fact is” Australia is not exactly the bread-basket of the world – and the first or even last place on earth for any food shopping.

Whose propaganda have you been reading as gospel to get that cotton-pickin’ dumb idea?!

China can get most things off other countries, and they have been doing so.

It is Australian farmers who are already squealing China is not importing beef from certain suppliers. Why squeal if it is China desperate to get beef?

How much beef do Chinese eat that they can’t substitute that with something else, or use other suppliers else?

The Chinese are happy to pay more to other countries, and they have done so. The Australians can play tough, supply their beef to Malaysia for the satays.

Meat scarcity is nothing to worry about. You can live without that, there is such a thing as vegetarianism.

How much beef do Malaysians eat? Quite frankly, very little. Beef is mostly consumed by the urban wealthy in China, the majority of China can survive with little meat, meat eating is in vogue because the Chinese on the whole can afford meat these days, that’s all. It is not as if they would turn into Malaysians if they do not eat meat.

The Chinese can copy that Malaysian habit, maybe bring back the one about not eating beef because of some kind of reverence for the cow for the Chinese peasants and coolies in Malaysia. Remind the Chinese about Old Niu Tou, the moo guardian of one of the gates on the way to Heaven in the Chinese Bible.

Old Niu Tou would ask if you have eaten any beef in your lifetime. If you say you have, he would stick his three-prong fork up your arse. You only need tell any Chinese – especially the China Chinese version of our peasants and coolies that biblical story, say they are not going to get two free gifts on the way to Hell, and our friends would be terrified beyond words. That would put them off satays. And that would also properly shaft the Croc Dundees.

As for your “So no problem for Australia, just export those beef that China banned to the US! Solved.”, what kind of tapioca leaves are you smoking, or what kind of Petronasty solvent are you sniffing as substitute for sniffing belacan?

You need clear your midget head, wait three months in quarantine before you advise Pauline Hanson of Wan Nation on Australian beef export to the US!

Apart from her disdain for the yellow and brown races – and the Moo-slims, she would have no time for those who are more unhinged than her.

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